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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMIT

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Healing, 310:difficulty is that modern medicine does not yet permit the hypothesis of hidden cause except thoseHealing, 310:existing heart trouble. It does not yet permit of those factors which trace back to an earlierHealing, 357:rectitude and sound judgment which does not permit those who hold it to see that there is perhaps aHealing, 362:inner relaxation in the world of men which will permit the devas to work. It is their readiness andHealing, 502:must renounce the principle of life and thus permit the Monad to stand free. The soul responds. TheHealing, 536:must renounce the principle of life and thus permit the Monad to stand free. The soul responds. TheHealing, 605:energy in the area of the point of friction and permit nature itself to bring about an unassistedHealing, 647:but am referring to an existing deva) will not permit a healing deva to collaborate; they are onlyHealing, 652:will be employed (if the patient's faculties permit) with due preparation for the "beneficent andHealing, 657:to do but to hold his soul alignment steady and permit nothing to disturb his personality vehicles.Healing, 676:Their work is too potent and too important to permit them to do so, and the will energy, embodyingHealing, 678:must renounce the principle of life, and thus permit the Monad to stand free. The soul responds.Healing, 690:must renounce the principle of life, and thus permit the Monad to stand free. The soul responds.Hercules, 202:view that the status of humanity would not permit more than an over-shadowing by the Christ. WhenInitiation, 34:its then limitation. To open another door, and permit members of the human family who were willingInitiation, 197:psychic faculties of any kind should not permit themselves to eat eggs and very little cheese. MilkInitiation, 201:a teacher, the pupils will pledge themselves to permit no experimentation in their lives, and noIntellect, 154:can be sufficiently quieted and controlled to permit [155] of their visioning the door and passingIntellect, 206:dynamic interest in something else. We refuse to permit our minds to range the world at will, or toIntellect, 260:to keep the energy contacted in the head and to permit it to work out through creative activity ofMagic, 32:may be sought, but beyond that you should not permit yourself to go. The value of theseMagic, 79:is gradually being brought about, and this may permit of definite occult work being attempted withMagic, 79:may sweep out lower grade matter, and thus permit the free play of a higher vibration. AnotherMagic, 84:wheel, and the coming in of a cycle which will permit of their fulfiling their destiny. The time isMagic, 240:of an attitude of mind which refuses to permit time for illusory fears to grow. Fear is the mainMagic, 330:meditative and reflective condition which will permit it to recognize the next unfoldment ofMagic, 341:of man. This needs emphasis. Fourthly, do not permit yourselves to be discouraged. DiscouragementMagic, 379:enough and individualized enough to permit of a drastic change in method and practice. All thisMagic, 504:exercise as one falls to sleep. One should not permit oneself to drift off to sleep, but shouldMagic, 590:period of our history there are few whose lives permit of this seclusion. This is however a mostMagic, 625:there is a refusal to take hasty action and to permit separation to creep in, then there will beMagic, 631:into the field of ordinary criticism, and they permit no condemnation of others; they are animatedMagic, 636:and to the faults inherent in his nature and permit them to hinder his work and come between himMeditation, 9:meditation is to assist alignment and so permit of contact with the Higher Self; hence itsMeditation, 29:Soul, aptly described (as far as earth words permit) as a collection of triads, enclosed in aMeditation, 70:Enough has, nevertheless, been done to permit of the erection of the scaffolding for the newMeditation, 89:The dangers attached thereto are too great to permit of their being communicated in an esotericMeditation, 89:and until such time as world conditions permit of a certain period of relaxation from the presentMeditation, 105:of a strained energy and restlessness that permit of no relaxation; of an irritability that hasMeditation, 154:disciple can go forward on the Path. We cannot permit those we teach to do certain things, norMeditation, 178:lives it works the other way. Mantrams that permit of intercourse with the devas once they haveMeditation, 232:difference can be apprehended sufficiently to permit the pupil to realize the absolute necessity ofMeditation, 276:Great Lord for a length of time sufficient to permit of the initiation ceremony. The applicationMeditation, 300:being universally admitted will, therefore, permit of the founding of a chain