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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMANENTLY

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Astrology, 234:and soul and body (positive and negative) are permanently related in the lives of the worldAutobiography, 50:evolution in thought and all progress would be permanently arrested. Fortunately, I know thatAutobiography, 57:series. I considered myself cured and released permanently when I discovered that the effect uponDestiny, 9:the Piscean and the Aquarian ages and cannot permanently last. Nothing as yet is permanent. WhenDiscipleship1, 23:the world. The influence of these groups - when permanently established and potently working - willDiscipleship1, 750:that he can be permitted to focus himself permanently within the group aura. This happens when heDiscipleship2, 74:is a subjective relation with which nothing can permanently interfere. There may come theseDiscipleship2, 369:an oriented [369] perception of that which lies permanently within the consciousness of theDiscipleship2, 489:You are not discarding the physical body permanently, therefore the life thread anchored in theDiscipleship2, 640:therefore, when the focus of consciousness is permanently in the soul. This is not possible for anyExternalisation, 220:and the springs of the divine life are not to be permanently directed into wrong channels ofExternalisation, 588:has become general, the idea (by this time permanently present in the human consciousnessExternalisation, 628:in mass formation this question of money, can permanently rechannel it. There are writers andFire, 114:plane vehicle, the buddhic, and has escaped permanently from the personality ring-pass-not, on theHealing, 90:correct thinking and soul contact - will become permanently established. There are, therefore, veryHealing, 282:in its original basic concept of the mind as a permanently existent factor; its over-emphasis uponHealing, 283:its basic tenets. Otherwise Man might have been permanently deluded. Had Christian Science fulfiledHealing, 405:responsibilities have all been met, he enters permanently "into the clear cold light of love andHealing, 498:consciousness is now definitely focused and permanently centered in the mental vehicle), theMagic, 258:the "left-hand path" until soul consciousness is permanently established, and purity of motive hasMagic, 501:and clairaudient people) the solar plexus web is permanently ruptured early in life and easilyMeditation, 146:his group, and later consciously dwell there permanently. This method is the one most largely used,Patanjali, 400:impulses and desires which tend to affect permanently the body of the higher, or causal Self. HenceProblems, 81:changed that right human relations can be permanently established? These relationships can bePsychology2, 87:emphasis of world thought will be definitely and permanently on "the side of the angels." Note thePsychology2, 481:into a current of activity which may succeed in permanently orienting his life (often quitePsychology2, 604:experience which should, in this life, be permanently transcended and outgrown, having served itsPsychology2, 695:and the waiting Hierarchy. Once this channel is permanently established and a large enough numberRays, 156:from illusion, but there is then no fear of his permanently turning back and reaching the left-handRays, 163:or abstracts Himself and enters consciously and permanently into the great center, Shamballa. TheRays, 607:I mean cessation of contact (temporarily or permanently) with physical form, with astral glamor andRays, 607:the spirit aspect is released (temporarily or permanently) from imprisonment in some kind of formRays, 705:to the buddhic plane, from which plane he must permanently work and not just occasionally, as hasRays, 721:Hierarchy should take which will drastically and permanently affect the planet on which They haveReappearance, 177:in mass formation this question of money, can permanently rechannel it. There are writers and
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