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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMANENT

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Fire, 939:in two groups: Those who are connected with the permanent atoms. Those who are responsible for theFire, 939:for the building process. The devas of the permanent atoms. This particular group of devas are theFire, 939:the lives who form the mental unit and the two permanent atoms. They, as we know, have their placeFire, 940:of the spirillae of [940] the logoic physical permanent atom. These three spirillae are to theseFire, 940:There is a correspondence between the three permanent atomic triads, and the appearance of man inFire, 941:of the devas connected with those relatively permanent focal points - the permanent atoms withinFire, 941:those relatively permanent focal points - the permanent atoms within the causal periphery. We canFire, 941:three groups of devas connected with the three permanent atoms. The vibration set up within theseFire, 988:each plane. The black magician works through the permanent atoms, and with the substance and formsFire, 1021:of certain magical phrases, make the work more permanent and independent and fix the place of theFire, 1033:and the triple group of lives who form the three permanent atoms) is seen a correspondence to theFire, 1047:side of existence is contemplated. The three permanent atoms if the purely objective side is inFire, 1048:the causal body, which contains the three permanent atoms, the centers of force for the threeFire, 1050:through into manifestation through the three permanent atoms. The activity set up in the sevenFire, 1103:petals in the egoic lotus, and the astral permanent atom. The process of equilibrising the forcesFire, 1110:of energy emanates from the lower triad of permanent atoms, particularly the physical permanentFire, 1110:of permanent atoms, particularly the physical permanent atom, via that one of the three petalsFire, 1112:to the knowledge petals from the manasic permanent atom. The permanent atoms of the SpiritualFire, 1112:petals from the manasic permanent atom. The permanent atoms of the Spiritual Triad, as well as theFire, 1113:The energy transmitted from the manasic permanent atom of each incarnating jiva, its union with itsFire, 1114:emanates from the lower self, via the astral permanent atom, and the second petal of the outerFire, 1115:the second tier of love petals, via the buddhic permanent atom. The energy thus originating is of aFire, 1115:to The central circle of petals. The astral permanent atom. The heart center within the Head. TheFire, 1120:of "egoic inertia." During this period, the permanent atoms are the most noticeable points of lightFire, 1122:in every part of the lotus. The three permanent atoms glow and blaze and form, through their rapidFire, 1124:of energy in the first case from the manasic permanent atom, and in the second case from theFire, 1124:atom, and in the second case from the buddhic permanent atom. It will be apparent, therefore, howFire, 1124:however, bring through the energy of the manasic permanent atom, for the force of Mahat (of whichFire, 1126:mental unit on the form levels and the manasic permanent atom on the formless planes. These twoFire, 1133:and the final disintegration, of the permanent atom. Permanent atoms, as the term is usuallyFire, 1133:the final disintegration, of the permanent atom. Permanent atoms, as the term is usuallyFire, 1133:relative permanence in time and space. The permanent atom may be viewed as the focal point ofFire, 1133:planes form the seven spirillae of the logoic permanent atom, for this has a close bearing upon theFire, 1133:in the three lower kingdoms possess no permanent atoms but contribute to the formation of thoseFire, 1133:something which is the essence of the physical permanent atom of the human being. It provides thatFire, 1134:in through the upper depression of the physical permanent atom. Secondly, the vegetable kingdomFire, 1134:provides the negative energy for the astral permanent atom of a man, and thirdly, the animalFire, 1134:unit - animal kingdom. The astral body - astral permanent atom - vegetable kingdom. The physicalFire, 1134:vegetable kingdom. The physical body - physical permanent atom - mineral kingdom. In man theseFire, 1134:mental unit - positive. The energy of the astral permanent atom - equilibrized. The energy of theFire, 1134:atom - equilibrized. The energy of the physical permanent atom - negative. Man is then closelyFire, 1134:provide, and they have literally given him his permanent atoms, and enabled him to manifest throughFire, 1135:Tamas - inertia - mineral kingdom - physical permanent atom. Rajas - activity - vegetable kingdom -Fire, 1135:Rajas - activity - vegetable kingdom - astral permanent atom. Sattva - rhythm - animal kingdom -Fire, 1138:the line of the three spirillae of the logoic permanent atom. The three lower groups are energizedFire, 1157:plane, or fohatic energy, via the spirillae of a permanent atom. It is this fact which accounts forFire, 1159:the third subplane. Though we are told that the permanent atomic triad is enclosed in the [1160]Fire, 1160:and the lowest point of the Triad, the manasic permanent atom. When man has constructed theFire, 1180:is after all the energy of the logoic physical permanent atom, having its nucleus on the atomicFire, 1180:subplane of the cosmic physical. This physical permanent atom (as is the case with theFire, 1180:Sun, which is in an occult sense the physical permanent atom; it, therefore, attracts, and holdsFire, 1180:to the seven spirillae of the physical permanent atom of a human being. Thus a dual type ofFire, 1182:planes, or the seven spirillae of the logoic permanent atom, are not all equally vitalized by theFire, 1186:Harmony. Equilibrium. 