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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERFECT

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Fire, 4:or the Whole, produce the ten (10) of perfect manifestation, or the perfect MAN. These threeFire, 4:the ten (10) of perfect manifestation, or the perfect MAN. These three aspects of the Whole areFire, 45:and the spiral cyclic movements are working in perfect synthesis then the desired vibration willFire, 45:of Attraction, and of Synthesis work with perfect adjustment to each other, then nature willFire, 80:for we need to remember that the analogy must be perfect. Man, the Microcosm, the manifestingFire, 84:clearly be seen, and the working out in perfect correspondence is easily demonstrable: PRANA OF THEFire, 115:point; that the four planetary Logoi will perfect Their escape from Their planetary environment,Fire, 142:of the third Logos. Therefore: His goal is the perfect blending of Spirit and matter. His functionFire, 158:3. Rhythm, or the attainment of the point of perfect balance and of equilibrium. This point ofFire, 158:balance and of equilibrium. This point of perfect balance then produces certain specific effectsFire, 166:Paul, and is the product of evolution, of the perfect blending of the three fires, which ultimatelyFire, 192:their complete unification. This causes the most perfect comprehension, and is the secret of theFire, 212:an even greater scheme. In all things cosmic, perfect law and order are found, and theFire, 218:nine Initiations, each initiation marking a more perfect union of the Self with the All-Self, and aFire, 248:the fifth, or manasic principle. Note how perfect is the analogy between man, viewed as the lowerFire, 261:All this has for purpose the development of perfect self-consciousness. Above the triad stands theFire, 268:the qualities nurtured during manifestation, - perfect love and perfect intelligence showing forthFire, 268:during manifestation, - perfect love and perfect intelligence showing forth then as activeFire, 294:Through each etheric center man is bringing to perfect vibration some one principle or qualityFire, 338:the direction in which his activity shall trend. Perfect the form as well as use it. Obtain controlFire, 345:Capacity to "shine ever more and more unto the perfect day." This is equally true of a solar Logos,Fire, 364:Initiations of Manas, wherein man becomes a perfect Nine, or literally is the number of hisFire, 456:use the abstract mind. Their function will be to perfect (as far as may be in this round) [457] theFire, 506:which concerns the process of making him the perfect six-pointed star during the preliminary stageFire, 521:we have a fourth plane whereon the struggle for perfect illumination, and subsequent liberationFire, 568:with the least expenditure of force. It makes perfect each atom of time, and each eternal period,Fire, 582:and through that very adaptation it becomes a perfect form, [583] and at the moment of perfectionFire, 596:is always synthetic - Love and Activity in a perfect balance. The same effect can be demonstratedFire, 606:activity and of innate capacity demonstrating in perfect fruition. All potentiality lies in theFire, 611:forth which "growth ever more and more until the perfect day." (Bible. Proverbs IV, 18.) At thatFire, 611:perfect day." (Bible. Proverbs IV, 18.) At that perfect day of revelation it is seen what man inFire, 619:will have built according [619] to the plan a perfect sheath or vehicle of expression for theFire, 629:as They are not revealed until the "Son be made perfect," or the logoic consciousness is fullyFire, 667:of the mahamanvantara the imperfect Gods become perfect. These broad and general distinctions areFire, 707:and known as stepping stones on the path to perfect knowledge. They will know, and they will giveFire, 752:His force, so that thereby He might hasten and perfect His plans on Earth within the cycle ofFire, 837:That is to say, a perfected humanity will be a perfect vehicle of the divine Spirit (see theFire, 854:are usually only brought in so that they may perfect certain developments in their own nature, toFire, 868:fervent aspiration, spiritual reading, and perfect obedience to the Master." "The perfection of theFire, 900:perfection is demonstrated. The Son is made perfect, and the cosmic incarnation is brought to aFire, 925:point of manifestation. No form is as yet perfect, and it is this fact which necessitates cyclicFire, 927:is seen as seven. The form is now potentially perfect. The logoic triple Word - The third plane -Fire, 929:idea, work along similar lines. The analogy is perfect. In connection with those human beings whoFire, 935:of gaseous substance upon that atomic matter, perfect in its delineation of all the known physicalFire, 981:is brought to a close, we [981] will have a perfect solar system inhabited by perfect existences.Fire, 981:will have a perfect solar system inhabited by perfect existences. Through speech a thought isFire, 990:Rishi. In this relation, at present lacking perfect adjustment, lies hid the mystery of cosmic evilFire, 1100:"Jewel in the Lotus," and macrocosmically is the perfect coordination of the three aspects throughFire, 1127:man, when synthesized, produce eventually that perfect coordination and adaptation to allFire, 1166:The seeds of the Lotus contain in miniature the perfect plant. It is the product of fire andFire, 1200:the ninth and tenth, or the "Initiates" and the "Perfect Ones." All human beings, or "ImperishableFire, 1218:and the divine life and glory shine forth in perfect radiance. This might be expressed in moreFire, 1224:the 4th Cosmic energy. 