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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIOD

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Psychology1, 375:divine service, carried on throughout the entire period of manifestation. The subordination of thePsychology1, 376:comes to its climax during this world period in the Aryan [377] race, the fifth race. We are todayPsychology1, 380:the major expression of divinity in this world period, and in the transfer of the humanPsychology1, 384:of this ray, then France will enter into a period of new glory. Her empire will then be of thePsychology1, 385:egoic ray is ever accompanied by a breaking down period, but this demonstration of destruction isPsychology1, 388:aspect of love in its [388] beauty. But the period of the development of this great civilizationPsychology1, 400:relation than that, and dates back into a period that antedates the history of the Jews as it isPsychology1, 400:The above is a broad generalization. The period covered is so vast, and the ramifications down thePsychology1, 414:(A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp. 1071, 1072.) The period of radiation is longest in the mineralPsychology2, 22:in man to the Lemurian epoch and to the period of pure infancy. The quality of the astral body.Psychology2, 22:This governs the individual for a very long period, and still governs, more or less, the masses ofPsychology2, 22:masses of men. It corresponds to the Atlantean period and to the stage of adolescence. The ray ofPsychology2, 24:physical form and its activities. This is the period of slow tamasic reactions to suffering, joy,Psychology2, 25:to play their part. This corresponds to the period of adolescence and to the state of consciousnessPsychology2, 52:These stages are carried forward over so long a period of time, and are so closely interrelated,Psychology2, 52:are so closely interrelated, that one stage and period makes possible that of another, and only thePsychology2, 74:at night, only it is carried over a period of years instead of hours. This thought meritsPsychology2, 77:of incarnation, taken at this time blindly. The period wherein satisfaction of the desires is thePsychology2, 77:the illusion of material need. The period called in the Bible, that of "riotous living" on the partPsychology2, 78:and then with deliberate selfishness. The period of engrossment in the things of the kingdom ofPsychology2, 78:experience. The relinquishment of form life. The period wherein satiety is experienced; the desiresPsychology2, 79:from the control of the lower mind. The period wherein the center of interest is the kingdom of GodPsychology2, 83:the soul towards release and the ending of the period of appropriation, certain passages in APsychology2, 115:of claims made regarding the importance of this period, nor have they any personal knowledge of thePsychology2, 128:also fail to comprehend with understanding the period of pain which ever precedes enlarged service.Psychology2, 128:ordered by environing conditions, - by time, by period, by race and age. It will be a living flow,Psychology2, 138:following the line of least resistance at that period. They will work with greater facility thanPsychology2, 140:about two developments. First, they initiate a period of destruction and of a breaking up of thatPsychology2, 145:will embody as much of the idea of God as the period and humanity can evidence and produce in formPsychology2, 156:need to incarnate and to function, for a needed period, under the Law of Rebirth. As the work ofPsychology2, 156:Cycle after cycle of demand for satisfaction, a period of satisfaction of a temporary nature, andPsychology2, 157:and the repulsing or repudiation (over a long period of time), of the not-self. Such, briefly andPsychology2, 166:satiety and loss of contentment, and then by a period of intense suffering, which broke his will toPsychology2, 172:the rule of the laws of the soul during the period of manifestations, even though they are notPsychology2, 182:together subjectively for a certain necessary period of time (to be determined by the quality ofPsychology2, 186:the groups are to stand through this transition period of the present. It will not be easy forPsychology2, 196:28th, and if this should at any time fall at the period of the full moon, the opportunity will bePsychology2, 196:and after 1942 advantage must be taken of this period, and special preparation made. This factPsychology2, 209:chain which is called the moon chain. This was a period of unfoldment so much earlier than that ofPsychology2, 211:them, until the final, stages of the Atlantean period, [212] constitute the bulk of our modernPsychology2, 215:of late. At this time we are passing through a period of unprecedented opportunity and crisis, andPsychology2, 230:cycle on earth has come and gone and when the period of manifestation is over, becomes again thePsychology2, 230:theologies, disappear also into the One when the period of manifestation is over. They remain asPsychology2, 250:or focused intense interest over a period of lives, there comes a capacity to make a soul contactPsychology2, 262:factors, psychologically, in any historical period. It is they who set the pace and do thePsychology2, 268:its vehicle. This stage is succeeded by a long period of adjustment and of gradual development andPsychology2, 268:upon the way of experience, and during that period the soul tightens its hold upon its instrument,Psychology2, 275:consciously carried forward. Next there comes a period in the life of the aspirant when he shiftsPsychology2, 279:and constitute, as it were, a preparatory period of expansions of consciousness. There were, if IPsychology2, 305:as an elementary human being. During