3. Physical Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom. The Physical Sun. Cosmic ActivityFire, 1186:Harmony. Balance. 3. Physical Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom. Physical Planet. Systemic Activity.Fire, 1186:Fire. Equilibrising Force. 3. Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom. Lunar Angels. Lower Threefold Man.Fire, 1207:and dense) which the vibration of the logoic permanent atom (on the plane adi) attracts to itselfGlamour, 134:of a basic idea; it is not intended to be permanent but simply to serve a need and to indicate aGlamour, 241:adequate term. The technique of LIGHT becomes a permanent condition. Healing, 42:The length of the life can be prolonged, but a permanent and final cure is out of the question.Healing, 313:the condition have lain dormant in the so-called permanent atom for ages. They may not be rooted inHealing, 329:is on the increase and produces relatively permanent effects. But astral healing is rare and veryHealing, 331:the physical heart, and there (via the physical permanent atom) it energizes coherently the entireHealing, 397:psychical research groups, immortality or the permanent existence of what we usually mean when weHealing, 399:have come to know that starvation, mutilation, permanent physical incapacity, mental disability asHealing, 418:etheric) and which had its starting point in the permanent atom, and from thence "pervaded theHealing, 419:for the entities involved: a. For the physical permanent atom, it is the atomic level. b. For man,Healing, 487:the higher levels of that plane. The mental permanent atom was also practically quiescent withinHealing, 492:seeds are in a peculiar manner related to the permanent physical and astral atoms, and thus produceHealing, 495:substance of the three worlds. Revitalizes the permanent atoms, which form a triangle of forceHealing, 689:invariably place the soul body and the mental permanent atom outside the form limits and what theyHealing, 691:closely related to the abstruse subject of the permanent atoms. It marks a moment of highHercules, 143:in tumultuous frenzy, the beast establishes permanent residence. Its existence is not easilyInitiation, 136:this period of existence is only relatively permanent, and the day dawns when the life whichInitiation, 139:connection with the different spirillae in the permanent atoms, for instance, and in theirInitiation, 139:one or more of the corresponding spirally in the permanent atoms on the three lower planes. AfterInitiation, 139:a corresponding stimulation takes place in the permanent atoms of the Triad, leading to aInitiation, 140:This force descends from the manasic permanent atom via the antahkarana, and is directed toInitiation, 217:of buddhi and manas. It is relatively permanent and lasts throughout the long cycle ofInitiation, 222:ever protects humanity within karmic limits. Permanent atom Those five atoms, with the mental unit,Initiation, 222:They form a stable center and are relatively permanent. Around them the various sheaths or bodiesIntellect, 60:As this consciousness stabilizes and becomes permanent, the work of evolution in his case isMagic, 223:learning to distinguish truth from glamor, the permanent from the impermanent and the certaintyMagic, 262:built for himself three new bodies around the permanent atoms. 2. The Form of the Environment. ThisMagic, 348:that I have given him. It results also in a permanent stimulation of the atoms in the variousMagic, 348:conception, and in time that vibration becomes permanent. Those who, with open eyes, enter onMagic, 522:like the life of a butterfly or relatively permanent like the ensouling life of the planetaryMagic, 522:and capacity to respond which remains its permanent possession when the divorce between the twoMeditation, 7:has her place corresponding to the emotional permanent atom. Further still the alignment may beMeditation, 11:transference of the polarization from one of the permanent atoms of the Personality into theMeditation, 24:indwelling Flame as a tiny pin-point, and the permanent atom of the physical plane holds theMeditation, 24:The polarization lies now in the emotional permanent atom but, (when this point of development isMeditation, 26:and viewing humanity as a unit, all of whose permanent atoms form the molecules in a correspondingMeditation, 27:own plane, and ever more interested - via the permanent atoms, - in the life of the Personality.Meditation, 27:is the result of the first meditation. The three permanent atoms are functioning and the man is anMeditation, 29:beginning at the third Initiation. The physical permanent atom goes and the polarization becomesMeditation, 29:becomes higher mental; the emotional permanent atom goes and the polarization becomes intuitional;Meditation, 30:in. [30] The causal body is a collection of permanent atoms, three in all, enclosed in an envelopMeditation, 37:levels. It aspires to contact and enclose the permanent atom, its first direct approach to theMeditation, 56:into incarnation. The note attracts around the permanent atoms or nuclei adequate matter for the
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