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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIODS

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Fire, 366:Ego in full sway and its taking hold at certain periods in the life of a human being. At sevenFire, 371:perfecting which He attains during the two final periods Of synthesis into the major three schemes.Fire, 381:the schemes Interaction between two schemes The periods of incarnation of a planetary Logos on theFire, 445:linking work of an extra-systemic Being. In all periods of the transference of the life from SystemFire, 445:pours forth His power and influence. In all periods of lesser transition of the life from [446]Fire, 561:cyclically, achieving consummation. Three vast periods of time are consumed in the process: TheFire, 579:Law of Cohesion was specially active at these periods. A condition of nebulosity of a pronouncedlyFire, 581:[581] breaking up of group souls; it governs the periods when the permanent triads are transferredFire, 589:of all, the period of transition. In all such periods the seventh Ray comes in (as now) the Ray ofFire, 589:planes, Disintegration and Death, for all periods of transition are periods of the destruction andFire, 589:and Death, for all periods of transition are periods of the destruction and building of forms, andFire, 591:law of the system, Love. These three points mark periods of completion, and likewiseFire, 610:Logos. We could divide the process into three periods: First. The period wherein the fire of matterFire, 633:in a world period, and there are seven world periods. 7 The Lunar Angels have to reach the plane ofFire, 683:Mahamanvantaras, who spent those enormous periods in suffering and toil for the sake of rearingFire, 729:with these great cycles, and incarnation periods, can be revealed to the unpledged and the profane.Fire, 730:There are no gaps in evolution, and no periods wherein there is total absence of any one aspect;Fire, 733:kinds of pralaya, and pondered upon those periods which ensue between incarnations. From the pointFire, 734:This succeeds the days of Brahma. It marks periods between manvantaras. Temporary form ceases butFire, 737:self can consciously cooperate with the ego, periods of personality nirvana are undergone, theirFire, 738:existence bear but a small proportion to his periods of inter-natal existence in the manvantaricFire, 738:might be considered the two lesser pralayic periods and concern primarily life in the three worlds.Fire, 743:we might briefly enumerate the following periods of quiescence: Between Two Globes in a Chain. ThisFire, 744:fact that two of the schemes cover their cyclic periods in five rounds, while others have seven;Fire, 744:purpose of its Lord is completed. Certain lesser periods of pralaya do not concern man at all, butFire, 746:It may be said of all three states that they are periods of development, long cycles of meditation,Fire, 747:for such cosmic Entities as the planetary Logoi periods of meditation transpire, but these concernFire, 764:of quiescence dependent upon the intervening periods of activity. The appearance of the body egoicFire, 769:jivas unfold in differing order and at different periods, so the egoic groups also unfold diverselyFire, 792:its relation to the whole. These are the greater periods of time, and when their significance isFire, 796:the purely "personal" will enter into its time periods. The influence of other groups and of otherFire, 797:and final pralayic interval. As the Ego has time periods corresponding to those of Brahma, and itsFire, 797:analogous in evolution but differ where their periods are concerned. The Law of Periodicity is one,Fire, 826:is a summation of the triple coordination: 3 periods of 3 tens 90 years. 1 synthesizing period 10Fire, 827:the number ten, or three cycles of three lesser periods, each making nine, and one synthesizingFire, 881:of those force aspects which we call "periods of pralaya" and those we call "periods ofFire, 881:we call "periods of pralaya" and those we call "periods of manifestation." It also involves a rightFire, 1036:is a point oft overlooked. Students discuss the periods of the emergence of the Rays, settingFire, 1049:in the clear air of heaven. Between the two vast periods the heat doth play its part. But when theFire, 1057:diverse influences which may be traced over vast periods by those with the "seeing eye," for itFire, 1078:radiation, as in all else, there will be periods of quiescence, and periods of intensifiedFire, 1078:else, there will be periods of quiescence, and periods of intensified activity. This will be seenFire, 1087:A system which has four major cycles, and minor periods of manifestation which are multiples ofFire, 1089:I Peter 2:4.) Certain of these cycles cover periods of time so vast, and so long past, that theirFire, 1092:three kinds of revolutions, covering varying periods of time. There is first, the Wheel of theFire, 1104:thinker, this factor causes longer devachanic periods, for these cycles of interior mentalGlamour, 133:and with which he identifies himself for long periods of time; into them, he projects himself, thusGlamour, 207:act as if free from glamor, and long periods of defeat when he is overwhelmed, can see no lightGlamour, 268:a threefold process, covering each of the three periods before the first three initiations or (fromHealing, 108:will only take place later at long and separated periods, and will be controlled