this period all the centers are necessarily active in a slowPsychology2, 309:body, passes through two stages prior to the period of discipleship: The stage wherein itPsychology2, 319:[319] unknowingly) was looking forward to that period in the evolution of mankind when the "battlePsychology2, 324:the true sense of the word, and which views the period of manifestation as a whole, gaining thus aPsychology2, 328:when at its height of expression, involves a period of crisis. This crisis precedes the unfoldmentPsychology2, 329:This is a vital moment in consciousness; it is a period of vital preparation for a great spiritualPsychology2, 331:higher sense of values supervenes; there comes a period when desire for material experience and forPsychology2, 332:stage of personality integration and precedes a period of change or of a shift in activity. DuringPsychology2, 336:psychological problems of our present time and period. Step by step, the various bodies have beenPsychology2, 338:the opened lotus". This takes place during the period of ordinary evolution. [339] The petals ofPsychology2, 339:lotus" also becomes actively alive. This is the period of the final stages upon the Path. ThisPsychology2, 339:house for all the lower forces and marks the period of the shift into a higher body, the astralPsychology2, 343:worlds. This stage falls into five parts: A period wherein duality and lack of control arePsychology2, 343:duality and lack of control are realized. A period wherein an assertion of self-control takesPsychology2, 343:medium of the form, understandingly practiced. A period wherein alignment takes place, and (throughPsychology2, 343:and begins to work in unison with that Self. A period wherein the forms, aligned at increasinglyPsychology2, 343:Unified, in intent and purpose, with the soul. A period wherein the personality ray and the soulPsychology2, 344:achieved reorientation towards reality. That period has been adequately covered, for all presentPsychology2, 344:science, exoteric and esoteric. The other is the period of ultimate perfection which is finallyPsychology2, 344:achieved as a result of the struggle. One period lies far behind us, and intelligent humanity hasPsychology2, 344:humanity has travelled far towards the period of realization; the other period lies far ahead. WePsychology2, 344:far towards the period of realization; the other period lies far ahead. We will confine our studiesPsychology2, 356:center, then the "light breaks in." It is this period of crisis which presents the major problem toPsychology2, 361:The quality of deep distress. This is a period of difficulty and of real concern because it dawnsPsychology2, 374:on the soul and ceasing activity for a brief period of time until the light breaks in. It isPsychology2, 391:and superhuman. This brings the disciple to the period wherein the third initiation can be taken;Psychology2, 397:the scenes, held in latency for the proper period and time (if I may speak of these things in termsPsychology2, 399:in human consciousness. There then ensues a long period of adjustment, development and emergencePsychology2, 411:discrimination and analysis. Finally comes the period of personality integration wherein [412]Psychology2, 412:with each other - produce first of all a period of chaos, of anarchy and of difficulty. LaterPsychology2, 412:of anarchy and of difficulty. Later ensues a period of synthesis, of organized activity and of aPsychology2, 430:subjectively or in the waking consciousness. A period of wild unrest, of frustration and futility,Psychology2, 446:found to lie in this area of expression. In what period of the present life expression did thePsychology2, 460:us the conclusions of his focused attention and period of thought. [461] As the effort of a man toPsychology2, 462:a person is of adult years and has for a long period of time constructed his thought forms andPsychology2, 467:there is always a moment of crisis and a period of danger. Then, as familiarity grows and our feetPsychology2, 468:with him, and continues frequently over a long period of time. For as long as this condition lasts,Psychology2, 469:If this state of mind continues for too long a period, it produces mental strain, nervous breakdownPsychology2, 474:of the potency of the astral body in this world period. The result of all this is that the powersPsychology2, 499:may persist throughout the entire night or period of sleep, but it is usually found present only inPsychology2, 509:hours of sleep and also during the meditation period or process. Only the man himself, from hisPsychology2, 515:We are passing at this time through a transition period wherein old energies are passing out andPsychology2, 517:task is so to safeguard mankind that, when this period of transition is over and the forces thatPsychology2, 523:the outer aspects of a man's life: There is a period wherein the centers are active only in aPsychology2, 524:astral plane, via the individual astral body. A period wherein there takes place a definitePsychology2, 524:but occasionally respond to mental impacts. A period wherein the first transference is being made.Psychology2, 525:and is ready to tread the Probationary Path. A period wherein the transference is continued. ThePsychology2, 525:of the transference is almost negligible. This period is a long and very difficult one. Today, mostPsychology2, 525:to the expression of the mystical life. A period wherein the heart and throat centers are broughtPsychology2, 525:him. He is becoming the mystic. A second period of transference ensues and the ajna center, whichPsychology2, 526:arise and enter the Father's house". During this period, we find the intelligently creative or the
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