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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERCEPTION

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Healing, 550:the location of the effect (the disease) through perception of the underlying cause. This willHealing, 551:healer, he will not use any form of psychic perception but will react immediately upon contact toHealing, 557:of spiritual healing. When trained healers, with perception, with a full working knowledge of theHealing, 683:as true, and when the intuition or "buddhic perception" is unfolded. This carries with it theHealing, 684:the "gates of nativity, through the gates of perception, to the gates of purpose" - as the OldHercules, 51:his mind, and through the medium of intelligent perception, guide and control the bull of desire.Hercules, 93:call the mind, and that faculty of intellectual perception and response, which differentiates himHercules, 130:and killed many of Hannibal's men. The perception of incongruities is one of the greatest weaponsHercules, 189:is based on spiritual illumination, on intuitive perception and brotherly love which isHercules, 227:emancipation from illusion and the freeing of perception from the mists and miasmas, the glamor andInitiation, 11:apart from the reasoning faculty, and the innate perception that can distinguish between the falseInitiation, 55:awakening in the consciousness of the race the perception of the great fundamental fact ofInitiation, 221:(or that psychic faculty or power that conveys perception or thought) is the older portion of theIntellect, 5:a veil behind which those gifted with intuitive perception have always been able to penetrate. TheIntellect, 8:the world of subjective realities, of intuitive perception and of abstract ideas. This is the highIntellect, 26:directly as it is, and not under the form of a perception or a conception, nor as an idea or objectIntellect, 30:is in them. Such an education requires a proper perception of individual growth and status, and aIntellect, 30:mind into that of pure reason and intuitive perception. Bertrand Russell points out that "EducationIntellect, 32:only by personal creative application... Sense-perception always means giving a thing a meaning;Intellect, 34:difference between them? Why are their fields of perception so widely diverse? Racial development,Intellect, 38:in thought is supernatural to naive unreflective perception; the religious attitude, withIntellect, 42:led humanity forward along the path of spiritual perception. The exoteric result of their lives isIntellect, 70:the whole idea within the realm of sensuous perception, but there is something more. There isIntellect, 80:or a low level, will give place to intuitive perception and understanding, and so the great workIntellect, 84:in the soul, this same power shows forth as pure perception, and infallible spiritual vision. TheIntellect, 106:as long as desired; it is the method of accurate perception, and the power to visualize correctly,Intellect, 106:the Thinker to perceive and know the field of perception. Another word for concentration isIntellect, 106:out that "attention is a direct path to full perception, to hallucination, or, more generally, toIntellect, 106:have seen, accompanies always the true or false perception of the real." - Maréchal, Joseph, S. J.,Intellect, 111:already utilizing the five senses as avenues of perception, and they telegraph constant informationIntellect, 115:then - as his soul contact and his subjective perception is strengthened and developed - become aIntellect, 120:the Whole, using the specific forms of sensual perception which are at our command... The brainIntellect, 121:The Structure of Thought, page 135. [121] If perception and sensuous apprehension, with theirIntellect, 123:be refocused and reoriented to an other field of perception and another range of ideas. For theIntellect, 125:Is it not possible that this intellectual perception may, in its turn, be transcended andIntellect, 138:as It looks outward upon those new fields of perception. Intellect, 140:is to acquire an equal facility in the work of perception on spiritual levels as we have learned onIntellect, 142:only be for a brief second. A flash of intuitive perception, a moment of vision and of illuminationIntellect, 148:proved, I believe, that the developed spiritual perception and an illumined intellect can be partIntellect, 149:That of an illumined intellect, of intuitive perception, and an inspired life upon the physicalIntellect, 151:and its subsequent effects - an illuminated perception and an intuitive apprehension of Truth. ItIntellect, 156:approach, and has involved feeling, sensory perception, and emotion. The result has been ecstasy.Intellect, 161:of things, this cleansing of the doors of perception, is surely what we might expect to occur asIntellect, 162:Psychology of the Mystics, defines the intuitive perception in these terms: "Intuition - defined inIntellect, 163:directly as it is and not under the form of a perception or conception, (nor as an idea or objectIntellect, 179:By meditation upon this, arises the intuitive perception of the spiritual nature." - Bailey, Alice,Intellect, 180:awareness into the realm of light, of intuitive perception, and the world of causes? From theIntellect, 190:of suffering - or invisible - immediate perception of Being which is the object of theIntellect, 211:higher knowledge and the faculty of intuitional perception) has its seat in a center of force