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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERFECTION

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Healing, 636:the earth is yet very far from even the relative perfection of which a conscious human being isHealing, 659:This law, which might be termed the Law of Perfection, deals with the interior energies which areHealing, 659:of the lower; the laws subsidiary to the Law of Perfection are loosely called (by the neophyte) theHealing, 660:the law" - spiritually understood. Law IX Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drivesHealing, 660:present! The method employed under the Law of Perfection is called "perfect harmlessness," and thatHealing, 661:Of this strange working of the Law of Perfection (strange to man's limited point of view), the warHealing, 661:of a spiritual nature, working under the Law of Perfection, resulted: Souls were released from aHealing, 663:taken place under the influence of the Law of Perfection. I am dealing here with the generalHealing, 663:far that they preserve and enunciate the Law of Perfection, even though they do so in a muddledHealing, 672:and character of the Christ. Under the Law of Perfection we are given the key to the civilizationHealing, 673:state of mind; nothing which is regarded as non-perfection can create disturbance. You can realizeHercules, 5:unfold more quickly. The inevitability of human perfection underlies his willingness to make theHercules, 5:to make the attempt to tread the path. This perfection can be attained in two ways. It can be theHercules, 21:number ten, which is the number of personality perfection, plus the number eight, which, we areHercules, 21:the potencies out of which the Light shall bring Perfection, but now twisted or turned upon itself.Hercules, 70:in the fact of the soul, in the possibility of perfection, in the path which must be trodden; butHercules, 101:ten, which is regarded as the number of human perfection and of completion, the number of aHercules, 105:number of initiation, ten is the number of human perfection, five is the number of man, and thus inHercules, 208:characterize a son of God, marching on towards perfection. He stands for the incarnated but not yetInitiation, 3:the others in the achievement of synthetic perfection. It is the manifestation of the second aspectInitiation, 4:form so humble a part, reverberates in synthetic perfection, then, and only then, will comeInitiation, 21:work of the Hierarchy to develop these types to perfection through the adjustment of karma, throughInitiation, 26:in man and his work upon the attainment of perfection. Let us therefore seek for the truth as aInitiation, 32:and leading all its evolutions on to an ultimate perfection. [33] The central home of thisInitiation, 83:the highest standard will be known, even though perfection may not be achieved. Initiates may, andInitiation, 125:and type; later again he gets a glimpse of the perfection of that great Being who is his ownInitiation, 125:is his own Planetary Logos, until finally the perfection of all beauty and the radiance whichInitiation, 164:and all its evolutions tend to demonstrate the perfection of that law with its six subsidiaryInitiation, 174:or first, aspect is the one which will arrive at perfection, or, rather, come within the reach ofIntellect, 96:the agency of the mind, the achievement of [96] perfection, the taking of counsel, and theIntellect, 120:Fischer's book, The Structure of Thought: "The perfection of processes of apprehension depends inIntellect, 120:its ramifications and subsidiary organs. The perfection of the structure and of the functioning ofIntellect, 120:of the functioning of this organ determines the perfection with which we can succeed in aIntellect, 189:is eternal, pure, free, alone (in Its absolute perfection), incessantly filled with Beatitude,Intellect, 237:eye to the ideal of human progression and perfection which the secret science depicts; these areMagic, 11:carried forward in order will bring the plan to perfection. The word "law", as usually understood,Magic, 102:Good Law which guides all creation to ultimate perfection has been visioned without doubt, and,Magic, 150:the world of form. As he is but wrestling toward perfection and has not yet attained, theseMagic, 199:for five is the number of man and ten is that of perfection. Symbolically also, if the sum total ofMagic, 238:the soul and the form, and by a vision of the perfection of the glory which can radiate from theMagic, 409:the whole stand together again in its earlier perfection. The religious groups have likewise beenMagic, 533:drives the struggling builder to carry to utter perfection the building of the Temple. The uses ofMagic, 589:Heaven" (using the word "Heaven" as a symbol of perfection and of purity), the work of this stageMeditation, 16:system. You have the will driving a man on to perfection, through realization of the Higher, andMeditation, 17:the wisdom or love aspect driving a man on to perfection through the realization of his onenessMeditation, 17:You have the activity aspect driving a man on to perfection through the utilization of all in theMeditation, 17:from the lower and the attainment of perfection. Its exponents develop along the line of music,Meditation, 18:is set free. It is mentality driving a man on to perfection and forcing him to utilize allMeditation, 24:the driving force of evolution carries all on to perfection. The second period covers a point inMeditation, 77:work is completed. The fivefold man has attained perfection for this