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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMEATING

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Astrology, 156:the Son which attracts to the Hierarchy; and the permeating, intelligent activity of the HolyDiscipleship1, 440:you would bathe in the waters of the sea. See it permeating every part of your physical equipmentEducation, viii:age there have been increasing evidences of the permeating power of Oriental thought in the fieldsEducation, 57:wherein the light of knowledge is definitely permeating the dark places of the earth. A mass ofExternalisation, 697:of many millions. Their ideas are already permeating world thinking. I would remind you also (forFire, 317:fundamental factor, and must be recognized. This permeating principle of manas - coloring as itFire, 353:A solar Logos in a still wider sense is the permeating universal Mind, the manasic principle, plusFire, 401:or microcosmic. It is the fire of divine impulse permeating all forms and driving those forms toFire, 794:planets." As these bodies are organs of energy, permeating the dense form, the study of theFire, 855:perfume. Those whose occult "smell" or aroma is permeating their environment. They are those EgosHealing, 240:by the center under consideration. This permeating energy of life itself, localized and qualified,Healing, 345:life, and secondly, that there is but one Life permeating all forms, and therefore transferableMeditation, 26:Hierarchy it is apparent that the divine fire is permeating and warming and radiating throughoutPsychology1, 121:nevertheless that when the nature of the energy permeating and animating any particular kingdom inPsychology2, 511:human thought on a large scale; it is permeating the structure of our civilization and willPsychology2, 608:of this diffused misty light within the head, permeating, apparently, the entire head. ThePsychology2, 634:The bourgeois mind is today slowly and steadily permeating the masses, the proletariat, and it isSoul, 67:it works in and through matter, infusing and permeating matter with its own principle of energy andTelepathy, 145:the network of the etheric body is to be found permeating every single part. It is peculiarly
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