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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIOD

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Healing, 421:on a tiny scale in the fact that each human life period sees a man taking a more evolved physicalHealing, 439:the rule of these laws of the soul during the period of manifestation, even though They are notHealing, 443:well-nigh ended and we shall soon enter upon a period of knowledge and of certainty which will cutHealing, 444:one has only "gone abroad" for a longer period. But the process of daily sleep and the process ofHealing, 453:its course. As has been noted, for a long period of time the soul identifies itself with the formHealing, 462:of a return for a shorter or a longer period of time. This frequently happens, especially when theHealing, 462:which is being waged during the long or short period of coma which characterizes so many deathHealing, 469:and precedes physical birth by a very short period of time. It is that which brings on the birthHealing, 470:comes in reverse of this process and heralds the period of restitution and the final abstraction ofHealing, 470:the dense physical vehicle, focuses for a short period in the vital body, and then disappears. TheHealing, 474:a pause at this point of a shorter or longer period of time. This is allowed in order to carryHealing, 484:it must be left to drift around for a stated period of several days, have also no true basis atHealing, 486:in a shell of astral matter and committed to a period of elimination within the illusory area ofHealing, 487:become a dying creation, [487] and in the final period of human history (in the seventh root-race),Healing, 496:light of the future and undergoes a sort of rest period, a kind of digestive process, inHealing, 497:within an embryonic mental vehicle, and this period of semi-mental life is exceedingly brief and isHealing, 506:Its slow and gradual construction over a long period of time. For many cycles of incarnations, aHealing, 506:concealed within the sheaths is for a long, long period dominated by the life of those sheaths,Healing, 512:experience of blindness and ignorance. This period is by far the longest, and whilst it isHealing, 518:the same time - responsive to and suited to the period, race and the environing conditions whereinHealing, 546:and suddenly from a world in the immediate period, heralding the New Age. If it did, theHealing, 546:second law gives a basic indication of the time period: the Law of Dominating Good will be broughtHealing, 605:the powers inherent within him, and encourage a period of patient waiting. The cure then is moreHealing, 605:then is more lasting, and there is no sense or period of psychic shock, which can be the case ifHealing, 651:laying on of hands. At the close of the healing period the "sealing of the triangle" takes place.Healing, 651:it is no longer available. During the entire period of healing the healer says nothing. He isHealing, 651:must preserve intact and stable for the entire period of healing. Soul-heart-brain must be linkedHealing, 678:By these later stages I refer to the period after the second initiation and prior to taking theHealing, 683:of consciousness [683] weaken their hold, the period of dissociation becomes longer and longer, andHealing, 683:mind. The stage of "light reception," or that period when spiritual insight is developed, when theHealing, 683:the Hierarchy. The stage of abstraction, or the period wherein complete orientation is broughtHealing, 693:who was competent to use them in this interim period in world affairs. We are passing out of oneHealing, 702:consecutive mental control and reflection, but a period of quiet thought, carried on - whenHealing, 714:and needlessly abstruse. In this interim period between the past and that which is on its way, itHercules, 5:stage of the path of evolution, and as that period in a man's experience in which he is definitelyHercules, 31:of the aspirant to discipleship it connotes the period of reorientation and of a renewedHercules, 65:had the power to do so, be traced back to that period, antedating the Taurian age, when the sun wasHercules, 74:who claimed to be a great teacher. For a long period of [75] time Hercules was kept in bondage. TheHercules, 75:the altar of sacrifice for a longer or a shorter period of time. The true initiate is known by hisHercules, 83:up in himself all the gains of the preparatory period and of the fiercely fought battles in theHercules, 103:was devastating the countryside. For a long period the lion had been a destructive force and peopleHercules, 109:possibly emerge. The interesting fact about the period in which we now live is that it marks aHercules, 115:is conceived and nurtured through the period of gestation until at last in Pisces, the oppositeHercules, 162:the ninth sign, the completion of the prenatal period before the birth of the Christ in CapricornHercules, 163:on, a rebuilding, until there emerges out of the period of silence, a wonderful butterfly. It isHercules, 164:the first time clearly; potent because it is the period immediately preceding the birth of theHercules, 202:all hierarchical circles, was reached during the period the Full Moon of June 1936 and the FullHercules, 205:has never been more keen than it is today. The period of empirical experience on a large scale isHercules, 217:with one of our days, because during that period all the twelve constellations rise and set once."Hercules, 222:the concept of discipleship and it implies the period preparatory to passing through the door orHercules, 223:and