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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERCEPTION

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Rays, 637:harmony - a harmony based upon a true mental perception and a sound idealism. It is this process ofRays, 638:of materialism into the clear light of spiritual perception. For this, all men must work. [639] Rays, 639:is subjected to crises of decision, leading to perception of the Plan, participation in theRays, 642:of trained disciples towards the higher perception. You must make what you can of this information;Rays, 643:secretary with more than the usual education and perception generally to be found, and the lightRays, 664:In Lemurian days, the indwelling light of perception (though it was a perception so remote fromRays, 664:indwelling light of perception (though it was a perception so remote from ours as to be practicallyRays, 666:of mysticism into the scientific and assured perception of God as life or energy. [667] The firstRays, 667:of a new manner of thinking and of conscious perception. The life of the personality in the threeRays, 671:active as a result of the aspirant's mental perception, meditation and service; this brings theRays, 706:choice depends upon right understanding, right perception, right willingness and [707] right visionRays, 713:planned and directed, may eventuate, and a perception of relationships, As a searchlight, bringingRays, 718:a divine indifference and the spiritual perception of which no disciple has had more than a glimpseRays, 720:has been in the spiritual sense and in wisdom, perception and full comprehension is nowRays, 723:sensitivity which leads inevitably to cosmic perception. We have no adequate word for this qualityRays, 723:types of consciousness or to indicate areas of perception which lie beyond the ken even of aRays, 723:sensitivity in the disciple which produces true perception at all the various initiatory stages.Rays, 737:activity conferring that spiritual sensory perception which makes the initiate aware - in aRays, 737:Initiation of Refusal, this heightened spiritual perception is presented to us under the wordRays, 749:the life of the soul and the growth of intuitive perception possible on a large scale. This is aReappearance, 16:at any other time in history. Their intellectual perception is keener, their sense of values moreReappearance, 34:intelligence and feeling, plus an intuitive perception, hitherto lacking. The clear light of theReappearance, 68:step to be taken becoming clearer to his mental perception, and influencing his attitude to theReappearance, 68:consciousness we can give the name of "spiritual perception," in contradistinction to the mentalReappearance, 68:perception," in contradistinction to the mental perception which is the human counterpart. It mustReappearance, 70:been (on the part of Christ) a growing perception of the intention of the divine Mind, as it isReappearance, 88:an unfoldment (on a large scale) of intuitive perception - a faculty which is, at present, rareReappearance, 103:decide what is the major factor lacking in man's perception of reality (at any given time), andReappearance, 105:men had been rapidly growing, and the enquiring perception of mankind came into increasingly activeReappearance, 118:to a spiritual perfection and an intelligent perception which will enable a man to become a memberReappearance, 138:the thinking masses, whose growing intellectual perception is the cause of the revolt from orthodoxReappearance, 143:cry and this intensified attitude of spiritual perception with which They will be greeted. They seeReappearance, 161:whom he will have to work, and his clarity of perception as to the forces [162] ranged against himSoul, 22:and no reference to such terms as sensation, perception, attention, will, image and the like. TheseSoul, 47:between grades of sensation or acuteness of perception is another thyroid quality. Just as theSoul, 47:The thyroid memory applies particularly to perception and precepts, the pituitary to conceptionSoul, 97:is so subtle that [97] it is beyond all ordinary perception; it can only be seen when it has becomeSoul, 130:direct available evidence, to give us a clearer perception of the factors which are at present soSoul, 137:body, rather than an exact and definite sense-perception communicated through a specialized organ.Soul, 138:conferring, as they do, such powers as spiritual perception, correct understanding andSoul, 146:and a change in its psychology and powers of perception." - Carpenter, Edward, Pagan and ChristianSoul, 154:one of the immediate data of consciousness, a perception so primordial that, compared with it, theTelepathy, 9:the more subtle forms of super- or extra-sensory perception have been involved, the subjects haveTelepathy, 44:divine Mind where it is enhanced by the trained perception and the determined receptivity of thisTelepathy, 48:a step further into the world of reception and perception and point him to the more subtle contactsTelepathy, 49:humanity is focused) on to the levels of mental perception. You will understand, consequently, theTelepathy, 53:and experience and activity if the mechanism of perception is developed as it surely can be. TheTelepathy, 56:of the Hierarchy to the point where universal perception is Theirs. Therefore, it might be saidTelepathy, 59:field of what we may call ordinary telepathic perception (just now coming to recognition byTelepathy, 60:and spiritual worlds come within the arena of perception, and are mastered and controlled, untilTelepathy, 71:aspects of the mind - intelligence, mental perception, the Son of Mind, the lower mind, theTelepathy, 71:of the abstract mind, plus the residue of mental perception which the Son of Mind (the soul) hasTelepathy, 73:that within himself which permits of a spiritual perception of such an expansive nature that heTelepathy, 84:as the other senses of man and his apparatus of perception have developed. Humanity is, however,Telepathy, 94:this then provides those areas of free mental perception which make the higher sensitivityTelepathy, 141:the true teaching and outraged the intellectual perception of the mass of inquiring and intelligentTelepathy, 148:man, or one great unfolding consciousness to the perception of the Hierarchy. Lines of light pass
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