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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIOD

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Discipleship2, 16:to find some time, as near to the full moon period as is reasonably possible in your own particularDiscipleship2, 32:his high water mark and is passing through a period - definitely temporary - of retrogression or ofDiscipleship2, 37:done is now outlined and you enter upon a fresh period of study, of effort, and of training. May I,Discipleship2, 38:to the war, then I will consider them. With the period of reconstruction, in which the New Group ofDiscipleship2, 44:as we together face the end of the war, and a period of renewed and different opportunity opensDiscipleship2, 44:decide whether your contribution during the war period measured up to your opportunity; it is forDiscipleship2, 49:with you along these lines for a preliminary period of three years, each year expanding the workDiscipleship2, 49:the full moon of May of the third year. This period of time is now nearly completed, and today IDiscipleship2, 51:churches of the future will (at the full moon period) make a definite approach to the Hierarchy inDiscipleship2, 51:for increased dynamic activity for an ensuing period of service. Bring about a fusion between theDiscipleship2, 53:carried forward with steadfastness over a long period of time. A beginning has been made. Discipleship2, 53:always be given to training the youth of the period (from the ages of fifteen to eighteen) in aDiscipleship2, 54:contact. The three days succeeding the full moon period then were considered. In these days, it wasDiscipleship2, 56:the need for group integration and work. This period was divided as follows: There were two days ofDiscipleship2, 62:thought power (used along wrong lines in the war period), will respond more intelligently to thisDiscipleship2, 63:to suit the recognized planetary needs of the period. Discipleship2, 63:seat of Sanat Kumara. Notification as to the period and mode of the coming externalization. TheDiscipleship2, 65:Forget not that disciples in this particular period have to make adjustments which are not easy.Discipleship2, 70:goal. Or initiation may be taken in the interim period between incarnations, or else immediatelyDiscipleship2, 74:were undertaken in the most difficult period of the world's history and during a particular time ofDiscipleship2, 90:her aid - been giving to the group over a long period of years; it will then be available to theDiscipleship2, 96:research work, coincident with the postwar period, you may find a sudden spiritual deepening andDiscipleship2, 103:which constitute the Hierarchy in this planetary period are some of them fully active; some are inDiscipleship2, 116:of energy (spiritual energy) and the succeeding period of group interrelation and group activityDiscipleship2, 130:what you can to make the effects of the previous period of reflection, a dynamic factor in yourDiscipleship2, 134:there, and the brain is held throughout this period in a state of waiting and attentive quiescence.Discipleship2, 140:between Purpose, Will and Intention. A period of complete focused silence as you seek to present anDiscipleship2, 143:purposes and ideas which, at any given period, motivate the hierarchical work and condition theDiscipleship2, 147:"theme" under their consideration, during the period of three Full Moons. They then meet inDiscipleship2, 148:on mental plane. IV. The Analyzer of Ideas: Period of analytic thought. Summarize conclusionsDiscipleship2, 150:it, are better [150] understood and the period of adjustment, of world enlightenment and ofDiscipleship2, 150:of reconstruction has made real headway. This period begins at the San Francisco Conference (henceDiscipleship2, 155:methods to be employed in any particular world period, such as the present difficult andDiscipleship2, 157:symbol beside it which indicates the era or period in human history during which it can and shouldDiscipleship2, 161:appeal of the entire human family at any one period. This appeal has been, on the whole, projectedDiscipleship2, 162:solar system as a whole. There has never been a period in our planetary history in whichDiscipleship2, 175:importance. The Stage of Orientation. This is a period of quiet thought upon the significance ofDiscipleship2, 176:between Purpose, Will and Intention. A period of complete, focused silence as you seek to presentDiscipleship2, 196:to each of the meditations [196] thus covering a period of fourteen months; then, I suggest thatDiscipleship2, 219:needed process of destruction, and the postwar period is carrying forward the planned undertaking.Discipleship2, 219:of raja yoga, from unthinking activity into a period of illumined mind control. It is a mentalDiscipleship2, 220:are being brought to bear upon this creative period in modern human history. It is interesting toDiscipleship2, 233:divine results at the end of the immense world period. The major thought-form of the spiritualDiscipleship2, 243:simply to enable you to live through the present period as successfully - emotionally, mentally andDiscipleship2, 246:who came into incarnation in this world period having the brain and the mind awakened to theirDiscipleship2, 269:conditional demands of the Initiator (until the period of the year 1400 A.D.) were for consciousDiscipleship2, 301:in my Ashram for training in the most difficult period in the entire history of humanity - a periodDiscipleship2, 301:period in the entire history of humanity - a period in which the whole of humanity is passingDiscipleship2, 310:now consider these three for a short reflective period. You should realize that all phases ofDiscipleship2, 311:forces for which the humanity of any particular period waits, and which are fundamentally needed