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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERFECTION

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Discipleship1, 677:drives the struggling builder to carry to utter perfection the building of the Temple. The uses ofDiscipleship1, 692:all working groups of servers. Such is the law. Perfection is not yet possible, it is needless forDiscipleship1, 715:the disciple is closer to the aspirant, far from perfection himself and is also learning to serve.Discipleship1, 766:his many phases of all-inclusive extension and perfection. A close concentration upon and study ofDiscipleship2, 92:disciple's fitness for "ashramic sharing." [92] Perfection is not looked for or expected, butDiscipleship2, 224:carrying all forms of his livingness towards the perfection which he purposes; in so doing, theDiscipleship2, 259:This is finally carried to the point of solar perfection at the Ascension initiation. I have givenDiscipleship2, 331:only evolutionary limitations and lack of perfection (limitations in soul expression, indicatingDiscipleship2, 339:in an achieved though constantly relative perfection. Oft I have said to you that time is theEducation, 23:a large number of countries. It can be seen to perfection in the life in our public schools - butEducation, 23:in our public schools - but it is an undesirable perfection. This is partly due to the recognitionEducation, 132:physical manifestation and attain spiritual perfection in the three worlds of human evolution. OneEducation, 132:two basic groups: Those souls who have reached perfection and achieved the status of divineEducation, 134:you to study: Many souls are rapidly achieving perfection and passing away altogether from ourEducation, 136:for improved racial attributes and physical perfection. The right form of scientific sex control,Externalisation, 408:and are of the highest order of spiritual perfection. Those who convey to man the purposes of GodExternalisation, 568:men who have achieved a relative measure of perfection, there are aspects of physical contact whichExternalisation, 588:of humanity with peculiar attention to its goal, perfection. This is not the idealistic perfectionExternalisation, 588:its goal, perfection. This is not the idealistic perfection of the visionary mystic, but theExternalisation, 590:of that divine immanence making itself felt in perfection through the Christ and other divineExternalisation, 591:the Christ indwelling every man and revealed in perfection through the historical Christ and HisExternalisation, 595:else - in the Christ Himself Who embodied the perfection of God Immanent, plus awareness of GodFire, 84:esoteric Garden of Eden, the land of physical perfection. Surface radiation demonstrates, afterFire, 97:solar system to an ant - and emerges as a triple perfection. Fire then passes out from theFire, 102:of imperfection giving place to a gradual perfection. Every cycle originates from an other cycle ofFire, 102:thus eventuate periods of apparent relative perfection leading to those which are still greater.Fire, 108:interaction then the system is stabilized and perfection reached. The even distribution of pranaFire, 127:desired, not for selfish ends, but because group perfection is the goal and scope for greaterFire, 188:1. Beatitude 2. Active service 3. Realization 4. Perfection 5. All knowledge 5th 6th 5th 4th 3rd ItFire, 189:taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. The Fifth Sense - Smell. Physical smell.Fire, 200:the Preserver and the Destroyer. In the final perfection of this third sense of sight, the termFire, 200:action of the Self and the not-self. Taste - Perfection. Evolution completed through theFire, 205:FLAMES. These centers reach this condition of perfection as the Spirit or Will aspect takes everFire, 216:the Law of Synthesis results in the sevenfold perfection of the same Manasaputras, so we have anFire, 228:Selves will result in the merging to perfection of the flame within each one, and a blending of theFire, 252:literature. These make the ten of His ultimate perfection, for the seven are resolved into theFire, 257:principles. These make the ten of His ultimate perfection and are eventually synthesized into theFire, 294:goal is synthetic quality and not primarily the perfection of the form. The response of theFire, 345:until capacity is reached, or that which we call perfection. We should note and distinguish theFire, 372:kundalini will have stimulated, and aroused to perfection His systemic Lotus. For a brief period HeFire, 384:is also handicapped, and is unable to express in perfection on the globe the full beauty of HisFire, 449:after Brahman shall, without fail, attain all perfection, whether he discharge any other duty orFire, 483:with the two fires which reached a high stage of perfection in a past solar system: The fire of anFire, 529:he is a cell; he can demonstrate in relative perfection fire by friction and solar fire, but itFire, 545:other; it is this which produces the consequent perfection of unfoldment. It is neither possibleFire, 548:petal by petal, the lotus may be brought to perfection, and of the triple nature of its evolution;Fire, 583:a perfect form, [583] and at the moment of perfection loses its usefulness; it crystallizes,Fire, 590:of activity working on concrete faculty. The perfection of the two evolutions marks the point ofFire, 700:units in this system, and this working towards perfection of the three, the four, and the five,Fire, 716:man, involving a rapid achievement of relative perfection. In the tremendous event which isFire, 718:Son is on the way to attainment. This relative perfection has then to be carried on to otherFire, 734:man at the fifth initiation. Marks attainment of perfection. Concerns the monad. There is also theFire, 742:and has nearly developed her fourth kingdom to perfection, or as much as it is possible in theFire, 744:a septenate and a triad, making again a ten of perfection. Between Two Solar Systems. This coversFire, 750:were but a school of spiritual training and perfection in true wisdom; that the preliminaryFire, 772:mental plane. This is indicative of the stage of perfection, and shows that the three worlds haveFire, 827:cycle; this is signified by the ten of relative perfection. 