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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERFECTED

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Astrology, 42:to them, the fifth. They are then completed or perfected, and it is owing to this occult fact thatAstrology, 115:the manifestation of the Incarnated Christ, the perfected individual soul, the completedAstrology, 269:fourth Creative Hierarchy, the mystery of the perfected Seven will be understood." One of the moreAstrology, 309:Devotion to an objective. [309] In the perfected Leo, the loving self-conscious soul (2nd ray)Astrology, 354:which begins to function when the other two are perfected or in process of rapid perfecting.Astrology, 475:of self-hood to that of the self-initiated and perfected soul. It is not my intention to analyzeAstrology, 605:flowers in the Monad when souls have reached perfected expression through humanity. They expressAstrology, 632:opposites. It indicates the will-to-express - in perfected proportion and harmony - both the lifeAstrology, 685:a means of expression through the medium of the perfected fifth. Our Heavenly Man, in the fifthAtom, 26:blended, unified, and synthesized into a perfected whole. This whole you may call the solar system,Atom, 63:the period wherein that inner relation becomes perfected. The form is then adequate to the needs ofAtom, 77:This interrelation will produce, finally, the perfected expression (through the medium of matter)Atom, 82:and in the form, we shall find the triplicity perfected in man. We have been told that man is madeAtom, 93:in the following words: "When all the race is perfected alike As man, that is; all tended toAutobiography, 17:the five-pointed star has always signified perfected man and the crescent moon is supposed to ruleBethlehem, 39:He has linked us to Himself through His perfected humanity; He has linked us to God through HisBethlehem, 39:that this revelation will come through himself perfected. Browning expressed this in the well-knownBethlehem, 39:in the faculties of man. When all the race is perfected alike As man, that is; all tended toBethlehem, 105:the little child, the full-grown man, the perfected man! Through the Bethlehem experience the babeBethlehem, 105:man, and, on the Cross, he stands forth the perfected Son of God. An initiation is that moment inBethlehem, 115:the Christ, the more convinced are they of His perfected divinity and His mission, and the moreBethlehem, 115:and the Teacher alike of Angels and of men. This perfected divinity is now to be tested andBethlehem, 116:conditions from the angle of that theory. For a perfected son of God, such as the Christ, or forBethlehem, 117:the outer appearance of theology. Truth, for the perfected sons of God, must be something beyondBethlehem, 132:to transmit the great energy of the Love of God. Perfected, serving and with a full knowledge ofBethlehem, 137:is the everlasting experience of all who are perfected. We might depict the process as follows: 1stBethlehem, 149:wherein Christ Jesus stood before them as perfected Man, because fully divine. They had shared withBethlehem, 152:which is the prerogative and the gift of all the perfected sons of God. The radiant inner body ofBethlehem, 157:body; for on the day of fulfilment, when the perfected disciple has attained masterhood, the 'RobeBethlehem, 163:on the developing son of God until he stands perfected, having achieved "the measure of the statureBethlehem, 176:and more nearly ideal social structure, based on perfected humanity, are discernible. It is thisBethlehem, 185:that, though He was one of a long continuity of perfected divine men, He had a unique function. HeBethlehem, 219:numbers. It stands for divinity, and also for perfected humanity. Christ, the perfect Man, hungBethlehem, 222:matter and soul, the matter of the form and the perfected lower nature. These are the three WordsBethlehem, 237:the heavenly mount, where he put on the perfected bliss body, now fully organized as a vehicle ofBethlehem, 237:of the sun touched the face, the Christ, the perfected Initiate or Master, re-entered the body,Bethlehem, 280:unquestioned; that He gave us an example of perfected humanity such as the world had neverDestiny, 38:Hercules, the perfect disciple but not yet the perfected Son of God; the Buddha, the perfectDestiny, 61:produces love, of a developed materialism and a perfected holiness, of the selfishness of aDestiny, 150:He will not this time demonstrate the perfected life of a Son of God, which was His main missionDiscipleship1, XII:and a mode of life which they have not yet perfected. They are, nevertheless, unalterably uponDiscipleship1, 18:and of knowledge are essential if this is to be perfected. The objectives of both methods - theDiscipleship1, 24:are but the response in physical matter of the perfected telepathic powers and television of theDiscipleship1, 32:working in collaboration with the Hierarchy of perfected souls, and under the guidance of theDiscipleship1, 35:only materialize later when the Plan is further perfected, fails naturally to meet with fullDiscipleship1, 159:of increased sensitivity is dependent upon a perfected alignment and the other upon the rightDiscipleship1, 342:and your inner adjustment to the soul yet perfected. There is a chance, is there not, my brother,Discipleship2, 23:by the Hierarchy a new technique which - when perfected and understood - will [24] initiate entireDiscipleship2, 181:This meditation, when practiced, understood and perfected, prepares the disciple for the work