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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMANENT

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Fire, 450:following results: First. The anchoring of the permanent atoms within their group soul, or theFire, 464:we are dealing with the spirillae of the mental permanent atom. In the other two we are dealingFire, 464:up in the vivification of solar and not human permanent atoms. The fourth Creative Hierarchy,Fire, 491:results that are intelligent, self-induced and permanent. Wherever attention is centered on theFire, 499:which should unite the causal vehicle and the permanent manasic atom on the abstract levels. DuringFire, 501:threefold lower nature through the agency of the permanent atoms. Bridge the interlude between theFire, 501:causal body on its own level, and the manasic permanent atom. [502] V. On Buddhic Levels:Fire, 507:have been termed the mental unit, the astral permanent atom and the physical permanent atom; theyFire, 507:unit, the astral permanent atom and the physical permanent atom; they correspond individually toFire, 507:principle of the Brahma aspect, the physical permanent atom of the Logos. (S. D., III, 143. S. D.,Fire, 507:Egoic Ray and Solar Fire II. The Nature of the Permanent Atoms 1. The Purpose of the PermanentFire, 507:of the Permanent Atoms 1. The Purpose of the Permanent Atoms The three permanent atoms are inFire, 507:1. The Purpose of the Permanent Atoms The three permanent atoms are in themselves centers of force,Fire, 508:definite results by the utilization of the three permanent atoms. It gradually vivifies and awakensFire, 508:vibration in the matter of the plane. The permanent atoms on each plane serve a fourfold purpose asFire, 508:is found in logoic gaseous matter. The astral permanent atom in logoic liquid matter. The physicalFire, 508:atom in logoic liquid matter. The physical permanent atom in dense physical substance. And theyFire, 509:his polarization into the three [509] triadal permanent atoms, he is simply able to functionFire, 509:out, or the life withdraws from the physical permanent atom, leaving later stages on cosmic levels,Fire, 510:with the awakening of the life forces within the permanent atoms, viewing each atom as the seventhFire, 510:the Egoic Body a. The Importance of the Astral Permanent Atom There is one fact to be grasped inFire, 510:be grasped in connection with the place of the permanent atom within the causal periphery and itsFire, 510:with care, and that is that the astral permanent atom in this solar system is the recipient of aFire, 511:in the buddhic vehicle, or when the astral permanent atom is superseded by the buddhic permanentFire, 511:permanent atom is superseded by the buddhic permanent atom. Third. The next reason is that theFire, 512:hence the relative importance of the astral permanent atom within the causal periphery. It is inFire, 513:to bear in mind the relative importance of the permanent atom of the second aspect of theFire, 514:this stage produce most effect upon the astral permanent atom. The physical permanent atom has aFire, 514:upon the astral permanent atom. The physical permanent atom has a position relatively close to theFire, 514:plays through it, and passes on to the astral permanent atom in the form of five rays ofFire, 514:blend with the intensely vivid hue of the astral permanent atom, and increase its intensity untilFire, 515:up now the subject of the spirillae within the permanent atom, and see in what manner they areFire, 515:study two things: The composition of the permanent atom. The difference between the mental unit andFire, 515:the mental unit and the astral and physical permanent atoms. To do this with clarity, and so bringFire, 515:let us tabulate: a. The Composition of the Permanent Atom The permanent atom of the astral andFire, 515:a. The Composition of the Permanent Atom The permanent atom of the astral and physical planes is aFire, 515:or Brahma aspect, of His threefold nature. The permanent atom finds its place within the sphere ofFire, 516:Heat. Herein lies the distinction between the permanent atoms on all planes, and the atomic matterFire, 516:of initiation, but the distinction between the permanent atom, and atomic matter, may be somewhatFire, 517:be somewhat comprehended if we state: [517] The permanent atom is one that has been appropriated byFire, 517:of other parts of His great body of light. A permanent atom is one which has come under theFire, 517:is vitalized by the life of the third aspect. A permanent atom follows the line of the leastFire, 517:the evolution of consciousness in substance. A permanent atom comes under the direct control of theFire, 517:may be utilizing it. They work directly with the permanent atoms of men, and produce resultsFire, 517:ourselves with the microcosm, and with the permanent atoms which are related to him; as regards theFire, 517:in the system, we are concerned with but one permanent atom, and this is His physical permanentFire, 517:but one permanent atom, and this is His physical permanent atom. It is thus true that within theFire, 517:permanent atom. It is thus true that within the permanent physical atom of the solar Logos lies hidFire, 518:penetrate the secret as yet of His three lower permanent atoms as they function as a unity withinFire, 523:the Brahma aspect of the Ego is found within the permanent