ifDiscipleship2, 325:importance; its true significance is that the period required for a truth, a contact, or aDiscipleship2, 332:time cause a tremendous influx of power. At the period of these cycles, all within the Ashram reactDiscipleship2, 336:cosmic physical plane) for a sufficiently long period of time to test their reactions, as a group,Discipleship2, 339:of evolution, of evolutionary progress, the period of karmic recognitions, and the conclusion of aDiscipleship2, 350:of that contact. Again, as we have seen, the period of time which has passed since H.P.B. broughtDiscipleship2, 357:of the Ashrams at this time are witnessing a period of extreme change and adjustment and of aDiscipleship2, 361:Plan in any particular century, cycle or world period. These phases are: The phase of Purpose,Discipleship2, 384:Is the group integrity imperilled? During the period of initiation, their attitude is one ofDiscipleship2, 386:revelation and of enlightenment. In reality, the period of time at which the final initiation isDiscipleship2, 409:(under the guidance of the World Teacher of that period) were physically present on earth in earlyDiscipleship2, 426:(which has occurred six times during [426] the period of the fifth root-race) is to bring aboutDiscipleship2, 434:the use of energy, and covers the entire period of training for energy distribution. Initiation isDiscipleship2, 443:you. Continue so to do and in the coming period of reconstruction you will be of effective service.Discipleship2, 448:life of service lies ahead for you in the coming period of reconstruction, but its full expressionDiscipleship2, 455:Seek to get in touch with me every Full Moon period, and expect results. My love and blessing restDiscipleship2, 470:precludes waste of time. You have come through a period of great difficulty and danger with no lossDiscipleship2, 471:and circumstances which arise out of the period in which our modern humanity lives; these today areDiscipleship2, 476:It signifies accomplishment or the crowning period of your life (and this you now face, if you soDiscipleship2, 487:and their thinking upon the physical plane, the period after death is one of semi-consciousness, ofDiscipleship2, 492:statement but at the close of the war, the period of rebuilding and the establishing of right humanDiscipleship2, 496:on to the physical plane. This is followed by a period of listening or what is called esotericallyDiscipleship2, 509:- you do not. Then, after quiet acceptance and a period of silent reflection, you will deliberatelyDiscipleship2, 520:greatly enrich the proposed book. This coming period of deep reflection upon Shamballa, entailingDiscipleship2, 521:it is. It is because of this preparatory period that the past three years have seen you seriouslyDiscipleship2, 525:this the inflow of soul energy in the initiatory period intensifies; it is endowed with acuteDiscipleship2, 528:You are at the climax or peak of the testing period. The only point to be determined is: Can youDiscipleship2, 529:to do this you will - at the close of the period of self-imposed discipline - enter into a cycle ofDiscipleship2, 534:level than heretofore possible. You underwent a period of much training and inner adjustment. IsDiscipleship2, 544:into your consciousness. Up till now - after a period of inner wrestling and consequent decision -Discipleship2, 546:and relax. Deal not with problems but during the period of this exercise endeavor simply to be aDiscipleship2, 558:and that the interlude of interior work and the period wherein you worked out karma (engenderedDiscipleship2, 559:and its teaching value in this coming postwar period. Read it carefully, e'en when you know much ofDiscipleship2, 569:each day of your life with a steadily deepening period of spiritual recognition. In that period,Discipleship2, 569:period of spiritual recognition. In that period, you do four things: You render recognition to yourDiscipleship2, 588:for just five minutes, but not for a longer period. I can in this case give you no instructions;Discipleship2, 594:that - given life [594] and health - you face a period of service unprecedented in your experience.Discipleship2, 611:often sadly recognized. But - paralleling the period of pain and difficulty - is a compensatoryDiscipleship2, 615:outline. What you need at this time is a period of quiet reflection. I asked K.H. if he had anyDiscipleship2, 630:experiment. Another thing, my brother. This war period will not last indefinitely. Already the endDiscipleship2, 636:must not be motivated by the exigencies of the period, or by financial considerations or theDiscipleship2, 657:the war is over - will bear much fruit. It is a period of preparation for disciples and is anDiscipleship2, 658:learn much thereby. Consecrate therefore the period until the war ends to the cultivation of depth,Discipleship2, 658:process you will never regret, and in the coming period of reconstruction you will then bring toDiscipleship2, 675:no time for outstanding service but regards the period of incarnation as an interlude wherein karmaDiscipleship2, 676:their work with me and are not (for this short period) participants in the work of my Ashram.Discipleship2, 680:sought to do has consequently suffered. This period will not last. I need you in the new cycle andDiscipleship2, 713:enabling you to make the future a more fruitful period than ever before. You have been connectedDiscipleship2, 715:me every Sunday morning and at the full moon period. You can participate in the group meditation atDiscipleship2, 726:the protecting care of the Ashram for a longer period. Let me first highlight your career of glamorDiscipleship2, 726:deal with your life, prior to the recognition period which enabled you to render me and the world
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