present greater cycle and theMeditation, 80:hundred and ten, the total number signifying the perfection of the microcosm, - ten the number ofMeditation, 80:personality, one hundred the number of causal perfection, and one thousand the number of spiritualMeditation, 135:of evolution that direct all on to eventual perfection. The White Adepts cooperate in this. TheMeditation, 169:one line has to remember that in time and before perfection is achieved he must realize theMeditation, 210:blending and intermingling comes eventual perfection... Meditation, 221:these two kingdoms the seven Heavenly Men attain perfection and completeness, and are esotericallyMeditation, 221:considered to be white, the synonym of perfection. Another point of synthesis is the fact thatMeditation, 222:of the Ego. That he remembers ever that perfection, as we know it, is only partial and not real,Meditation, 222:it, is only partial and not real, and that even perfection itself - as grasped by the mind of man,Meditation, 303:another until he has reached that which we call perfection. The relationship between the microcosmMeditation, 310:rigid disciplining of yourself comes eventual perfection. To the disciple nought is too small toMeditation, 339:in the second great initiation, that marks the perfection of the control of the body of theMeditation, 347:three departments, the lover of humanity seeks perfection in action. No magnificent dreams ofMeditation, 347:duty is the line of his endeavor. He knows that perfection in the foreground of his life and in thePatanjali, 91:incomprehensible order leading to ultimate perfection is seen in the other. The activity whichPatanjali, 147:differing in degree. To the man who is achieving perfection it becomes increasingly apparent howPatanjali, 148:the spirit or monad and it is this tendency to perfection which is the cause of man's evolution inPatanjali, 157:through the medium of that form and the eventual perfection and release of that life from the formPatanjali, 211:concept. The goal of evolution is to bring to perfection, this objective symbolic form. When a manPatanjali, 234:(or powers) are attained, likewise bodily perfection and freedom from all hindrances. 46. SymmetryPatanjali, 234:compactness of the diamond, constitute bodily perfection. 47. Mastery over the senses is broughtPatanjali, 234:and useful purpose. 48. As a result of this perfection, there comes rapidity of action like that ofPatanjali, 307:life and love of God, and in their totality and perfection express the Christ life. 3. It is thePatanjali, 323:7th 2. Active service 6th 3. Realization 5th 4. Perfection 4th 5. All knowledge 3rd In thePatanjali, 323:taste. Imagination. Discrimination. Intuition. Perfection. e. The Fifth Sense - Smell. PhysicalPatanjali, 345:(or powers) are attained, likewise bodily perfection and freedom from all hindrances. Towards thePatanjali, 345:(or powers) are attained, likewise bodily perfection and freedom from all hindrances." (Book III,Patanjali, 346:and with the two others make up the ten of perfection as it concerns the lower man. These powersPatanjali, 348:powers are functioning, then the ninth, bodily perfection, results, for the adept can construct aPatanjali, 348:compactness of the diamond, constitute bodily perfection. Though many commentators give to thisPatanjali, 352:achieved and its Results 48. As a result of this perfection, there comes rapidity of action likePatanjali, 353:the meditation process when carried forward to perfection and we are now reaching a climax. TheProblems, 145:Rebirth and of Cause and Effect - to an ultimate perfection; these are the truths which the churchProblems, 151:a divine heritage and the seed of ultimate perfection. A fifth great Approach is now possible andProblems, 176:Unity World Unity There is no counsel of perfection to give the world or any solution which willPsychology1, 15:be expressed in words nor can its realized perfection. The process of "becoming," which leads toPsychology1, 18:This cosmic Christ demonstrated to us His perfection, as far as the human family is concerned,Psychology1, 50:ray is essentially the refiner, the producer of perfection within the form, and the primePsychology1, 159:their structural unity and their geometrical perfection. The Grand Geometrician comes thus to thePsychology1, 161:these conditions indicate the "genius towards perfection;" where the equipment is mediocre, youPsychology1, 198:the life-forms and their bringing to a desired perfection. Hence the influence of the sixth Ray ofPsychology1, 221:of the magician, and Their efforts are seen to perfection in the mineral world. This will not,Psychology1, 227:of the Universal Mind finds its most material perfection on the physical or seventh plane, workingPsychology1, 233:the mineral and vegetable goals. The perfume of perfection. The glory of the human aura. ThePsychology1, 242:even numbers, 2. 4. 6, has produced a fourfold perfection in this kingdom which is unparalleled inPsychology1, 249:aspect forward to a greater stage of perfection, and demonstrates a greater sensitivity andPsychology1, 284:These two words signify in reality simply perfection and imperfection, conformity to a divinePsychology1, 316:I. Will. 1st ray souls. In the 7th root-race. Perfection of Plan. 1st and 7th subraces. Ray II.Psychology1, 353:on the physical plane reaches a high point of perfection in the Aryan race. Of this, man's controlPsychology1, 354:race. That [354] purpose aims only at a relative perfection and not at the ultimate consummation.
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