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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIOD

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Discipleship1, 149:of the physical vehicle to the demands of the period and to your particular life cycle, will comeDiscipleship1, 150:1937 MY BROTHER: You are about to enter upon a period of fuller service. Much of your life hasDiscipleship1, 153:change of environment have made possible. A period of intensified service lies ahead of you,Discipleship1, 153:carried forward and persisted in for the needed period of time is, for you - as yet - only in theDiscipleship1, 157:you, you make not adequate use of the meditation period and your physical body suffers inDiscipleship1, 157:me, my brother, how to utilize the meditation period so as to benefit from it physically. TheDiscipleship1, 157:definite manner and the rest of the meditation period should be given to group work, and to aDiscipleship1, 163:of World Servers. After the initial, preparatory period is over, what has been done subjectivelyDiscipleship1, 175:you to concentrate upon them in your meditation period. Otherwise keep the meditation the same asDiscipleship1, 194:papers were intended to cover your work for the period of one year... I would ask you to study yourDiscipleship1, 204:and a true sense of the time values. The life period ahead of you is that of the sannyasin, of theDiscipleship1, 209:impression in varying degrees. During the coming period until such time as I give out the nextDiscipleship1, 216:beginning to change and during this transition period you suffer much. But you have the task ofDiscipleship1, 217:the past few months have constituted an intense period of trial, of testing and of suffering. FromDiscipleship1, 229:cave experience also with its loneliness and its period of introspective culture. Therefore, myDiscipleship1, 251:a rhythm which has been thus established over a period of years is not easily broken andDiscipleship1, 256:of the life rhythm. You have passed through a period of expanded service; it has carried you farDiscipleship1, 266:group itself. My time is most precious at this period of world activity but I am willing toDiscipleship1, 269:is to be adequate to the demands of this day and period of opportunity - those moments wherein theDiscipleship1, 282:physical brain is scarcely aware. You have had a period of relative stability in a life hithertoDiscipleship1, 282:your strength , and you can help him through a period of apparent loneliness from which he nowDiscipleship1, 296:quite at liberty to do so but do it at another period during the day... You will note that most ofDiscipleship1, 298:what to say to you at this difficult half year period. The past few months have been times ofDiscipleship1, 306:but do not give more than ten minutes to this period. Then do the breathing exercise as hitherto,Discipleship1, 312:upon them I would ask you to work until the next period comes around. First, deepen your power ofDiscipleship1, 325:it until next May. This is for you a preparatory period in which the qualities of your soul must beDiscipleship1, 328:of thought and speech daily. Each Full Moon period, prior to entering into contact with the worldDiscipleship1, 349:one each month, during the coming half year period. Why are the hands the distributive centers forDiscipleship1, 355:BROTHER: I have a word for you as you enter on a period of wide usefulness and increased service.Discipleship1, 377:entering - if you so choose - upon an extended period of service. The questions before you are:Discipleship1, 395:disciples, close to all of you, has had a long period (extending over many years) of strain,Discipleship1, 407:spiritual being." For you, there must now be a period of steadfast stabilizing of that which hasDiscipleship1, 409:disappointed. You need, however, a still longer period of adjustment before I dare give you eitherDiscipleship1, 410:you do not answer the telephone during that period and permit yourself that time of quiet,Discipleship1, 413:planned work or not. If at the end of this next period of study it is apparent that you should notDiscipleship1, 417:I would like to suggest that you reduce the time period of your meditation work but increase theDiscipleship1, 418:indicated method during the coming six months' period. Discipleship1, 423:is, for you, adequately clear, is it not? A long period of learning and of recognitions directedDiscipleship1, 436:realm of consciousness. You are entering into a period of intensive work. Two things, however, IDiscipleship1, 437:love and serve, and you can do it over your full period of time. But if you forget these twoDiscipleship1, 438:and must continue to face. This present cycle or period in your life is one in which you are calledDiscipleship1, 438:at right decision as you enter into a new period of spiritual activity. The problem goes deep. ButDiscipleship1, 453:future, giving their contribution to the coming period of reconstruction, and providing thatDiscipleship1, 454:and mental activity on the theme of the period, and then (during the third month) I would have youDiscipleship1, 454:of what you are and of what you must do. The period of groping along the path with only the dimDiscipleship1, 455:OF OLD: The past six months have been for you a period of change, of readjustment and difficulty.Discipleship1, 458:[458] to pass away. This has been succeeded by a period of personality difficulties through whichDiscipleship1, 461:Festival itself, the significant aims of this period of opportunity, or of your previous weeks ofDiscipleship1, 461:of yourself in the head center, may induce a period wherein it may seem to you that nothing isDiscipleship1, 473:close, fresh work might come to you. The past period has seen much