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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERIPHERY

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Rays, 306:moving from an affiliated relationship on the periphery of that Hierarchy toward the center ofRays, 365:the divine. One such meeting place is upon the periphery of the Hierarchy during the stageRays, 371:energy penetrating into and beyond the radiatory periphery. This penetrating energy, implemented byRays, 373:relation between the units of life within its periphery, the Ashram, and humanity. From one pointRays, 374:contact, reorienting themselves and nearing the periphery of the Ashram, to absorb with profit theRays, 376:consciously and definitely unfolded within the periphery of the great Ashram. In a mysteriousRays, 377:No disciple or aspirant can be drawn into the periphery of the Hierarchy, and from thence into anRays, 377:to the "vitalized radiation" coming from the periphery of the Hierarchy but also, in an increasingRays, 394:for them. At the same time, aspirants on the periphery of an Ashram are enabled to move forwardRays, 404:contact with certain great Lives Who work on the periphery of the constellation Libra, theRays, 405:decision and passing through the door on the periphery of our planetary ring-pass-not. Then - outRays, 449:of living energy flowing from the center to the periphery, and from the source to the outerRays, 562:His personality is expressing itself within the periphery of the three worlds through clearlyRays, 564:of this sacrifice and to the nature of the periphery, or to the imprisoning form (the sum total) inRays, 605:reorganization which is to take place within the periphery of the fourth ray ring-pass-not, thenReappearance, 169:down to the lowest aspirant to be found on the periphery of that "center where the love of God" hasSoul, 114:The central system has relation with the periphery through the thirty-one spinal and twelve cranialSoul, 116:communication between the higher centers and the periphery and an independent center regulatingTelepathy, 19:Mental telepathy - ocean travel, ports on the periphery of all lands - telephone IntuitionalTelepathy, 22:soul. He hovers then for quite a while upon the periphery of the group. Eventually, as hisTelepathy, 41:angle of the whole and then the part, from the periphery to the center, from the universal to theTelepathy, 60:the Master, controlling and directing within the periphery of His wide awareness, in consonance
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