of inner schools...Meditation, 313:of that measure of mental control that will permit the wisdom of the Triad to pour down into theMeditation, 318:The risks of occult training are too great to permit of trifling, and what the Head demands must bePatanjali, 45:are called the "discriminative adepts" as they permit no excesses of any kind. Their method is toPatanjali, 123:a percentage which entered the race too late to permit of the full flowering of the soul) willPatanjali, 196:stage in evolution and the medium [196] employed permit. Truth, therefore, involves the ability ofProblems, 31:distributing it as nature does? Or will they permit it to fall into the hands of a few powerfulProblems, 112:insistent upon the defense of the constitution - permit this condition to exist and perpetuate inProblems, 173:of interest of the masses of the people which permit the wrong men to be in power; it is fear ofPsychology1, 5:more than his nervous system, brain and glands permit. We find, however, that some of the theories,Psychology1, 54:as much of the world soul as its capacity will permit. The atom of substance, the molecule or thePsychology1, 74:the new forms will come into being which will permit of purer ray types, and thus of more trulyPsychology1, 95:and a consequent group consciousness will permit them to see the purpose underlying the working ofPsychology1, 102:web will shortly be dissipated, and this will permit a more rapid inflow of the third aspect ofPsychology1, 304:sexual relations of the right kind, within the permit of the spiritual law as well as the law ofPsychology1, 362:fulfil the command of the historical Christ to permit his light to shine forth. The sixth rayPsychology2, 107:at this time. First, see to it that you permit no rift to appear in the inner relation in which youPsychology2, 142:to usher in that new and better age which will permit the fostering of the souls of men." So runsPsychology2, 239:the awakening of that inner vision which will permit a flash of the Reality to enter into man'sPsychology2, 256:- as far as the capacity of each of us will permit. Only in this way will there come to us not onlyPsychology2, 334:that the personality ray and the egoic ray permit of analysis and definition. Until there isPsychology2, 369:will neither veil nor hide the Self, but will permit the nature of that Self to penetrate the veilsPsychology2, 458:the body. The cases to which I am here referring permit of no cure as there is no ego to call intoPsychology2, 459:forms of insanity, being incurable, will not-permit of psychological help. All that can be done isPsychology2, 482:coming into [482] incarnation at this time to permit the danger to grow out of all bounds, andPsychology2, 537:any kind as the development of the man does not permit him to be creative in the higher sense. ThePsychology2, 567:Those whose evolutionary stage is low enough to permit of their automatic use. Those who havePsychology2, 719:the immediate physical stress is too great to permit the recognition and the assimilation of thePsychology2, 724:which will end this cycle of danger points, and permit the racial consciousness to subside into aRays, 125:of the technique of the Masters, whereby They permit a fallacy to remain uncorrected (because it isRays, 154:responsibility - spiritually speaking - is to permit no hindrance, on the part of the supplementaryRays, 169:must remain temporarily unexpressed in order to permit them to work with substance and specificallyRays, 213:exists in its various degrees in order to Permit of a wide range of effective relationships. PonderRays, 287:and the establishing of those conditions which permit of soul knowledge are the elementary lessonsRays, 389:must find an exit and discover a door which will permit Him to enter the Way of the HigherRays, 547:construction, the Antahkarana is adequate to permit some contact with the Ashram and with certainRays, 605:or as brief as its historical importance will permit and its definitive angle will allow. The wholeRays, 626:will recover, provided she does not again permit herself to become a battleground, owing to herRays, 638:a situation can be brought about which will permit the return of the Christ into objective relationRays, 702:to crucifixion, if you care to use that word; to permit yourself to get accustomed to sufferingReappearance, 17:will work through them when conditions permit and there is a living nucleus of true spiritualityReappearance, 128:process; they are at present too selfish to permit it to happen. You can see, therefore, thatReappearance, 162:of good and evil fight it out alone? Why not permit the pressure of the evolutionary current -Reappearance, 164:in any political system; they will not accept or permit the rule of any body of men who undertakeReappearance, 183:meditative and reflective condition which will permit it to recognize the next unfoldment of
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