whichDiscipleship2, 198:is essentially the highest instrument and the perfected consummation of the third divine aspect,Discipleship2, 200:they are all of them demonstrations of the perfected third aspect of active intelligence, plusDiscipleship2, 330:because my heart is pure" can be grasped. The perfected strength of the Ashram (symbolized by theDiscipleship2, 409:to admit the passing of the "Son of Man, the perfected Son of God," back to the place - our Earth -Discipleship2, 418:as a whole: the reason for this is that the perfected [419] Personality of Sanat Kumara - focusedDiscipleship2, 543:wisely expressed. The Ashram as a center of perfected intelligence. The Master of the Ashram. TheDiscipleship2, 555:"as if" [555] your divine comprehension was perfected and the result in your daily life will be "asDiscipleship2, 601:hands. Do you realize, my brother, that a week's perfected discipline would carry you further thanExternalisation, 15:and clairaudient powers should gradually be perfected, and the right interpretation of what he seesExternalisation, 410:dispensation) appeared; next God was seen as the perfected human being, and the divine God-manExternalisation, 473:time, the nature of the heart of God. These perfected men, therefore, exist; They are more than menExternalisation, 485:the graded spiritual groups of enlightened and perfected men who work upon the inner side of life,Externalisation, 515:law of evolution and its inevitable corollary, perfected men. Men must be taught that such GreatExternalisation, 533:Self, except to Those Who have demonstrated perfected love and Who register no sense of disunion orExternalisation, 548:bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it and who own the secrets at present - theExternalisation, 576:by the time He comes, television will have been perfected and He will then be seen, by its means,Fire, vi:But during the latter years the technique was so perfected and the etheric mechanism of A.A.B. soFire, 7:of the cycles is the possession only of the perfected adept. Fire, 15:the work was better done, and the product more perfected. At the seventh revolution, the thirdFire, 25:to be sounds forth the Word of Power. The form perfected and the life evolved hold the third secretFire, 44:of logoic evolutionary development and by its perfected merging with the other two fires as theFire, 49:as a conscious existence becomes ever more perfected. The operation of this fire under the Law ofFire, 51:fires blaze forth simultaneously, producing perfected consciousness. This blaze results in theFire, 64:planes. The object of Their cooperation is the perfected manifestation of the cosmic Lord of Love.Fire, 97:Fire then passes out from the ring-pass-not as perfected essence, whether essence emerging from theFire, 97:to the threefold flame, and eventually stands perfected. 42 Involutionary Arc is the term appliedFire, 102:unknown cosmic fount. Were conditions everywhere perfected this circulation would proceed unimpededFire, 120:cosmic ethers are mastered, the functioning is perfected, polarization is centered in the monadicFire, 122:and more human type was evolved, this being perfected in the fourth or Atlantean race. The fifthFire, 122:where he leaves off, with cosmic physical matter perfected. His lowest body, therefore, will be theFire, 125:The three first initiations see these results perfected, [126] and lead to the fourth, where theFire, 129:by the cessation of aspiration. This, as the perfected cycle draws to its close, will be true ofFire, 161:is consumed and there is naught remaining but perfected fire. Fire, 175:the darkness of mother Earth before the golden perfected ear can be seen, and the Lotus has to castFire, 192:of the Master's power. On the atmic plane this perfected hearing is seen as beatitude. Sound, theFire, 199:and the one point where the coordination is perfected; then the Self can dissociate itself fromFire, 199:The senses are developed, and the apparatus is perfected by the Self for the utilization of matter.Fire, 200:the not-self and its realized adequacy. Smell - Perfected Knowledge. The principle of manas in itsFire, 200:the Self and the not-self. This all concerns the perfected, realized Personality. In all theseFire, 204:in the lower, and as the astral senses come into perfected activity, the corresponding centers ofFire, 205:are manifest thirty-five vortices of fire in the perfected adept, - all of radiant activity and allFire, 218:When the sense of hearing on all planes is perfected (which is brought about by the Law of EconomyFire, 218:reverberates within himself, he knows himself as perfected wisdom, and distinguishes [219] the noteFire, 227:light. This relationship is brought about and perfected during the evolutionary process. This heatFire, 228:When this is the case and each Son of God is a perfected Sun, characterized by perfectly expressedFire, 229:system, the greater Son of God, will be the perfected Sun. The system will then be characterized byFire, 229:is only in process of formation, and is not yet perfected, so we may predicate the same of theFire, 229:a uniform measure, will He be "full grown" and perfected. Not until His radiation and His displayFire, 230:the Sun, attained full expression (that is, perfected His display of light and heat) then He willFire, 235:active intelligence. Full self-consciousness. A perfected solar system, or the form, adequate toFire, 236:and the Son has accomplished His purpose. He is perfected love-wisdom; his light shines forth
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