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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERCEPTION

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Externalisation, 532:on knowledge, understanding based on intuitive perception, and identification based on alignment,Externalisation, 551:because it is essential that there be clear perception of the emerging values on the part ofExternalisation, 551:all grades and kinds in the world, for otherwise perception is not possible. To each pointExternalisation, 582:process of education, leading to an expansion of perception and the changing of acquired academicExternalisation, 587:the growth of all forms of higher sensory perception which expand the human consciousness andExternalisation, 615:of those with whom he works, and his clarity of perception as to the forces ranged against him,Externalisation, 646:much of this type of energy (through the selfish perception and desires of mankind) has beenExternalisation, 677:a reasoning faculty or so active an intuitive perception and - whilst grasping certain majorExternalisation, 684:constantly in touch with the world of Spiritual perception and intention. The conditions,Externalisation, 684:problem is one of a change in the orientation of perception but not necessarily in modes of livingExternalisation, 685:will be distinguished by a constant intellectual perception of truth, and which will cooperate withExternalisation, 694:and yet to be quite devoid of all intuitive perception. For example, this is the major limitationExternalisation, 694:They come along another line of spiritual perception. The intuition is essentially the organ ofExternalisation, 694:The intuition is essentially the organ of group perception and that which eventually elevates theExternalisation, 699:of selfless service and a vivid intellectual perception. This, my brothers, is such a platitudinousFire, 188:[188] 79 The seven senses or the avenues of perception. - S. D., I, 489, 490, The third or IndriyaFire, 188:external agents; the 5 senses which are used for perception are called 'Jnana-indriya' and the 5Fire, 196:to be transmuted into intuition, spiritual perception and unity. 82 Sensations aroused by senseFire, 201:Astral Planes e. Smelling is the faculty of keen perception that eventually brings a man back toFire, 201:the plane where his true home is to be found. A perception of difference has been cultivated thatFire, 237:which falls within any of the planes of possible perception. - S. D., I, 560. These ExistencesFire, 288:are: The school of Logic - Proof of right perception. The atomic school - System of particulars.Fire, 431:higher consciousness, and the first ripple of perception of, and vibratory response to, the causalFire, 604:is a Life, though beyond our comprehension and perception... Life therefore is everywhere in theFire, 711:human body, which has ten senses of action and perception that connect it with the ten directions.Fire, 738:of perpetual 'Maya'. ...Since the conscious perception of one's personality on earth is but anFire, 837:We can but indicate it tonight... God is perception itself. God is universal percipience. God isFire, 837:be no evil, for evil comes of the limitation of perception. Such limitation was necessary if GodFire, 882:are: The school of Logic - Proof of right perception. The atomic school - System of particulars.Fire, 953:liberate itself from the thralldom of sensuous perception. It has to see in the light of the oneFire, 965:of the pineal gland, 89 the organ of spiritual perception, man ascertains the will and purpose ofFire, 978:it will play an ever lessening part. Intuitive perception and telepathic interplay will distinguishFire, 997:the exoteric form of the phrasing to those whose perception suffices. RULE I The Solar AngelFire, 1066:body and the etheric form, yet they had no perception of the nature of the central force which wasFire, 1235:can then (as his soul contact and his subjective perception is strengthened and developed) become aFire, 1253:preserves in a peculiar way the faculty of sense-perception plus identification with the spiritualFire, 1270:would convey too much knowledge to the man whose perception is sufficiently awakened. Thirdly, theGlamour, xi:activity before there can be any real intuitive perception which, when aroused, will manifest soulGlamour, 2:seeing of symbols, for that is a special sort of perception and the capacity to tune in on theGlamour, 11:covered by the symbol. Secondly, an intuitive perception of the symbols to be seen everywhere inGlamour, 42:Technique Illusion Mental Intuition Spiritual perception Dispelling Path of Initiation World ofGlamour, 42:life and their consequences become clear to his perception in waking consciousness, they form inGlamour, 57:in seven ways usually: 1. Through wrong Perception of an Idea. The disciple cannot distinguishGlamour, 58:activity of both these manifestations. Right perception is therefore essential for each mind,Glamour, 59:of the world illusion, brought about by wrong perception. The cause is an untrained, unilluminedGlamour, 65:of illusion are as follows: The way of wrong perception. The way of wrong interpretation. The wayGlamour, 67:for it a true spiritual and infallible perception is contemplation, - a contemplation necessarilyGlamour, 86:system. It might perhaps become clearer to your perception if I worded the truth about maya asGlamour, 94:not exist, there would be no glamor, and this perception of the dual nature of all manifestationGlamour, 94:humanity is - in time and space - faced. This perception passes through various stages andGlamour, 95:to the recognition of "otherness" and to the perception that his sense of dualism should be endedGlamour, 96:it" - as the Old Commentary calls it - that true perception is difficult and at first well-nighGlamour, 101:whereby to discriminate and to discern. His perception is becoming accurate and he standsGlamour, 102:here remind you that this sense of peace or perception of cleavage is in itself an illusion and ofGlamour, 103:initiate can employ the intuition for the right perception of truth, and in that initiation heGlamour, 110:from the dense glamor into which his sensory perception has thrown him, and to establish hisGlamour, 122:and peace. The glamor of vague artistic perception. The glamor of psychic perception instead ofGlamour, 122:vague artistic perception. The glamor of psychic perception instead of intuition. The glamor ofGlamour, 122:instead of intuition. The glamor of musical perception. The glamor of the pairs of opposites, inGlamour, 124:oft been told: The idea - based on intuitive perception The ideal - based on mental formulation andGlamour, 134:this through a feeling and a developed sensuous perception. Today, under the name of Brotherhood,Glamour, 136:can, at will, rise into the world of intuitive perception and [137] values and there ascertain theGlamour, 145:with ease and effectiveness. Illumination and perception of truth are also synonymous terms, but itGlamour, 167:then will have reached, the world of spiritual perception, of truth and of divine ideas will standGlamour, 175:to the steady perfecting of the mind with its perception, apprehension, analysis and interpretationGlamour, 175:frequently misinterpreted and misapplied mental perception of truth. It has naught to do with theGlamour, 178:control and understand the faculty of spiritual perception, of divine isolation and appropriateGlamour, 185:Their place and to tread the way of intuitive perception. One of the major tasks of the HierarchyGlamour, 193:the result of the intuition - idea or truth, its perception and its reproduction. The Technique ofGlamour, 194:the astral plane; the mind brings intellectual perception, but all three are aspects of the lightGlamour, 195:to live the initiate life of intuitional perception and to serve the Plan is slowly developed.Glamour, 195:to the light of the soul or to the intuitional perception of the Triad. They will then come to theGlamour, 195:the point where they will realize that intuitive perception - as they call it - is only theGlamour, 221:vast "cloud of knowable things" in process of perception, as Patanjali calls it, and which hoversGlamour, 223:they have an innate faculty [223] of clear perception. Their problem is to kill out in themselvesGlamour, 224:in spite of error seen, with a clear sighted perception of the assets and the debits of anGlamour, 241:Being and which induces a state of spiritual perception. Then the technique of the PRESENCE becomesGlamour, 245:the various aspects of related teaching if true perception is to be developed. Let us divide ourGlamour, 270:the disciple: The fact of his discipleship. The perception of the Angel, waiting and dynamic. TheHealing, 13:that the disappearance of the life out of visual perception through the medium of form, and theHealing, 91:rest are occupied with feeling, with sensuous perception and with the many and differing aspects ofHealing, 110:Law of Karma, plus a large measure of intuitive perception, are essential to the high art ofHealing, 172:using their powers; they will possess clear perception, and this will supersede clairvoyance. TheyHealing, 220:They had the dream and the vision; they lacked perception and common sense and ignored theHealing, 260:this basic idea, mental concept and formulated perception falls into four phases or chapters: TheHealing, 271:and surgeons have clairvoyant faculty, intuitive perception and spiritual insight, and also untilHealing, 282:energy and the development of clairvoyant perception demonstrate the truth of what I say. This isHealing, 308:in the healer himself. There is a form of direct perception, a process of "clear knowing," which isHealing, 308:its use. It is a blend of mental and spiritual perception and is definite knowledge, or anHealing, 371:you that vibration is an illusion, as sensory perception is known by the soul to be, do youHealing, 371:a series of vehicles, all of them instruments of perception)? If I tell you that vibratory reactionHealing, 386:which might militate against the right spiritual perception. This is one of the meanings hidden inHealing, 397:creative art, scientific discovery and spiritual perception. Putting it very simply, the questionHealing, 413:science. e. Man will eventually be keyed up to a perception and to a contact which will enable himHealing, 491:aware of himself. This involves a clarity of perception unknown to the average man whilst inHealing, 529:the healer must also possess that spiritual perception which will enable him to intuit the "karmaHealing, 530:increasing sensitivity and almost clairvoyant perception of developing humanity. One of theHealing, 538:divinity. A much higher measure of spiritual perception and of mental understanding is requiredHealing, 541:far [541] better still - to have true spiritual perception with its quality of infallibility. HisHealing, 547:mistakes, for they will have accurate spiritual perception; this will give them knowledge as to the
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