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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMEATED

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Autobiography, 180:other. She had a caustic tongue and yet was so permeated with "It" that no matter where we were theAutobiography, 223:had to contend with was the spirit of evil which permeated the place and the peculiarly decadentBethlehem, 264:in a new way, in new terms, by those who are permeated with the new vision. We need what Dr.Discipleship2, 223:of the planetary Logos. Shamballa itself is also permeated with his thought and conscious (if I mayFire, 79:etheric body has been described as a network, permeated with fire, or as a web, animated withFire, 102:receives prana from the sun after it has permeated the planetary etheric vehicle, so that it isFire, 346:the vibration of the germ of mentality had permeated the substance like yeast. Thus wasFire, 640:- S. D., I, 145, 146. The matter of the form is permeated with fire. - S. D., I, 112. TheHealing, 58:are of such ancient origin that the very soil is permeated with the germs of these diseases - aMagic, 78:so oft afford. The environment has been long permeated with the strong vibrations of the great OnesMagic, 206:so is the life of the man in the three worlds permeated by spiritual energy. There is thePsychology2, 639:Situation The ferment in the world today has permeated the very lowest depths of humanity. AllRays, 363:higher levels of the cosmic etheric plane are permeated with energies emanating from the cosmicRays, 418:Degrees are predominantly Christian, though permeated with Jewish names and words. This too shouldRays, 699:In the same way, the concept of sacrifice has permeated all the teaching anent the Crucifixion or
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