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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIODS

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Meditation, 276:when he is out of the physical body. During the periods when the disciple is meditating. AccordingMeditation, 277:for work. Let us briefly consider the various periods as enumerated yesterday when considering theMeditation, 290:will come the [290] experience, with longer periods will it be marked, until there comes a timeMeditation, 292:time the right to be with the Master at stated periods. This entails good work in meditationMeditation, 326:of all occult growth is meditation, or those periods of silent gestation in which the soul grows inMeditation, 326:will be for every pupil in the school three periods of meditation - at sunrise, at midday, and atMeditation, 326:of the pupil's attendance at the school these periods will be for [327] thirty minutes each. LaterMeditation, 327:and for one hour after each of the other two periods of meditation, the pupil is permitted toMeditation, 338:until the atomic is reached. By definite periods daily directed to the stilling of the emotionalPatanjali, 262:of a constant state of meditation. Though periods in which definite work is done at certainPatanjali, 300:and whose lives are "for a thousand mundane periods," therefore who have immortality. Then hePatanjali, 317:is cultivated and persist for increasingly long periods as stability of the mind is achieved.Problems, 159:will train its people to present - at stated periods throughout the year - the voiced demand of thePsychology1, 64:produces death to form, but ushers in great periods of cyclic pralaya; the first ray is thePsychology1, 225:vast, the action of the fire in these tremendous periods so varying, and the recognition of thePsychology1, 263:ray cycles, that they cover inconceivably long periods of time, and produce two effects which mustPsychology1, 265:racial evolution, such as the five major racial periods to which we have referred. The lesserPsychology1, 268:transmuted into an indecent secret during the periods wherein the race succumbed to an excessivePsychology1, 272:with rapidity; but older souls need longer periods wherein to garner the fruits of experience. TheyPsychology1, 284:II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature Yet all periods of the world's history have not been asPsychology1, 348:necessarily remain hypothetical for several life periods, where the average student is concerned.Psychology1, 358:lost in the crash and thunder of the fall." Such periods come only at rare and long intervals, andPsychology2, 139:of the world, and at widely separated times and periods. But today a group can respond and theirPsychology2, 272:are the processes of relationship in the periods of transition. In connection with the race, thesePsychology2, 430:of cleavage is determined. The achievement of periods of recognized fusion, integration or truePsychology2, 487:process of readjustment to the finer values, periods of real danger transpire and that unless therePsychology2, 525:one. Today, most people are going through periods c and d, which are preparatory to the expressionPsychology2, 525:time - he is subject to cycles of vision and periods of spiritual effort. The mystical life isPsychology2, 543:as the writings of the mystics of all periods and nationalities will testify, and which stillRays, 254:with its emphasis upon the three major Full Moon periods (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, falling usually inRays, 260:and spheres, of rounds and races and of world periods, will we know something of the true nature ofRays, 307:which condition the human family for long periods of time, which concern climatic conditions thatRays, 382:the Mysteries of Initiation These two historical periods (not events, except in so far that allRays, 408:on the third Path takes the form of cyclic periods of contemplation and mental activity, followedRays, 408:and mental activity, followed by active periods of energy direction to impress the will of certainRays, 422:in both cases the time embraced may cover vast periods, from the point of view of humanity. TheyRays, 438:definitely relative form; later cycles and time periods will show these aspects in a still moreRays, 538:and secret and unknown." This is initiation. Periods of search, periods of pain, periods ofRays, 538:unknown." This is initiation. Periods of search, periods of pain, periods of detachment, periods ofRays, 538:initiation. Periods of search, periods of pain, periods of detachment, periods of revelationRays, 538:search, periods of pain, periods of detachment, periods of revelation producing points of fusion,Rays, 560:myths of religions. [560] During these earlier periods all human beings were conditioned by theRays, 657:into all the known and the unknown historical periods and cycles, plus a consideration of all theReappearance, 93:lesser sons of God sway countries and shorter periods of time. They still have some consummatingReappearance, 152:will train its people to present - at stated periods throughout the year - the voiced demand of theTelepathy, 38:tune in on each other [38] with ease after long periods of close relationship, how can they, as aTelepathy, 38:in their outer or inner lives, this requires periods of adjustment and oft of reorganization of the
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