by the will of theHealing, 252:diseases can be traced to certain great racial periods, they are now general in their effect. TheHealing, 407:to which I earlier referred; these cover three periods and lead, eventually, to other processesHealing, 494:elimination. These four activities cover varying periods of time - from the angle of "those whoHealing, 610:or an initiate to a great extent and for long periods in their incarnations; parallelingHercules, 115:organizations, arts, sciences, all call for long periods of mental gestation and the struggle ofInitiation, 9:as one of the mysteries given at stated periods, attended by those concerned. It will also hold aInitiation, 13:of comprehension is the fact that at various periods the emphasis is laid on different grades ofInitiation, 37:or age. Some of the great names during the later periods are known to history, such as ShriInitiation, 42:and to bring about its final disappearance. The periods of office of all the Manus overlap, butInitiation, 95:and this will produce shorter or more protracted periods of development prior to or between eachInitiation, 96:held over for further development during later periods, or will be transferred to those planetaryInitiation, 106:imprisoned life consequently set free. At stated periods in the year the Lodge meets, and at [107]Initiation, 113:of the "Presence" Right through the later periods of the cycle of incarnation wherein the man isInitiation, 180:A further factor may also be found in certain periods of stimulation, and of increasedIntellect, 74:been formulated and followed by thinkers of all periods, and by means of which they become knowers.Intellect, 206:The latter requirement of stated concentration periods, can also be entered upon, but its successIntellect, 254:to weep, or to be unduly restless; they have periods of intense activity wherein they findIntellect, 257:cure for this is not to lessen the meditation periods - these should be continued as per schedule,Magic, 54:is the best way to make study and meditation periods fruitful and bring about fitness for theMagic, 90:of souls, and stands not alone. The only lonely periods are the result of wrong orientation and theMagic, 183:those wasted moments, moods and thought periods which so often occupy the major part of his thoughtMagic, 242:have their ebb and flow, and alternate between periods of light and periods of darkness. We haveMagic, 242:flow, and alternate between periods of light and periods of darkness. We have with us always thatMagic, 242:and to forget that under the great law, periods of light and dark, of good and evil, of submergenceMagic, 245:same process can affect the emotional body, and periods of exaltation and of highest aspirationMagic, 245:and of highest aspiration alternate with periods of the deepest depression and lack of interest.Magic, 249:remember this they would live through their periods of aridity with greater ease and would beMagic, 322:the need of just such points of inner contact in periods of world unrest, such as the present)Magic, 323:Times of activity succeed times of pralaya, and periods of registered contact alternate withMagic, 323:and periods of registered contact alternate with periods of apparent silence. Note here the choiceMagic, 324:with mundane affairs is necessitated - and such periods come in every life cycle - then theMagic, 341:all personalities (your own included) have their periods of ebb and flow, under the law. TheMagic, 341:periods of ebb and flow, under the law. The periods of ebb in the case of those holding prominentMagic, 341:just as in the individual life there come the periods wherein the vision is obscured, the valley isMagic, 392:with selfhood. That - as a result of past world periods and experience - lies below the thresholdMagic, 404:of Cycles. It concerns the operation of certain periods of opportunity which necessarily have theirMagic, 512:to refrain, and on an understanding of those periods or interludes which are characterized byMagic, 513:three categories: 1. Life interludes, or those periods wherein the spiritual man is out ofMagic, 513:the meditative poise. As growth takes place, the periods of withdrawal from incarnation steadilyMagic, 513:lengthen, until the point is reached when the periods out of physical manifestation greatly exceedMagic, 513:expression. Then the interlude dominates. The periods of outgoing (exhalation) and of inbreathingMagic, 513:and - the point to be emphasized - these two periods are colored and controlled by the purposes ofMagic, 514:distinction between intense outgoing activity, periods of withdrawal, and interludes wherein theMeditation, 40:cycles are not as fundamentally important. The periods in a cycle that are of real moment are theMeditation, 48:will the pupil be permitted to retire for periods of any length. It is the inner detachment thatMeditation, 74:we divided the life of the man into five main periods, tracing his development in each. We mightMeditation, 115:groups are many and diverse and at different periods of a man's life may change and differ, as heMeditation, 127:of the physical body will come longer and longer periods of freedom from attack. Eventually theMeditation, 127:measures at night for longer or shorter periods will gradually eliminate the evil occupant, orMeditation, 154:The Use of Form in Meditation August 11, 1920 ...Periods of physical weakness are of value only for
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