63, 64 The interplay between kamicFire, 868:and perfect obedience to the Master." "The perfection of the powers of the bodily vesture comesFire, 879:who thus produce the possibility of the ten of perfection in another series of manifesting systems.Fire, 900:is connected with the process whereby eventual perfection is demonstrated. The Son is made perfect,Fire, 901:of evolution, work out the plan in objective perfection through the medium of the living substanceFire, 905:complete physical vision, and the use in perfection of the three physical plane senses of hearing,Fire, 914:stands for perfected man, so twelve stands for perfection in the deva kingdom. This group presidesFire, 935:is relatively nearing its possible manvantaric perfection, and by the time the seventh round isFire, 984:, I, 138. The object of the art of magic is the perfection of man. - Isis Unveiled, I, 309. MagicFire, 989:"imperfect Gods" will have achieved a relative perfection. Thus will the karma of the manvantara,Fire, 990:cosmic evil will be negated, and a relative perfection achieved. This will mark the attainment ofFire, 990:This will mark the attainment of primary perfection, and the consummation of the greater cycle.Fire, 1042:the achievement of the goal, and their eventual perfection. In occult literature this term "Law ofFire, 1068:of it is the earth. This is the Father of all perfection, and consummation of the whole world. TheFire, 1088:of the solar Logos, are carried to the point of perfection in an individualized Monad. It must beFire, 1134:are brought together, and synthesized, and when perfection of the personality is reached, and theFire, 1148:Sixth Chain - Sattvic Rhythm. Seventh Chain - Perfection. The factors which we have considered asFire, 1256:color effects and chords. When he can do this to perfection he is then in a position to take upFire, 1283:There comes cessation of the song when perfection is achieved. When all are blended into one fullGlamour, 105:His Own Nature. To us, that great Life embodies perfection and the qualities which distinguish HimGlamour, 148:not so much the accuracy of your analysis or the perfection of your technique. Glamour, 213:is not necessary, I might add, to have achieved perfection in the process before starting this workGlamour, 244:the will-to-good which can and will function in perfection only when goodwill [245] is finally andHealing, 10:premise that Deity itself is working towards a perfection past our comprehension, it may beHealing, 10:of many schools of healing as to ultimate divine perfection, and the formulation of their beliefsHealing, 11:open mind: Deity itself is on the road towards perfection. The implications of that statement areHealing, 13:indicate his discriminative ability to sense perfection, to vision the goal, and hence to workHealing, 110:the needed three hundred thousand million that perfection requires of the threefold Logos. Healing, 154:are Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. When perfection has been achieved, the Shamballa energy ofHealing, 211:every part of the body is vitalized and material perfection is produced, plus the full play of theHealing, 212:whole, they are focused on affirming a future perfection - mentally and vocally - in order to haveHealing, 261:freed. Like all things which human beings enact, perfection is non-existent. The Negro is not freeHealing, 295:of disease and the maintenance of health. Law IX Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. GoodHealing, 297:forms, those forms will fall short of divine perfection. Disease is only a form of transientHealing, 305:the qualities developed in system one. What was perfection at that time is not so now. Therefore,Healing, 427:stage of evolution, to reach a higher point of perfection through the impact upon it of life, viaHealing, 535:healer's aura, flooded with soul energy. Law IX Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. GoodHealing, 537:the race has reached a far higher standard of perfection than is at present seen or that isHealing, 571:In the average human being, and before reaching perfection, the right eye transmits the energy ofHealing, 599:point where he is "initiated into the realm of perfection and knows no further aches or pains, andHealing, 621:of the behavior" of the Christ - due to the perfection of His glandular system, as an effect ofHealing, 621:centers - made Him an expression of divine perfection to the entire world; He was the first of ourHealing, 621:for they bear no witness to any glandular perfection; they are full of weakness and sweetness, butHealing, 636:spirit has not yet attained a point of perfection, but is progressing towards a specific goal which
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