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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIOD

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Fire, 276:till the stage of adequacy is reached and the period of abstraction. Cyclic evolution proceeds. AFire, 277:the rotation of a globe within a chain, or the period of one incarnation. In relation to a solarFire, 278:some specific course, in which some particular period begins, continues, and ends, in connectionFire, 280:pralaya. The duration of the interplay, the period of the search of Spirit for Spirit, and [281]Fire, 284:within the greater. Therefore we have (during a period of Attraction and Repulsion, or a lifeFire, 284:consciousness. The first type of cycle, or the period involved in one entire revolution of a sphereFire, 284:a lesser cycle. The second type of cycle or the period involved in the complete circling of anFire, 284:opposite, in their interaction create a cycle period which has a relation to the "ONE WHO IS ABOVEFire, 288:for more detailed elucidation at some later period. 1. The Interrelated Parts Primarily I wouldFire, 289:of their own sphere of activity. This covers the period of evolution up to the first Initiation, orFire, 289:them to the fifth Initiation, and covers the period wherein consciousness is awakened on the fiveFire, 290:them to the seventh Initiation and covers the period of the awakening of consciousness on the sevenFire, 290:ring-pass-not, a planetary scheme. This covers a period in the scheme of involution, and of thatFire, 290:period in the scheme of involution, and of that period during the evolutionary stage which isFire, 290:planes of the solar system, and covers that period of development which is undergone in a planetaryFire, 290:greater center on cosmic levels. This covers the period of the seventh round, and gives to aFire, 292:seven planes of the solar system. This covers a period wherein five of the Heavenly Men, or five ofFire, 294:planetary schemes Heavenly Man 3 cosmic planes. Period of 3 solar systems. A Heavenly Man 7Fire, 294:chains Chohans and groups 2 cosmic planes. Period of 1 solar system. A Man 7 etheric centers aFire, 294:7 etheric centers a Principle 1 cosmic plane. Period of 1 planetary scheme. Through each ethericFire, 301:corresponding cycles to those of the Logos: The period of a planetary scheme. The period of aFire, 301:the Logos: The period of a planetary scheme. The period of a planetary chain. The period of aFire, 301:scheme. The period of a planetary chain. The period of a planetary round. Within these threeFire, 301:pointed out that they mark such periods as: The period of manifestation on a globe. The period of aFire, 301:as: The period of manifestation on a globe. The period of a root-race. The period of a subrace. TheFire, 301:on a globe. The period of a root-race. The period of a subrace. The period of a branch race. InFire, 301:of a root-race. The period of a subrace. The period of a branch race. In order to apprehend evenFire, 303:is one of the most vital to man then the period or cycle in which a man functions on the fifthFire, 314:three worlds at the close of the synthesizing period is conceded. On the other planes it is not soFire, 322:be, during evolution, seven. Later, during the period of obscuration, three of the vortices willFire, 346:by the progression of the ages. It was the period of the vitalization of the spirillae in theFire, 348:but has its own distinctive quality. 28 The period of the individualization of a solar Logos goesFire, 350:this awakening of consciousness is preceded by a period of gradual development, is instantaneous atFire, 350:for the first time, and is succeeded by another period of gradual evolution. This period of gradualFire, 350:by another period of gradual evolution. This period of gradual evolution leads up to another crisisFire, 357:which the Logos may be working. Thus, at one period one center or Heavenly Man may be the subjectFire, 357:and of specialized stimulation, and at another period a totally different scheme may be the objectFire, 364:does not mean that every human unit passes a period of incarnation in each scheme. It means that onFire, 364:a scheme, and were occupied during that immense period of time in fanning the manasic flame, andFire, 367:flows all life force. In Lemurian days came a period of close interaction which brought about anFire, 371:root-races in this chain correspond to the period prior to birth; and that His coming in the fourthFire, 372:to perfection His systemic Lotus. For a brief period He will shine forth radiant as the Sun in HisFire, 372:of a human being, the microcosm: Man attains a period of high development wherein his heart andFire, 372:of the attention of human kundalini. This is a period of great activity and magnetic usefulness. ItFire, 379:the manasic stimulation during this world period, and another group which received the stimulationFire, 384:senses, and experiences, - are, in this world period, rent by pain and suffering, for His is theFire, 389:evolution, and cover only the present greater period in the working out of which we are engaged.Fire, 389:might be roughly described as embracing that period in the system which began for us in the middleFire, 389:root-race of this round and continues until the period called "the Judgment" [390] in the comingFire, 391:of attainment