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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMANENT

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Meditation, 60:of hard struggle and of bitter experience is of permanent and lasting value. Only as the disciple -Meditation, 63:degree, but always to some extent through the permanent atom. The driving out of coarse particlesMeditation, 63:stabilization of the emotional body through the permanent atom, and the contacting and setting inMeditation, 79:burns up entirely the Temple of Solomon; the permanent atoms are destroyed, and all is reabsorbedMeditation, 84:is shifting from the physical atom to the mental permanent atom as dealt with earlier. [85] TheMeditation, 85:atom as dealt with earlier. [85] The mental permanent atom becomes the center of pure reason or ofMeditation, 85:as intellectual hardness. Later, the emotional permanent atom gives place to the intuitional, andMeditation, 104:the delicate brain tissue. This may result in permanent injury, and may even cause imbecility. ItMeditation, 122:for a longer [122] period. It may even be permanent and lasting through a lifetime. I have earlierMeditation, 161:vibration in its turn may become practically permanent, and by the interaction of these two bodiesMeditation, 340:acquiescence of the disciple which welds into a permanent shape the hard won efforts and results ofMeditation, 340:for the solidifying fire. Initiation marks a permanent attainment and the beginning of a new cycleMeditation, 352:of buddhi and manas. It is relatively permanent and lasts throughout the long cycle ofMeditation, 357: Letters on Occult Meditation - Glossary P-Z Permanent atom Those five atoms, with the mental unit,Meditation, 357:They form a stable center and are relatively permanent. Around them the various sheaths or bodiesPatanjali, 14:manifestation. These three are: The mental permanent atom, the lowest aspect of the spiritual TriadPatanjali, 25:centers of activity as the mind, the various permanent atoms, and the centers of force in thePatanjali, 61:determination to make that fleeting vision a permanent reality in the lower plane experience, ThePatanjali, 112:5. Avidya is the condition of confusing the permanent, pure, blissful and the Self with that whichPatanjali, 131:5. Avidya is the condition of confusing the permanent, pure, blissful and the Self, with that whichPatanjali, 133:discrimination and dispassion the self, who is permanent, pure, and blissful, can eventuallyPatanjali, 292:incarnation, persisting for one life. The more permanent and beautiful temple of Solomon, typicalProblems, 58:not only with the maximum of ease but with permanent effect upon his character. The continuity ofPsychology1, 414:something which is the essence of the human permanent atom. [415] The vegetable kingdom providesPsychology1, 415:provides the negative energy for the astral permanent atom in the human kingdom. The animal kingdomPsychology1, 415:Animal. Rajas - Activity - Astral body - Astral permanent atom - Vegetable. Tamas - Inertia -Psychology1, 415:Tamas - Inertia - Physical body - Physical permanent atom - Mineral. (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p.Psychology2, 219:futility or of endless striving or of an almost permanent struggle. Given the fact of thePsychology2, 265:subject seldom affects his environment in any permanent or powerful sense. He cannot bring throughPsychology2, 313:utilizing for that purpose a mental unit and two permanent atoms, thus anchoring itself in threePsychology2, 313:two things: That such terms as "mental unit", "permanent atom", etc., [314] are simply symbolicPsychology2, 314:producing an activity of some kind. That the permanent atoms are not really atoms at all, butPsychology2, 315:and physical planes, we will not think of the permanent atoms as material centers, or as germs ofPsychology2, 418:usual fit. In a lesser degree, and producing no permanent, dangerous results, the same basic causePsychology2, 461:the world as insanity, curable in time and not permanent in its effects, provided some form ofPsychology2, 469:mental strain, nervous breakdown and sometimes permanent difficulty. The cure, however, is simple.Psychology2, 485:reaction which can be developed and made permanent between a man's own soul and his brain, via hisPsychology2, 583:and of many kinds of obsession, temporary or permanent. I do not include in this list the work ofRays, 50:between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. This demonstrates in an absorbing devotionRays, 50:need. Purpose, as expressed by the initiate is permanent, farsighted, unalterable, and serves theRays, 113:- between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. The goal of the Probationary Path is madeRays, 206:levels of the energies latent in the three permanent atoms in the three worlds of human endeavor.Rays, 307:and with social organizations which produce permanent changes in types, constitutions, planetaryRays, 326:the gap between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom, between the personality (indwelt byRays, 363:and directed by the great Lives Who form a permanent nucleus of the Council Chamber at Shamballa,Rays, 377:produces a reorientation which becomes a permanent attitude, and the disciple then becomesRays, 416:the Personality. The mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. Atma-Buddhi. The Christ and theRays, 454:gap which exists on its side between the manasic permanent atom and the mental unit, between theRays, 459:creative work, it can be related to the manasic permanent atom or to the abstract mind. The Son ofRays, 475:and the three aspects of the mind - the manasic permanent atom, the Son of Mind or Ego, and theRays, 480:is not the result of energy emanating from the permanent atoms as a nucleus of force, but is theRays, 481:and the mental unit is superseded by the manasic permanent atom, and the causal body disappears,Rays, 492:The three groups of petals. Humanity - The three permanent atoms within the aura of the lotus.Rays, 510:Triad, focused temporarily in the manasic permanent atom, and evokes a response in the form of aRays, 651:the orientation and the focus attained remains a permanent condition. This prefaces an entirely newRays, 696:all that is of a material nature and becomes a permanent and (if I may use such a term) aRays, 699:way to our planetary Life. It is because of this permanent transition of the initiate's "livingRays, 741:revelation subsequently accorded is lasting and permanent in its effects. There are five greatReappearance, 24:His divine experience there is nothing static or permanent - except His unalterable love forSoul, 96:laugh at the idea of Maya. Was not matter solid, permanent and real enough? But according toSoul, 107:are not actually manifested, since it is only as permanent and immutable possibilities that theyTelepathy, 171:point in the center is the point of life and the permanent, persistent Eternal ONE, so the related
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