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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIODICAL

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Destiny, 138:of the third highest plane, the atmic. The third periodical vehicle - the personality. The thirdDestiny, 139:of the second highest plane. The second periodical vehicle - the soul. The second divine aspect -Destiny, 141:of the highest plane, the Logoic. The first periodical vehicle - the monadic. The first divineDiscipleship2, 401:initiations involve the whole man and "three periodical vehicles," producing a steady fusion ofDiscipleship2, 566:out the same idea in the linking of the three periodical vehicles, finding a third word, allied andEducation, 66:a similar task in connection with the "three periodical vehicles" through which He works: HisEducation, 145:the soul and the personality, linking all three periodical vehicles and unifying all sevenExternalisation, 631:I undertook under cyclic law (related to the periodical giving out of the esoteric teaching) inFire, 143:to that His own form of motion or of spiraling periodical movement, and by circulation along anFire, 214:religions and is the emanating source for periodical religious impulses. The duration of his cyclesFire, 238:the solar ring-pass-not. That manifestation is periodical and that the Law of Rebirth is the methodFire, 845:Manus of a cosmic chain. Not a seed manu, but a periodical manu of lesser degree. This involves anFire, 1033:year." It is that which brings about the [1033] periodical appearing and disappearing of allFire, 1033:stimulation of the self-contained atom, in the periodical emergence of form, and in the [1034]Fire, 1050:ideas. Three impulses inherent in the three periodical vehicles, as H. P. B. terms the three mainFire, 1131:latent in himself. What is meant by the "three periodical vehicles" and the seven principles orFire, 1139:to give much further information relative to the periodical appearing of the subhuman forms ofFire, 1140:expression of the first Ray. This concerns the periodical manifestation of the life or lives of anyFire, 1142:mathematics. The Lipika Lords, controlling the periodical manifestation of life are, roughlyFire, 1143:with the karmic adjustments, incident upon the periodical manifestation of such forms as: A round,Fire, 1145:Mind Some idea of the complexity governing the periodical manifestation of a human being may beHealing, 150:energies, to environing conditions, to the three periodical vehicles (as H.P.B. calls theHealing, 546:of man, principally from the angle of the "three periodical bodies," and not so much from that ofPatanjali, 292:of the soul. This is the middle of the "three periodical vehicles" which the divine Son of GodPsychology1, 162:to mankind through the medium of the three periodical vehicles: Ray I Power Life Ideas The Monad.Psychology1, 162:equally on all the planes and through the periodical vehicles and the three aspects of thePsychology1, 421:to mankind through the medium of the three periodical vehicles: Ray I Power Life Ideas The Monad.Psychology1, 422:equally on all the planes, and through the periodical vehicles and the three aspects of thePsychology2, 82:of the Trinity) to the quality of the three periodical vehicles through which manifestation takesPsychology2, 106:At this time in the history of the world and its periodical salvaging from conditions which arePsychology2, 296:in The Secret Doctrine, "the [296] three periodical vehicles") are therefore the rays of the monad,Psychology2, 679:if possible, through the medium of some periodical which will literally be the organ of the NewRays, 216:Triplicity, from the angle of the three periodical vehicles - Monad, soul and personality - isSoul, 149:for us in a recent statement from an Australian periodical called The Federal Independent, and fromTelepathy, 61:Physical body - Astral nature - Mind. The three periodical vehicles - Monad - Soul - Personality.Telepathy, 61:contact. He is now technically soul-infused. Two periodical vehicles have been at-oned. Three lowerTelepathy, 61:directed. Impacts from the highest of the periodical vehicles, working through its instrument, theTelepathy, 134:speaks in The Secret Doctrine of the "three periodical vehicles," referring as he does so to theTelepathy, 135:will be obvious to you surely that these three periodical vehicles are under the influence orTelepathy, 137:planetary centers, into and through the three periodical vehicles of the incarnated Monad, andTelepathy, 175:the three rays which condition a man's "periodical vehicles," as H.P.B. expresses it. These are:Telepathy, 192:of the many circulating energies. The three periodical vehicles which compose the expression of the
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