of our Heavenly Man, will see a period of planetary strife on mental levels whichFire, 392:scheme, but the moon chain of our scheme saw a period of temporary retardation of the evolutionaryFire, 414:charts is entirely for the present, and covers a period comparatively recent, carrying forward theFire, 425:Flame, the electrical storm which ushered in the period of man, was distinguished by disaster,Fire, 431:plane there will be, in the immediate future, a period of intensified evolution for the units ofFire, 434:the zenith of His power, in this race. For a period immediately ahead His electrical energizingFire, 445:This seventh Ray (fifth) ever manifests in a period of transition from one kingdom to another, andFire, 446:thence on to another chain, thus producing a period of even greater activity than on our own globe.Fire, 455:grip of the Ego upon the lower personality, a period of real danger may ensue. Hence the need ofFire, 459:along the manasic line, and resulted in a period of repulsion of the animal units, leaving theirFire, 460:is hidden in the karma of that Being, Who for a period - during the moon chain - held office as theFire, 460:relations between an entity who dominated at one period of the third or moon chain, and the oneFire, 473:recognized as the prevailing type for a certain period. Their physical bodies, owing to their beingFire, 473:devas will build during a peculiarly favorable period, and the physical bodies then constructedFire, 479:and development of the inner positive nucleus, a period of incubation or of the systematic feedingFire, 484:The fiery stage - the blending, fusing, burning period, through which all atoms pass during theFire, 486:the knowledge has been safeguarded until a period is reached in the racial progress wherein theFire, 498:before the animal world of this manvantaric period. But see the Secret Doctrine for particulars. -Fire, 503:human vision as extending over a profoundly long period, from the point of view of universal orFire, 509:brief one of etheric existence (covering the period of planetary obscuration), and then He isFire, 541:for the mental plane; its unfoldment marks the period wherein the man consciously utilizes all thatFire, 543:three, which involves a process covering a vast period of time. Then the second series of petalsFire, 543:the second series of petals are opened, during a period of time covering his participationFire, 543:at the first Initiation; and a final and briefer period wherein the three higher or inner ring ofFire, 554:will become more potent as our Logos nears that period which is occultly called "Divine Maturity,"Fire, 559:and discussion; it will coincide with a period wherein the animal kingdom will again be underFire, 561:periods of time are consumed in the process: The period of construction, wherein the form is built.Fire, 561:of construction, wherein the form is built. The period of utilization, wherein the form isFire, 561:vitalized by a central Life, and employed. The period of dissolution, wherein the form isFire, 563:the sin of the mindless, 80 and in that terrible period spoken of in the Secret Doctrine, whichFire, 563:abortions and distortions of all kinds. Had this period not occurred, and this particular type ofFire, 563:S. D., II, 195, 201. This sin has to do with the period of the Separation of the Sexes in the earlyFire, 568:perfect each atom of time, and each eternal period, and carries all onward, and upward, andFire, 586:by the fourth Ray, and in this particular period of the fourth round in the fourth chain, more timeFire, 589:of synthesis in the lowest plane of all, the period of transition. In all such periods the seventhFire, 592:the law in a static condition, until in a later period a fresh opportunity will come; old formsFire, 592:and in another mahamanvantara, and in its fifth period, will come the chance for which they willFire, 597:the form of the Christ within the tomb for a period of time. Fire, 598:its second in a round, its third in a world period, its fourth in a root race, its fifth in aFire, 610:the process into three periods: First. The period wherein the fire of matter (the heat of mother)Fire, 610:and brings to birth the infant Ego. This is the period of purely personality life, when the thirdFire, 610:and man is in the veil of illusion. Second. The period wherein the Ego, or subjective life withinFire, 610:to an ever fuller consciousness. This is the period of egoic development, and is produced by theFire, 610:the life of service and of the Path. Third. The period wherein the egoic consciousness itself isFire, 614:At the present stage of evolution - during the period of Light - it is difficult for the humanFire, 617:a systemic scale and therefore covering a vast period of time, the work of the lunar Pitris isFire, 633:Day of Brahma. There are seven races in a world period, and there are seven world periods. 7 TheFire, 643:self-conscious to the superconscious) there is a period of linking, of building, and of bridging,Fire, 652:in the fourth root-race during the war of that period, and the result was the passing on to theFire, 683:womb of Aditi under their karmic impulse after a period of Mahapralaya. - Some Thoughts on theFire, 685:the third and fourth month during the prenatal period, when the heart of the child thrills with
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