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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMITTED

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Astrology, 4:with the general public - the inference is permitted and accepted by the ignorant. Upon this theoryAstrology, 169:life to the soul and to human service, can he be permitted to pass through the door of initiationAstrology, 170:and India knows this truth. Though India has permitted the physical act to usurp the place of aAstrology, 197:Spirit, soul and body. More than this it is not permitted to me to convey to you. I may, however,Astrology, 315:achieved divinity (and this many have done), was permitted to see the "golden thread of light andAstrology, 373:focus by the Guides of the race and when not permitted to pursue too long and too terrible aAstrology, 451:development of the disciple can and should be permitted to take place, provided there is noAstrology, 682:needs elucidation somewhat, though it may not be permitted to do more than convey a few hints as toAstrology, 690:in the Heavens was formed under law which permitted a flow of force, producing vibration on theAtom, 131:becomes unselfish will this tremendous power be permitted to pass into his hands. Nevertheless, weAutobiography, 25:to have lunch in the dining room but were not permitted to speak and our good behavior and silenceAutobiography, 135:in me an inability to be idle. I was never permitted to be idle, so I never am. A third reason isAutobiography, 148:did something to me and, although I have never permitted it to affect my actions, I have had toAutobiography, 150:to have any courage, except that I have not permitted it to condition my actions and I stay aloneAutobiography, 196:combination of both. No Arcane School member is permitted, by the heads of the T.S. to belong toAutobiography, 230:in imminent danger of collapse. We have been permitted to do certain things. Other disciples andAutobiography, 253:Criticism is wholesome as long as it is not permitted to become destructive. Autobiography, 292:discussions. Our secretaries are not permitted to enter into political or religious arguments withBethlehem, 70:planet be indeed of such interest to God that He permitted this great experiment to be tried here?Bethlehem, 108:while in the wilderness? For what purpose are we permitted to share with Him this experience? ManyBethlehem, 150:for faithfulness and recognition, they were permitted to see the Transfiguration. "When the mind,"Bethlehem, 158:attained to that of worth and value which can be permitted, under the divine Plan, to be crucified.Destiny, 55:of any nation can see the picture whole or be permitted to know the exact part their nation mustDestiny, 85:basic motivating power of the British soul is permitted expression. Hitherto it has been primarilyDiscipleship1, 31:what occult progress in the world you have been permitted to see during this present life time?Discipleship1, 31:disciples and aspirants everywhere have been permitted to share? I would like briefly to enlarge,Discipleship1, 32:by side upon earth. You have, therefore, been permitted to share in and watch the work of theDiscipleship1, 57:recognized, lived through, tolerated and not permitted to produce any limitation. All disciplesDiscipleship1, 64:in line with the Plan. Disciples are not permitted to call into play and functioning activity theDiscipleship1, 71:not insuperable, otherwise I would not have been permitted to make this great experiment. We enterDiscipleship1, 109:own nature; we, the teachers, are only permitted to put the seal of recognition upon the factDiscipleship1, 203:the Tibetan remarks that this affiliation is permitted because "he lived fully up to the light thatDiscipleship1, 336:you - may be truly worked out. Nothing will be permitted by you to arrest your spiritualDiscipleship1, 353:creative factors by the time a man is permitted to take initiation. The esoteric facts learned andDiscipleship1, 368:a comment you yourself made to me that you have permitted your life to be ruled by expediency andDiscipleship1, 438:those you serve. It could give you also, if you permitted it, a tendency to be yourself glimmeredDiscipleship1, 451:and nations in the world today who can be permitted to use force against forms and materialismDiscipleship1, 452:of the future are given free expression and permitted a hearing. There is, therefore, in thisDiscipleship1, 521:sway and that old emotional reactions are not permitted to take form. Note how I have worded thisDiscipleship1, 549:life in the market place of life - if I might be permitted to speak thus symbolically. Know you notDiscipleship1, 614:work in the group up to date and this cannot be permitted much longer. Work along this line can beDiscipleship1, 673:or sutratma. The stage wherein the chela