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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERFECT

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Astrology, 42:the ninth and tenth, or the "Initiates" and the "Perfect Ones." All human beings, or "ImperishableAstrology, 113:concerned and yet, from the angle of humanity, perfect indeed. The above triple division expressesAstrology, 168:intelligent brotherhood under Venus and is the perfect example of the Capricornian initiate whoAstrology, 168:the place of beginnings. Libra demonstrates the perfect balance of spirit and matter which firstAstrology, 169:rules the heart in such cases, whereas in the perfect example of the influences of Capricorn, headAstrology, 204:conditions and that energy which will test and perfect the three aspects of the personality so thatAstrology, 314:fulfiled organization, so that form is a perfect expression of the soul and the soul is sensitiveAstrology, 314:as that Life reveals, through its activity, the perfect will of the Logos. Astrology, 324:on to experience in form, for the ego is already perfect. The main incentive is sacrifice andAstrology, 341:in Capricorn to become again in Cancer the perfect [342] instrument of service which the initiateAstrology, 366:consequently and normally be the presence of perfect health. It is the understanding of this lawAstrology, 371:- this without understanding but conformity, in perfect trust and with the inner assurance that theAstrology, 484:sense our Earth) will be functioning in perfect rhythm and will respond to the energies pouring inAstrology, 564:The Gemini aspect of His life is shown in the perfect fusion of the basic duality found inAstrology, 565:perfection which He displayed - a perfection of perfect responsiveness and perfect demonstration ofAstrology, 565:- a perfection of perfect responsiveness and perfect demonstration of result as well, giving us aAstrology, 593:and omega producing the completed whole and the perfect fruition of the divine will. It is,Astrology, 601:of this activity, to produce beauty, order, perfect wholes and right relationships. It is theAstrology, 611:for when the "souls of just men are made perfect," a process of translation takes place which [612]Astrology, 656:Pleiades...In this relation, at present lacking perfect adjustment, lies hid the mystery of cosmicAstrology, 667:II, 30) being the seventh himself...he is the perfect initiate, the whole of his six principlesAstrology, 673:the Earth so well that He incarnated and gave it perfect laws which were disregarded and rejected."Atom, 27:the many groups will be seen emerging the one perfect, fully conscious whole, composed of myriadsAtom, 87:of God, will become manifest, and he will be perfect, even as his Father in heaven is perfect. Atom, 87:will be perfect, even as his Father in heaven is perfect. Atom, 134:that which shineth ever more and more unto the perfect day. Autobiography, 151:really matter? Who am I that I should have perfect health when the fate of humanity [152] at thisAutobiography, 152:express the divinity that is in me I shall have perfect health. I shall not care whether I am richAutobiography, 199:with their husbands or their wives to me - a perfect stranger. I suppose my reaction against thisAutobiography, 260:height, the pictures remain as clear and as perfect for study, as would some exquisite masterpieceAutobiography, 296:and we shall none of us see the world as perfect as we hope it some day will be, nor will we seeAutobiography, 296:some day will be, nor will we see ourselves as perfect as we would like to be. But we can work forBethlehem, 13:the life of Christ we have the most complete and perfect demonstration and example of divinityBethlehem, 16:of group love and group good. We learn to perfect ourselves in consonance with Christ's injunction,Bethlehem, 16:with Christ's injunction, "Be ye therefore perfect," (St. Matt., V, 48.) in order to have somewhatBethlehem, 23:command [23] goes forth to us, "Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven isBethlehem, 23:even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (St. Matt., V, 48.) The Crucifixion. This isBethlehem, 27:of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto [27] a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of theBethlehem, 43:between the base note, the major third and the perfect fifth, or those which distinguish the quaverBethlehem, 57:light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." (Prov., IV, 18.) This truth is still aBethlehem, 81:completeness - this is the [81] hall mark of a perfect man. Having once seen and with open eyesBethlehem, 82:I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one." (St. John, XVII, 20-23.) This isBethlehem, 95:aspects of man, and demonstrated therefore the perfect Individual. He unified in Himself soul andBethlehem, 109:of Christ stands for all time: "Be ye therefore perfect;" (St. Matt., V, 48.) and some day we tooBethlehem, 120:divine powers so as [120] to gain for ourselves perfect health, long desired financial prosperity,Bethlehem, 121:and enrich the heart with compassion. Money and perfect health may be disasters to many. But theBethlehem, 142:with His Individuality. He stood forth as the perfect expression of the uttermost possibility toBethlehem, 145:the coming of the One Who would stand for perfect righteousness and Who, in His Own Person, wouldBethlehem, 191:of God in Christ is but a greater and more perfect theophany in a series of other more imperfectBethlehem, 192:He brought to us a manifestation of what the perfect man could be who, regarding that form side asBethlehem, 194:us their true meaning, and in His Person as perfect man He died the death of the Cross to show usBethlehem, 199:have absorbed men's attention, whilst Christ the perfect man and Christ the Son of God have beenBethlehem, 199:Under the Christian teaching, Christ, the perfect man, suffers with God, because God so loved theBethlehem, 219:and also for perfected humanity. Christ, the perfect Man, hung upon the Cross for "three hours,"Bethlehem, 262:when Christ remains unrecognized. How shall we perfect the human being, so that his handling ofBethlehem, 270:man, to make himself profoundly human. 