5. The Crocodiles or the Perfect Ones. 5 or 10 The five-pointed Star withFire, 1248:of a purified lower nature which can act as a perfect transmitter. He has learnt also the secret ofFire, 1259:compelled to seek this fourth WAY in order to perfect themselves. They are called the "blissfulFire, 1259:turn upon themselves, and find the open door to perfect bliss." The energy of Path IV reaches usFire, 1279:and through the progress of the aeons to perfect the great triplicity. Hid is the mystery, andGlamour, 70:faint glimpses of a clearer world wherein more perfect forms and shapes can be seen and where theGlamour, 106:These imperfections, hindering unfoldment or the perfect expression of divine energy when broughtGlamour, 231:as to think clearly. Practice naturally tends to perfect both processes. At the close of theseHealing, 6:time for people to learn to work together in perfect understanding and impersonality, and at theHealing, 7:we will consider the healer and how he can perfect himself in the art of healing. Is it not trueHealing, 203:and matter, and they then control and govern, in perfect unison, the entire direction of theHealing, 208:body. The blood stream will then be kept also in perfect condition. The clue to perfect physicalHealing, 208:be kept also in perfect condition. The clue to perfect physical health as it is expressed by aHealing, 208:with the needed forces and is thus kept in perfect condition. Coming midway between the centers andHealing, 211:of spirit - are blended, and there is then a perfect manifestation on Earth of physical living, ofHealing, 213:of spiritual life. There will then be that perfect balance and perfect health which characterize aHealing, 213:There will then be that perfect balance and perfect health which characterize a Master of theHealing, 217:of health and of disease - when consummated, perfect physical health is the result; in the interimHealing, 294:ones. Seven the imperfections. Seven the perfect wholes; seven the ways to oust the dark ofHealing, 294:clear cold light, the white electric light of perfect wholeness." All that you can gain from theHealing, 295:is karma) is the liberation ultimately of the perfect and the good. These things are not easy toHealing, 295:imperfect energies hold within themselves the perfect will-to-good, more potent in the long runHealing, 295:of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good isHealing, 295:Good is harmlessness. This is not negativity but perfect poise, a completed point of view andHealing, 298:angle of a Solar Logos for instance, far from perfect; this is the reason why our planet, theHealing, 310:of some form of disease. If you speak of perfect physical conditions, I know of no such conditionsHealing, 402:incarnations in form until those forms are perfect expressions of the indwelling spiritualHealing, 481:Humanity cannot be brought into a condition of perfect physical health immediately, though correctHealing, 527:complete harmlessness. "The method used by the Perfect harmlessness." This, we are told,Healing, 530:will enter the medical [530] profession and perfect themselves in the techniques of orthodoxHealing, 535:of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good isHealing, 535:Good is harmlessness. This is not negativity but perfect poise, a completed point of view andHealing, 539:to the seven vitalizing centers, you have the perfect health which the initiate of the fourthHealing, 597:which the Master, working through a relatively perfect body, depends upon to keep it in goodHealing, 610:Gods" of The Secret Doctrine, although perfect past our human comprehension - the comprehension ofHealing, 621:rhythm, was the appearance in the Christ of a perfect endocrine system. All His glands (both majorHealing, 621:were functioning correctly; this produced a "perfect man" - physically perfect, emotionally stableHealing, 621:this produced a "perfect man" - physically perfect, emotionally stable and mentally controlled. InHealing, 628:he works entirely with the life aspect; the perfect healer (something at present non-existent)Healing, 632:used, and confidence can be expressed in it. The perfect healing combination is that of the medicalHealing, 650:first of all to ascertain their ray, and then to perfect themselves in the type or mode of healingHealing, 660:of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good, isHealing, 660:is harmlessness. This is not negativity, but perfect poise, a completed point of view, and divineHealing, 660:employed under the Law of Perfection is called "perfect harmlessness," and that was ever the methodHealing, 661:ever the method used [661] by the Christ, the Perfect One. It is not the harmlessness enjoined soHealing, 670:by the Hierarchy, under the direction of the Perfect One, the Christ. The harmlessness with which IHealing, 671:This energy is the epitome of complete or perfect harmlessness, where humanity and the subsidiaryHealing, 671:will reveal three major occasions when the Perfect One, expressing this higher harmlessness, forced
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