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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMISSION

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Autobiography, 61:returning very late at night, because they had permission for me to hold a Gospel meeting in theirAutobiography, 165:reach his destination but the Dalai Lama refused permission for him to cross the frontier. DuringAutobiography, 201:in that town. I went to the rector and asked permission because England is a very small country andAutobiography, 201:well known. The rector said he would have to get permission of the Bishop and this permission wasAutobiography, 201:have to get permission of the Bishop and this permission was refused and the rector came and toldAutobiography, 228:but I wrote to the head of the order and asked permission to join but received no reply. TheBethlehem, ix:far. - H. Le Gallienne. Reprinted with the kind permission of The New York Times and the Author. Discipleship1, X:for aspirants everywhere after requesting permission from those who received them. One is the needDiscipleship1, 33:and have demanded it more loudly than the permission to be silent about their soul life. TheirDiscipleship1, 366:authority has descended upon her. She has asked permission to leave my group and for some one elseDiscipleship1, 463:the need is great. When it is great, you have permission thus to call. Discipleship1, 463:your inner contact with myself. I gave you "permission thus to call." I foresaw the agony of yourDiscipleship1, 478:months, need my thought and help, you have my permission to approach me as you do at the time ofDiscipleship2, 91:still persists, even though in so few cases can permission to move closer be granted; they are notDiscipleship2, 336:for initiation. This decision to do so, and permission having been granted from Shamballa, certainDiscipleship2, 590:with your own Master, of whom I am, with his permission, at this time the chosen representative.Discipleship2, 642:the sense of personal identity. Until I give you permission, do not hold this listening attitudeDiscipleship2, 673:may consult in connection with their work. This permission to approach is only accorded when loveDiscipleship2, 715:for a year at least, or until I again give you permission to resume. You are constantly withdrawingExternalisation, 10:and who takes possession with his conscious permission in order to serve some spiritual end andExternalisation, 133:around 1575 A.D. This was due to the fact that permission for the inflow of this force was givenHealing, 499:will; these are recognized by the disciple, and permission to use them in their proper word-formsHercules, 99:him who was the Teacher of his life, and gained permission to wear the skin in place of thatMeditation, 121:to use certain forms and mantrams without the permission of the Teacher, involves the student withMeditation, 165:be sounded by the pupil before that time without permission, though he may participate at times inPsychology1, 398:sincerity, believing they knew best - was the permission to enact each year, on the return of thePsychology2, 98:all that he sought the least. "He craved permission to return. "He sought the Throne on high andPsychology2, 691:out God's plans, when given the right and the permission of men? Your major job at this time is notRays, 335:and was in part a demand by the Hierarchy for permission to move along the Way. The releasing ofRays, 679:and for the use of force, and the keynote is permission to take what you want [680] irrespective ofRays, 685:in his experience; this carries with it the permission (soul enjoined or given) to proceed furtherReappearance, 72:His decision as final and irrevocable, was the permission or rather the right to use a certainReappearance, 73:bringing His disciples with Him, drew forth this permission from the Lord of the World, the Ancient
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