'Be ye perfect.' The whole man, the complete man, is theBethlehem, 275:in either world, and Christ Himself gave us the perfect demonstration [276] of that citizenship andBethlehem, 280:through the portal of initiation. But Christ was perfect, having (dare we say during some previousDestiny, 38:be surpassed. These three are: Hercules, the perfect disciple but not yet the perfected Son of God;Destiny, 38:yet the perfected Son of God; the Buddha, the perfect initiate, having reached illumination but notDestiny, 38:of divinity; the Christ, the absolutely perfect expression of divinity for this cycle and,Destiny, 151:a true recognition of the Risen Christ and at a perfect and complete understanding of [152] eachDestiny, 152:be present, and He will demonstrate to us the perfect life. Discipleship1, XI:in the Ashram of the Master are saints or perfect. All are, however, true aspirants and will go onDiscipleship1, 24:part to love with unselfishness will gradually perfect in you a similar relation to other workers.Discipleship1, 29:souls who can cooperate with the Masters with perfect freedom of intercourse because theirDiscipleship1, 104:all form out of your meditation work and sit in perfect silence with your attention focused uponDiscipleship1, 139:and greater sensitivity would be a handicap. The perfect fulfilment of your duty and your freedomDiscipleship1, 194:be used in world service that is not working in perfect accord and this harmony must be attained asDiscipleship1, 209:making each moment count; I would ask you to perfect each life episode and event (which is onlyDiscipleship1, 374:you see the picture, my brother, as I see it? Perfect love casteth out fear. Your personality isDiscipleship1, 459:this fact and which will help you to gain a more perfect alignment and the further release of theDiscipleship1, 522:to lead you to create it; later I taught you to perfect it and then to use it. I taught you alsoDiscipleship1, 526:You have no particular glamor, for you live in a perfect sea of glamor. Hence the difficulty ofDiscipleship1, 557:gradually brings in the healing force and thus perfect health in some life is the reward of theDiscipleship1, 577:A simple breathing exercise... Then, sit in perfect inner silence and quiet for fifteen minutes,Discipleship1, 678:light of day, the radiance of the rising sun and perfect knowledge of the Truth appear. "This isDiscipleship1, 689:at all times to soul contact. They are not yet perfect, for they are not yet Masters; the fourthDiscipleship1, 765:the triumph of mind over matter or the theory of perfect health; it is a question of a surmountingDiscipleship2, 34:inner disciple and the work of the outer man. A perfect balance is the goal and this is not at allDiscipleship2, 106:each other and together create and present a perfect team in world service. One other factor I willDiscipleship2, 191:great importance. These seven meditations make a perfect synthesis of recognitions, of unfoldmentDiscipleship2, 288:have reached the stage of flowering forth as perfect men and, in their turn, become the saviors ofDiscipleship2, 409:- our Earth - where he earlier demonstrated perfect love and service. But - as you know - this timeDiscipleship2, 459:conditions meet in your life and create a perfect whirlpool of difficulty and a mixture of glamorDiscipleship2, 488:Were you twenty years younger, my brother, with perfect safety you could break the connecting link,Discipleship2, 545:and when handled, it will open for you a perfect floodgate of relationships and opportunities. YourDiscipleship2, 568:been vouchsafed an interlude wherein you can perfect your work for individual souls; you have beenDiscipleship2, 640:aspects where lies the focus of consciousness. Perfect health will come, therefore, when the focusExternalisation, 87:Personality of our planetary Logos is not yet perfect, hence the fact that His body ofExternalisation, 112:recurring process is to bring an increasingly perfect form to the expanding service of the soul.Externalisation, 348:aspect, and these two together present one perfect Whole. The second reason was to initiate, as IExternalisation, 404:East and the Other in the West - a complete and perfect representation of Deity; by Their lives andExternalisation, 406:God." Here dwell the "spirits of just men made perfect"; here [407] the spiritual Guides of theExternalisation, 410:[410] "shineth ever more and more until the perfect day." At the time of the second great Approach,Externalisation, 412:the objective of group goodwill. We learn to perfect ourselves in order to have somewhat toExternalisation, 465:and loving understanding - all find their perfect expression in the Lord of the World (Whom theExternalisation, 591:be revealed and emphasized. The two halves of a perfect Whole will then be recognized by humanity.Externalisation, 681:with the Christ. Though the analogy is far from perfect, it is possible to recognize theFire, xvii:teaching with regard to Fire?" Fire is the most perfect and unadulterated reflection, in Heaven as
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