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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIOD

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Rays, 483:the Shamballa energy, and - at some very distant period - it will be responsive to the first aspectRays, 488:process of visualization and projection. [488] A period of clear thinking anent process andRays, 495:its perfected completion, there must be a long period of gradual approach of the two aspects of theRays, 512:be created and held in a state of tension. A period of clear thinking anent this process ofRays, 526:to time, demonstrated to the humanity of Their period of appearing, the point in that developmentRays, 534:which regards it as a culminating ceremony of a period of training. The initiatory process is inRays, 554:human spirit would be able to live through the period of upheaval and emerge eventually into theRays, 559:race, the so-called Aryan race, there came a period (lying now in the far distant and forgottenRays, 559:transference. This ray experience covers a vast period of time. Except in the occult teaching andRays, 559:and scientific nomenclature covering a small period of modern history. The Aryan cycle covers theRays, 559:of modern history. The Aryan cycle covers the period of the relation between groups and nationsRays, 560:potent. Certain of the advanced humanity of the period gradually found their way on to, or ratherRays, 561:rays to initiation in this particular world period and during the cycle of treading the Paths ofRays, 562:by the action of the ray potencies during the period of initiation; the initiate then enters intoRays, 562:the disciple. Every initiate enters upon the period of initiatory process possessed of a certainRays, 569:incoming of a ray always produces an intensified period of initiatory activity, and this is theRays, 569:and this must be the case in this amazing period wherein - for the first time since humanityRays, 570:It will be apparent to you why the present period in which human beings (in large groups) can takeRays, 570:on a large scale for the first time during a period of economic adjustment of [571] which the wordRays, 571:which the word "bread" is but a symbol. This period started in the year 1825 and will continueRays, 572:this ray is therefore setting in motion a period of tremendous creative activity, both on theRays, 572:express the new incoming energies. Just as the period governed by the sixth ray has culminated in aRays, 572:the light of knowledge fills the land. In the period which lies ahead and under the influencingRays, 576:expressing itself in the disciple during the period wherein the new orientation is taking place;Rays, 577:complete control during the intermediate period between any initiation and the next higherRays, 577:and the next higher initiation; the intermediate period is regarded as "a cycle of perfecting."Rays, 577:for which he is being prepared. This interim period is always one of great difficulty. The energiesRays, 578:and which will inaugurate the world cycle and period in which the task of reorganizing theRays, 578:psychic life of humanity will take place; this period will release the energy of goodwill and thusRays, 585:high place in Shamballa; in the present world period, these initiations are individuallyRays, 585:via the soul, and the initiate is - during this period - a struggling aspirant, under theRays, 622:This will not come about without an intensive period of planned education, of a truly free pressRays, 633:which all the world is watching. The transition period between group living (in the true andRays, 633:and spiritual sense) and the present and past period of an intense individualism is not easy, andRays, 653:revealed to him, and he knows that he faces a period of intense preparation (not training, as thatRays, 664:world of emotions, and in the later half of that period it revealed the more aesthetic values; theRays, 683:told (and it is factually true) that the longest period between initiations is that to be foundRays, 683:be remembered that it is by no means the hardest period. The hardest period for the sensitive,Rays, 683:is by no means the hardest period. The hardest period for the sensitive, feeling [684] aspirant isRays, 684:the second and the third initiations. It is a period of intense suffering, of the penalty ofRays, 693:worlds (the world of appearances), and after a period of time he transfers from that cross on toRays, 693:he has steadily learnt to dwell. This covers the period of the first three initiations. Now, beingRays, 694:the Cardinal Cross, and it is this transition period and experience which practically govern Him.Rays, 702:as synonymous in meaning) for a brief period of time, but was called (on account of His unique taskRays, 723:Those Who dwell and work in Shamballa use this period to instruct the initiate who has made hisRays, 756:in age after age." In the lawless and wicked period of the Roman Empire, the