atoms. Students should therefore studyFire, 526:unit, and note wherein it differs from the other permanent atoms; we might then briefly summarize aFire, 526:a mass of esoteric information anent the permanent atoms, which will suffice for many years to comeFire, 526:basis of investigation for occult students. The permanent atoms, and their internal economy, willFire, 527:blended into the higher force points. [527] A permanent atom is the positive nucleus or germFire, 527:is itself dual, and that in considering the permanent atoms we are dealing with the feminine aspectFire, 527:atom can be equally well predicated of the permanent atom of man the microcosm: "The primordial rayFire, 529:of force. Each of the streams of force in the permanent atoms vibrates to the note of a particularFire, 529:which is built into any particular body around a permanent atom. It is the force of the HeavenlyFire, 530:three aspects. The mental is not a septenary permanent atom, but only responds to four types ofFire, 530:beginning to sense the vibration of the manasic permanent atom, it is useless to expect him toFire, 530:and no bridge exists between it and the manasic permanent atom. Two and a half planes are concernedFire, 531:inasmuch as they are direct reflections. The permanent atoms are not heart-shaped as portrayed inFire, 531:of atoms are of that type but they are not the permanent atoms which are more definitely spheroidalFire, 531:The arrangement of the spirillae within the permanent atoms varies on each plane and the ones mostFire, 531:may be given to guide the student: The astral permanent atom has its internal streams of forceFire, 531:the pointed end is eliminated. The buddhic permanent atom has its spirillae arranged so as to formFire, 532:a septenary arrangement in the [532] lower three permanent atoms of man, while the higher threeFire, 532:three. It should be noted that there are but six permanent atoms connected with human evolution,Fire, 532:of these great Entities and that Their permanent atoms, with the exception of the physical, areFire, 532:logoic Trinity are upon the first subplane. The permanent atoms of men are upon the atomic subplaneFire, 532:comes enlightenment. The sumtotal of the permanent atoms of any particular kingdom form the streamsFire, 532:or of lunar entities, while the sumtotal of the permanent atoms of man in the spiritual kingdomFire, 532:streams of force within certain centers. As the permanent atoms become radioactive in due course ofFire, 532:center is a marked increase of vibration. The permanent atoms concern solar entities when they areFire, 533:the following entities manifest through: One permanent atom - the physical. A solar Logos. TheFire, 533:forty-nine Regents of the planetary chains. Two permanent atoms - the physical and the astral. TheFire, 533:thus further the evolution of the psyche. Three permanent atoms - physical, astral, and mental. TheFire, 533:of those group souls who contain definite permanent triads. Nine triads constitute the body of oneFire, 533:the body of one of these entities. Through four permanent atoms - physical, astral, mental andFire, 534:of consciousness not a location. Through five permanent atoms - physical, astral, mental, buddhicFire, 535:a group or force center. These groups have their permanent atoms as do all lives seeking objectiveFire, 535:globes, chains and schemes. Through six permanent atoms - physical, astral, two mental, buddhic andFire, 535:We have dealt with these entities and their permanent atoms in connection with their manifestationFire, 535:it beyond the solar ring-pass-not. All the permanent atoms concern physical matter andFire, 535:physical matter and manifestation. The highest permanent atom of man, the atmic, is, after all, anFire, 535:lowest force point first. We have discussed the permanent atom as a point of contact with the forceFire, 536:solar Logos, we are investigating: The physical permanent atom of a solar Logos as contained withinFire, 536:force, or the seven logoic spirillae within that permanent atom. This, if realized, [537] gives aFire, 537:the planes and the seven spirillae in the permanent atom of a solar Logos. We have touched uponFire, 540:increase of heat or of activity: The physical permanent atom becomes radioactive or a radiant pointFire, 541:again a dual result is seen: The astral permanent atom comes into full activity and radiance, asFire, 542:Monad) can be seen three points of fire, or the permanent atoms and the mental unit, in all theirFire, 543:Then the fires of substance (the vitality of the permanent atoms) escape from the atomic spheres,Fire, 544:its periphery three focal points of energy, the permanent atoms. They are analogous, as earlierFire, 545:limiting ring-pass-not. The internal life of the permanent atom, and that which animates andFire, 545:stronger and stronger, and the light of the permanent atoms increases, the petals of the lotusFire, 545:come into action. Bear in mind here, that the permanent atoms are concerned with the substanceFire, 545:It is, as stated elsewhere, through the permanent atoms that the Ego comes en rapport with hisFire, 545:or blindly just in so far as he can energize his permanent atoms, and bring the spirillae out ofFire, 546:the three major spirillae in the physical permanent atom. As the second ring of petals gradually
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