of difficulty and symbolizes the incarnation period of growth and development through theHercules, 226:Gemini, Cancer and Leo, as covering the entire period of the Path of Probation, and the killing ofInitiation, 2:must build in the product and triumphs of its period, and abstract the accretions of the past thatInitiation, 9:will exist in the Church - the Church of the period, of which the nucleus is already forming -Initiation, 15:into the consciousness of the Monad. A brief period of enlightenment wherein the initiate sees thatInitiation, 22:the first initiation, and which covers all the period of time wherein a man takes the first fiveInitiation, 37:coming in of those who belong to a particular period or age. Some of the great names during theInitiation, 45:His rule over the group persists for a longer period than that of his two Brothers, and he may holdInitiation, 63:Path of Initiation or Holiness, and marks that period in the life of a man when he definitely setsInitiation, 63:principle. The analogy between the prenatal period in the history of the human being and that ofInitiation, 63:The Probationary Path corresponds to the latter period of gestation, to the building in the heartInitiation, 67:who have come into incarnation at this critical period of the world's history. They have come in,Initiation, 70:drafting them into small groups for a brief period. The experiment is being tried of intensifyingInitiation, 76:and passed, leading to a closer link at a later period with all associated with the discipleInitiation, 82:THE PATH OF INITIATION After a longer or shorter period of time the disciple stands at the PortalInitiation, 84:and also upon the exigencies of any special period. This much can be suggested, however: At theInitiation, 84:the first initiation and the second. A long period of many incarnations may elapse before theInitiation, 85:follow each other in one single life. At this period of the world's history such stimulus has beenInitiation, 94:proceed much more gradually and cover a longer period of time than is the case under our presentInitiation, 102:occupation and mystic introspection during the period of any one earth life. There are many suchInitiation, 104:This refers to those great Beings who, for a period of planetary manifestation, over-shadow or stayInitiation, 113:guides, directs, and controls. This covers the period of strictly normal evolution. Touch -Initiation, 114:unit on the physical plane. This covers the period of gradual spiritual unfoldment, the Paths ofInitiation, 120:he has to play in his personal life during the period ensuing between the moment of revelation andInitiation, 126:was received by our Logos during the secondary period of creation, from the hands of that greatInitiation, 129:of the World from Venus, and once in every world period it is subjected to a similar process toInitiation, 130:Kumara is charged afresh at each recurring world period, and therefore seven times in the historyInitiation, 130:is electrified at the recurrence of each new period of creation, or for each solar system throughInitiation, 132:This is an interlude of stillness before a period of renewed activity, which begins at the momentInitiation, 135:received will bring about in his bodies a period of great activity, and also of strife. ThisInitiation, 136:the tiny physical life cycle. Nevertheless, this period of existence is only relatively permanent,Initiation, 150:his own center of consciousness there was a period wherein he brooded over and meditated upon theInitiation, 151:entity, and this invariably takes place after a period of deliberation or meditation wherein theInitiation, 161:must first pass to another scheme for a lengthy period of service and instruction. All that can beInitiation, 176:the awakening of consciousness is preceded by a period of gradual development; the awakening isInitiation, 176:first time, and is always succeeded by another period of gradual evolution. This period of gradualInitiation, 176:by another period of gradual evolution. This period of gradual evolution, in its turn, leads up toInitiation, 178:in this particular way during this particular period for his own specific purposes; it is part ofInitiation, 179:the process in time and space. This is a special period of activity in the cycle of a Heavenly Man,Initiation, 179:Man, and it works out on our planet as a vast period of trial or initiatory testing; it is,Initiation, 179:testing; it is, nevertheless, equally a period of vitalization and of opportunity. We must alsoInitiation, 183:of equilibrium the time now comes when a period of attainment by occidentals will be seen, and thisInitiation, 189:after initiation to the cosmic planes, with no period of intermediate work on earth, in the system,Initiation, 197:is seldom attainable in the present transitional period. In this connection two things should beInitiation, 198:usually the path of wisdom, and this eliminating period should - under ideal conditions which soInitiation, 219:is the present age. It means the "Black Age," a period of 432,000 years. Karma Physical action.Initiation, 220:to the greater solar cycles. It implies a period of universal activity. Manas, or Manasic PrincipleInitiation, 221:the Sanskrit root "man" - to think. Manvantara A period of activity as opposed to a period of rest,Initiation, 221:Manvantara A period of activity as opposed to a period of rest, without reference to any specificInitiation, 221:length of cycle. Frequently used to express a period of planetary activity and its seven races.
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