Christ came. AnotherReappearance, 5:past, it has been the religious teachers of the period who have fostered and proclaimed thisReappearance, 21:in that it is (as never before) a cycle or period of conferences - communal, national andReappearance, 23:of the general setting which will surround the period of Christ's reappearance; it is a cycle asReappearance, 23:the means to be employed. The resurrection period which the Christ will inaugurate and which willReappearance, 29:"sun-teleia," which means the end of the time period, with another immediately following afterReappearance, 29:telos is used for it means "the end of the first period has not yet been reached." Here He wasReappearance, 64:having no relation to the past, emphasizing a period of only 33 years and presenting no clear hopeReappearance, 66:that the coming of the Christ necessitates a period of intensive preparation by Him; He, too, worksReappearance, 68:to the future. When the work is done in the period of tension, then there comes what we might callReappearance, 69:all hierarchical circles, was reached during the period between the Full Moon of June, 1936, andReappearance, 73:contacts which are now taking place within this period of tension. In any point of tension - noReappearance, 76:ever been the symbol. During the [76] present period of hierarchical tension and as a result of HisReappearance, 76:of this energy, but only temporarily and for the period of this human crisis. He can, because ofReappearance, 79:The fact that Christ was the Teacher of the new period into which the Sun was entering, the periodReappearance, 79:new period into which the Sun was entering, the period of Pisces, is forgotten, but is clearlyReappearance, 88:of Energy During the first three months of the period of crisis through which Christ and theReappearance, 90:season of that year and covering approximately a period of five weeks, the Forces of RestorationReappearance, 96:will not be involved or active during the entire period of Christ's coming, active work on earth.Reappearance, 103:ladder of evolution humanity stands at any given period. This in itself presents a field ofReappearance, 103:been formulated by the world Teachers of the period, and presented to a picked and chosen few whoseReappearance, 104:among the masses of men as it is today. In this period of culmination in which we now live, theReappearance, 107:by the Son of God, Who - in any particular world period - is the teaching Head of the spiritualReappearance, 127:one of the values to be extracted out of this period of appalling deprivations through which menReappearance, 129:The production of the culture of any given period is simply the reflection of the creative abilityReappearance, 147:Never has there been a time, cycle or world period when there was not the giving out of theReappearance, 160:What we decide, however, in this time and period, will definitely affect the remainder of our lifeReappearance, 161:and the difficulties of this postwar period are very great. The closer a man may be to the sourceReappearance, 163:and another very vital question arises: For what period of time must we endure, struggle and fight?Reappearance, 164:and an unachieved ideal. I refer to that period which will surely come in which an enlightenedTelepathy, 18:goes on. It is most difficult in this transition period to define, or differentiate, the peculiarTelepathy, 34:them. In this way the time of bridging and the period of transition can be spanned. It will takeTelepathy, 38:if you will, and real application over a period of time should enable the group to work smoothlyTelepathy, 44:instance, one such time would be the Full Moon period, which is a time of reception by theTelepathy, 47:their emanating source. After due practice, this period of brooding upon the registered [48]Telepathy, 48:[48] impression is followed by another period wherein the impression begins to take form as anTelepathy, 56:greatest of all the developments in this world period in which the Logos is seeking to bring theTelepathy, 65:dedicated for the term of the creative period to a simultaneous functioning; the first result ofTelepathy, 78:the life within the form throughout the creative period and - as far as the time element has beenTelepathy, 87:antahkarana. [87] The first two stages cover the period of the first two initiations; the thirdTelepathy, 89:a long one, for it [89] covers a very definite period of transition from the astral plane to theTelepathy, 113:has been instituted; it is like an interim period between full human expression and the fullTelepathy, 141:reacts in any particular time cycle or world period. If you are to understand clearly, it isTelepathy, 187:only for a few scant minutes; nevertheless the "period of dynamic potency" is being prolongedTelepathy, 187:to five; the next century may see an even longer period of registration instituted. At the close of
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