inIntellect, 213:of Meditation The various avenues of sense perception are brought into a quiescent condition. TheIntellect, 213:The withdrawal of the physical consciousness, or perception through hearing, touch, sight, tasteIntellect, 213:touch, sight, taste and smell. These modes of perception become temporarily dormant, and man'sIntellect, 213:perception become temporarily dormant, and man's perception becomes [214] simply mental and theIntellect, 237:heart, an eager intellect, an unveiled spiritual perception, a brotherliness for one's co-disciple,Magic, 26:the plane of the soul and uses the organs of perception (if such an unsatisfactory phrase isMagic, 51:By meditation upon this arises the intuitive perception of the spiritual man." Book III. 35. TheMagic, 56:They possess the power of spiritual insight or perception as well as objective or physical vision. Magic, 59:awareness. He is "seeing double". His spiritual perception grows slowly and surely as the brainMagic, 64:field for service and not a field of sensuous perception. Let the student ponder upon this lastMagic, 68:to be faced with the most meticulous spiritual perception. In the stress and toil of life and inMagic, 110:his occult approach is based on the mystic perception of past lives. For him the problem is to knowMagic, 120:carry with it its abiding joy, but that clear perception which comes from the experience undergoneMagic, 134:lay Their plans largely allowing for the lack of perception of those on the physical plane throughMagic, 136:are largely due to the lack of intuitive perception in the past and this fault lies primarily amongMagic, 140:in the outer world who are gifted with spiritual perception that a disciple is available for workMagic, 183:the seat of the soul and the organ of spiritual perception. It is in this gland that the firstMagic, 184:The whole secret of spiritual vision, correct perception and right contact lies in the properMagic, 193:the growth of the intuition and of spiritual perception. Many schools are simply forcing schools,Magic, 246:identification with his body of sensory perception, of feeling, and of emotion, he finds himselfMagic, 277:the concrete mind but lack that intuitive perception and idealism which would place themMagic, 383:the dominant factor, and not the pure intuitive perception, or pure reason. After this greatMagic, 383:psychologist so much stresses. Intuitive perception, pure vision, direct knowledge, and an abilityMagic, 429:of the intuition and of true spiritual perception, and secondly, the trained utilization of theMagic, 429:grow in strength and knowledge and in intuitive perception. [430] You ask me: What keeps a man fromMagic, 498:involves the use of the five physical senses of perception lies necessarily out of his reach. It isMagic, 542:is capable of including an entirely new field of perception and of awareness. Blindly men introvertMagic, 629:become schools for the development of intuitive perception and of spiritual awareness. TheMagic, 630:of time to a divine unity. Evil is due to wrong perception and erroneous interpretation of thatMagic, 631:minds are characterized by a trained spiritual perception and that spiritual awareness whichMagic, 637:laws. Only mental control, plus true spiritual perception, will suffice to pierce this illusoryMeditation, 306:will depend upon the intuition or high [306] perception of the thinkers of the race and upon theMeditation, 355:(or that psychic faculty or power that conveys perception or thought) is the older portion of thePatanjali7. The basis of correct knowledge is correct perception, correct deduction, and correct witness (orPatanjalievidence). 8. Incorrect knowledge is based upon perception of the form and not upon the state ofPatanjaliquiescent state of the vrittis (or upon the non-perception of the senses.) 11. Memory is thePatanjalifollowed by energy, memory, meditation and right perception. 21. The attainment of this statePatanjalilaziness, lack of dispassion, erroneous perception, inability to achieve concentration, failure toPatanjalithe mental condition of judicial reasoning. 43. Perception without judicial reasoning is arrived atPatanjaliquiet of the chitta (or mind stuff). 48. His perception is now unfailingly exact (or his mindPatanjalireveals only the Truth). 49. This particular perception is unique and reveals that which thePatanjaliall other impressions. 51. When this state of perception is itself also restrained (or superseded),Patanjali, 16:7. The basis of correct knowledge is correct perception, correct deduction and correct witness (orPatanjali, 17:that the mind is intended to be an organ of perception; only thus will he arrive at a rightPatanjali, 18:of Union 8. Incorrect knowledge is based upon perception of the form and not upon the state ofPatanjali, 20:they are the victim of that form of incorrect perception called by Patanjali, fancy. Those thoughtPatanjali, 21:quiescent state of the vrittis (or upon the non-perception of the senses). Some explanation as toPatanjali, 21:fact. By withdrawing himself from active sense perception, by no longer [22] utilizing thePatanjali, 30:is usually regarded as the object of sensuous perception into the world of thought forms, into thatPatanjali, 32:use of form has been acquired, consciousness, perception or awareness through attachment to anPatanjali, 36:aspirant to yoga can control his organs of sense-perception so that they no longer telegraph to the
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