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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERCEPTIONS

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Autobiography, 168:can express newer truths and those intuitive perceptions which are still only hovering on theDestiny, 19:their emotions, their desire, and their mental perceptions. They fail, as yet, to see theDiscipleship1, 285:as the externalizations of your inner sensitive perceptions. Intuitives (such as you are) have everDiscipleship1, 353:Forget not, that the hardly won intellectual perceptions have to become instinctual creativeDiscipleship2, 105:the impacts of telepathic activity, the sensory perceptions and the knowledges gained in the threeDiscipleship2, 186:contacted usually at first in the form of vague perceptions or remote prophecies; when contacted byDiscipleship2, 280:They are merely the broad, general and universal perceptions and world inclusions which theDiscipleship2, 292:physical body, of a new range of contacts and perceptions. This marks a crisis in his unfoldment ofGlamour, 59:above will suffice to show the need for right perceptions, and to indicate the roots of theGlamour, 194:worlds of human experience but only with the perceptions of the Spiritual Triad and with the worldGlamour, 267:lies the attainment of a still higher range of perceptions and, in order to garner the reward ofHercules, 132:of materialistic activity, he loses the precious perceptions that are the mainspring of his being.Intellect, 101:the "mind is a kind of theatre, where several perceptions successively make their appearance." ItIntellect, 108:withdrawal of the man's attention from the sense perceptions and his learning to center himself inPatanjaliconcentration which have relation to the sense perceptions. 36. By meditation upon Light and uponPatanjali, 21:is the activity of the vrittis (or those mental perceptions which have relation to the five senses)Patanjali, 24:as emanating from the five lower sense perceptions. Those mental images, latent in the memoryPatanjali, 26:the one thing that eventually brings all sense perceptions to perform their legitimate functions.Patanjali, 36:realms and to modifications arising from those perceptions which are still more subjective. HePatanjali, 41:It is through this meditation that the soul-perceptions become real to the man upon the physicalPatanjali, 67:and sensuous things. It is love of sense perceptions and attraction for all that brings a man backPatanjali, 67:from the material aspect, just so long will his perceptions remain erroneous. Vision is of variousPatanjali, 78:concentration which have relation to the sense perceptions. We are dealing with those forms ofPatanjali, 80:the senses and as the analyzer of all his sense perceptions, he gradually becomes more mentallyPatanjali, 81:concentration which have relation to the sense perceptions. Method IV. Sutra 36. Head center. ByPatanjali, 107:of them limited and imperfect. They are: Sense perceptions. In this method the dweller in the bodyPatanjali, 205:dense physical is constructed. When the sense perceptions are refined and when the vibratoryPatanjali, 358:the powers which have been developed, and the perceptions which have been gained are seen as havingPatanjali, xii:of the misused mental nature and the distorted perceptions of the mind, are overcome and he standsPsychology2, 247:preoccupied with the world of outer sense perceptions. This cultivated interest in the inner worldPsychology2, 503:in nature, for the glamors, illusions and the perceptions of the doings of others (as recorded inRaysguide him out of the maze of the lower life perceptions into the field of clear knowledge and theRays, 572:of those practices, attitudes and moral perceptions which will govern the relation between theSoul, 124:the head centers awaken and another range of perceptions enters into his consciousness. He becomes
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