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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERFECTLY

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Magic, 87:the love of the soul can express itself perfectly through the emotional nature. The relationMagic, 166:and its Thought-Forms I would like here, to make perfectly clear to all true and earnest aspirantsMagic, 362:the three higher centers in man when functioning perfectly play their part in this work of carryingMagic, 499:of bringing people into incarnation and the perfectly blind and oft frightened and surely ignorantMagic, 499:the process of dying, and let me make myself perfectly clear. What I have to say in no wayMagic, 530:work will be carried forward intelligently and perfectly and human beings in group formation willMeditation, 43:body of the higher intuition. It is the serving perfectly each day - with no thought or calculationMeditation, 90:result of well-adjusted vehicles that respond perfectly to plane conditions) and the attainment ofMeditation, 117:thing that he must aim at is to play his part perfectly, so that he may work out from under karmicMeditation, 218:subray... adaptability through form - form which perfectly expresses that latent activity.Meditation, 218:of harmony or beauty - love expressing itself perfectly through unity, harmony or beauty. Note hereMeditation, 223:of the personality life so that that duty may be perfectly achieved. Meditation, 229:to the adept the correspondence of all these is perfectly known and exists in terms ofMeditation, 235:force of any particular quality - becomes more perfectly expressed. Here comes in the work of theMeditation, 294:enter and those who guard the Threshold. When perfectly accomplished (a thing impossible now) itMeditation, 303:Master." Should a pupil desire so to do he is perfectly free to seek out other schools andMeditation, 334:too heavy eating, and a little pure good food perfectly assimilated are all that a discipleMeditation, 337:and clear as a mirror, so that it may reflect perfectly. His aim should be to make it reflect onlyPatanjali, 83:vibrant center eventually. When it shines forth perfectly within the wheel then that center hasPatanjali, 83:perfectly within the wheel then that center has perfectly awakened. Certain of the qualities of thePatanjali, 90:the method of mastery is the same - perfectly concentrated meditation, leading to perfected powerPatanjali, 105:second translation. The mind stuff, being now perfectly still and the man being polarized in thatPatanjali, 112:26. The state of bondage is overcome through perfectly maintained discrimination. 27. The knowledgePatanjali, 170:26. The state of bondage is overcome through perfectly maintained discrimination. A word here onPatanjali, 197:of spirit so that matter and form can perfectly express the nature of spirit. Patanjali, 198:true abstention from theft. It will lead a man perfectly to meet his own obligations, to shoulderPatanjali, 224:becomes possible. It simply indicates perfectly balanced synchronization and the completePatanjali, 234:two kinds: immediate karma or future karma. By perfectly concentrated meditation on these, the yogiPatanjali, 234:elephant, will awaken that force or light. 25. Perfectly concentrated meditation upon the awakenedPatanjali, 251:to the man on the physical plane. This is perfectly concentrated meditation and [252] the power soPatanjali, 284:two kinds: immediate karma or future karma. By perfectly concentrated meditation on these, the yogiPatanjali, 291:- Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results 25. Perfectly concentrated meditation upon the awakenedPatanjali, 296:plane. "As above, so below." [296] 4. Through perfectly concentrated meditation in the head. ThisPatanjali, 338:man, as that power grows, and as, through perfectly concentrated meditation, the spiritual manPatanjali, 338:speak to him either in wordless thoughts, or in perfectly definite words and sentences." Patanjali, 349:is termed "the diamond-souled" - the man who can perfectly transmit the pure white light and yetPatanjali, 388:he is so abstracted that his thought, perfectly concentrated and having no relation to aught in theProblems, 150:of God and eventually to express that sonship perfectly This Approach was signalized by thePsychology1, 35:the unknown God. That God am I." Let us be perfectly clear even at the expense of reiteration. InPsychology1, 205:changed. The third and the fifth rays make the perfectly balanced historian who grasps his subjectPsychology1, 325:Elder Brethren and Great Companions. They are perfectly adapted to Their personalities, to eachPsychology2, 35:"the Blessed One" refers to One who is perfectly expressing some ray quality through some chosenPsychology2, 70:and the "bridge" is finished which links perfectly the higher spiritual Triad and the lowerPsychology2, 120:difference lies in this; that the man stands, perfectly balanced in the form of a cross, with armsPsychology2, 120:long a time that the position has become to him perfectly natural, indicates that the cross, whichPsychology2, 270:initiation sees the soul and the personality perfectly blended so that the light blazes forth andPsychology2, 278:our solar system (the ray of Love) He expressed perfectly the significance of light in matter, ofPsychology2, 363:of the indwelling life, with which it becomes perfectly at-oned. This is brought about by the soulPsychology2, 458:of the incarnating ego and, therefore, a perfectly empty house. These are the rare cases, andPsychology2, 694:will function under no name, and will remain perfectly fluid and a free organization, directed byRays, 56:Sound as it takes form as a Word. When a man perfectly expresses the AUM, he can then sound the OMRays, 162:reaction to contact in the three worlds has been perfectly developed, but it no longer holds theRays, 360:activity of man. Love and intelligence are now perfectly developed in Him, though their expressionRays, 445:and the "bridge" is finished which links perfectly the higher spiritual Triad and the lowerRays, 696:is that he is then permitted to make a [696] perfectly free choice and thus demonstrate hisSoul, 145:by some more perfect hypothesis, perhaps by some perfectly different way of looking at phenomena,Telepathy, 66:stage of evolution, for only human beings can perfectly blend and express life-reason, and onlyTelepathy, 74:through the door of identification. This is a perfectly meaningless phrase, since its significanceTelepathy, 105:thought. This must, however, be recorded by a perfectly quiescent astral vehicle, and therefore you
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