inner progress towardsDiscipleship1, 485:no rapport. . . You are entering upon a period of fruitful service - if you so choose. Let us nowDiscipleship1, 504:of definite service (all of you) in the coming period of reconstruction, provided humanity comesDiscipleship1, 508:permit you to break into the rhythm of that period. Sit still, not tense, but quiet and relaxed. ItDiscipleship1, 514:the next few months. You are now entering a period of crisis. Forget not that I have told you thisDiscipleship1, 515:opportunity and the possibility of a powerful period of release from your lower nature and from theDiscipleship1, 521:as a sense of real fatigue and has climaxed in a period of illness. But - when inner causes haveDiscipleship1, 521:in physical effects - there then follows a period of liberation and of adjustment. My word for youDiscipleship1, 539:I would suggest then that at the close of this period and as a contribution to the life of yourDiscipleship1, 544:the major task for all of you during this next period of work. NOTE: Temporarily, this discipleDiscipleship1, 545:Each expansion of consciousness is preceded by a period of testing in some one of the three bodies,Discipleship1, 551:Naught else was considered. Then came the period wherein the service of the Master and also ofDiscipleship1, 552:whereby: You learn to utilize the meditation period in order to bring about an intense focusingDiscipleship1, 565:to others. That word for me, in this short period of my life, is Understanding. Fourth month... LetDiscipleship1, 580:of energy. You are passing through an interim period. One or two of my other disciples are alsoDiscipleship1, 584:yourself, you will find yourself entering upon a period of fruitful service. [585] I would call toDiscipleship1, 588:to respond to your second ray soul and for a period at least eliminate the mind from astralDiscipleship1, 593:When this takes place, there follows a period of serious instability, of fluidity of thought andDiscipleship1, 594:is that you will understand whereof I speak. The period of strain and stress now lies behind you.Discipleship1, 598:but not of a practical nature. A brief period of time remains in which to finish cleaning theDiscipleship1, 604:evening as a form of review. You still need a period for the quiet consideration of the impellingDiscipleship1, 608:that you might have to wait for another life period before you could fill the niche in this groupDiscipleship1, 609:will nullify your usefulness and shorten your period of service through your intense earnestness.Discipleship1, 624:that, in the press of work and for the period of the next few years, your work can be directed byDiscipleship1, 624:by me, if so you will, and thus, for a brief period, you have voluntarily submitted to theDiscipleship1, 629:for the work of the five days of the Full Moon period: The two days of preparation andDiscipleship1, 629:to be (for all disciples in all Ashrams) a period of preparation for fuller service. No cost is tooDiscipleship1, 637:you. I would particularly ask you to make the period of the Full Moon each month one of trueDiscipleship1, 642:for preparation before and after the Full Moon period of five days. For you I would suggest aDiscipleship1, 660:(is not that the right business word?) and a period of review and of renewed consecration. ADiscipleship1, 660:when again you resume old contacts. Enter into a period of happy silence and inner recuperation.Discipleship1, 663:in the major sense - each of them preceded by a period of one-pointed aspiration, of painful andDiscipleship1, 666:that you do the following meditation for a period of three months and then take up the groupDiscipleship1, 678:initiation - the consummating initiation of that period. It goes as follows. The translation of theDiscipleship1, 680:I The world today is going through a preparation period and an interlude of adjustment to the newDiscipleship1, 680:medium of their disciples. In this preparatory period, the Masters are today occupied, among otherDiscipleship1, 708:training his disciple is to bring to an end the period of the disciple's intense preoccupation withDiscipleship1, 709:that he can enter into the first stage of the period of preparation for accepted discipleship. TheDiscipleship1, 710:like to point out that I shall be dealing with a period covering the stages of discipleship fromDiscipleship1, 715:to serve. This stage of development covers the period of occult enquiry and esoteric [716]Discipleship1, 716:stage of interior investigation. During all this period, the Master pays no attention whatsoever toDiscipleship1, 716:Chelaship is sometimes referred to as the "period of the Lemurian consciousness" leading, throughDiscipleship1, 724:soul and soul, and consequently required a long period of "bringing through" to adequateDiscipleship1, 727:sometimes are sufficient to cover [727] this period. The chela in the Light is one who treads theDiscipleship1, 730:of the Master Rakoczi are reaching out towards a period of the intensest activity. The destiny ofDiscipleship1, 734:as they work together, and, secondly, the period in which the group is functioning. To this must beDiscipleship1, 742:can disciples be of service in that difficult period if they have no experience in the distinctionDiscipleship1, 758:Master's sphere of influence until he reaches a period wherein he consciously "knows" his Master'sDiscipleship1, 765:the form nature on the outer plane over a long period of years. It is possible (and I say this withDiscipleship1, 777:itself. I told her that if she would write for a period of a month, the material transcribed wouldDiscipleship2, 7:each day to definite and defined meditation. One period (the most important) must be given to the
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