is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up aDiscipleship1, 673:to an interview with the Master. This is only permitted to those trusted chelas who can be dependedDiscipleship1, 711:are dimmed and the light of the soul is permitted to pour through. Then the Master can be known andDiscipleship1, 713:or Sutratma. The stage wherein the disciple is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up aDiscipleship1, 713:to an interview with the Master. This is only permitted to those trusted chelas who can be dependedDiscipleship1, 742:This thread enables the disciple (if he has been permitted to learn how to use it) to returnDiscipleship1, 745:the name implies, the disciple at this point is permitted to call the attention of the Master; thisDiscipleship1, 749:by me, runs as follows: "The stage wherein he is permitted to know the method whereby he may setDiscipleship1, 750:has achieved "occult serenity" that he can be permitted to focus himself permanently within theDiscipleship1, 750:this peace is not serenity and a chela is only permitted to dwell within the Master's aura whenDiscipleship1, 751:to him than service for others - he is permitted to attract the Master's attention when help isDiscipleship1, 786:Criticism is wholesome so long as it is not permitted to become destructive. Discipleship2, 87:Wisdom issued by the Hierarchy. They must not be permitted to become a Bible of a sect, as has beenDiscipleship2, 119:plus direct contact with myself, you were permitted together to link heart, head and solar plexus.Discipleship2, 154:- penetrate into the thinking processes (by permitted spiritual telepathy or impressibility) ofDiscipleship2, 226:with hierarchical intention - as far as I am permitted to know it? Have I - in my own personalDiscipleship2, 245:to contact me at will - a thing as yet only permitted to three of you at this time, and thisDiscipleship2, 298:approaching. Only now have those forces been permitted entrance into our planetary life which willDiscipleship2, 299:which concerns the true disciple, if I may be permitted this play on words. One of the firstDiscipleship2, 316:with another problem. How could this be permitted with safety so that, in its avidity for pureDiscipleship2, 324:be inferred that a certain slackness is to be permitted or that the requirements are not so drasticDiscipleship2, 331:difficulties and personality problems are not permitted entrance into an Ashram; only evolutionaryDiscipleship2, 376:yet reached the stage wherein direct contact is permitted, but still needs the ashramic protectionDiscipleship2, 403:The process in which the initiate is now permitted to share during and after the fourth InitiationDiscipleship2, 414:to become a soul-infused personality and thus permitted entrance into the appropriate Ashram? OrDiscipleship2, 414:and by the aura of the Ashram in which he is now permitted to work, to discover for himself thatDiscipleship2, 421:activity. Recognition of the limit of the permitted expansion of consciousness, with a simultaneousDiscipleship2, 432:of Polarization, the Master of his Ashram is permitted to help. The stage of precipitation fallsDiscipleship2, 466:at this time, those needed inner steps which are permitted to the Master of any Ashram in order toDiscipleship2, 490:silent, poised expectancy, and nothing else is permitted. This you must work to attain. Note (if itDiscipleship2, 503:way as old age draws near, and it must not be permitted to disappear through the transition ofDiscipleship2, 556:that he can be depended upon. He is then "permitted to move throughout the Ashram withoutDiscipleship2, 631:understanding of the problems to be met. It is permitted to me to give a general call and to stateDiscipleship2, 631:govern the work of my disciples. It is not permitted for me to say when or where that service mustDiscipleship2, 633:is a man whose character and capacities have permitted him to enter the Ashram with the fullDiscipleship2, 666:I cannot express this more clearly, as it is not permitted, but once you are clear in your own mindDiscipleship2, 671:immediately apparent; they are what I might be permitted to call "sparking" concepts, and they canDiscipleship2, 701:you made, at a terrific cost, a sacrifice which permitted entry of the soul as a thread of radiantDiscipleship2, 746:link between you two is strong and you have ever permitted her to speak to you with frankness.Education, 59:realm to which the ordinary student is not permitted to penetrate. If this were all that it is,Education, 105:countries. In the totalitarian states it is not permitted on the same scale, as the youth in thoseEducation, 107:present planetary situation has been permitted. [108] Education, 112:power or by hatred; there is also that which is permitted by the soul in due and right time, and itEducation, 112:life. Therefore, there is much destruction permitted by the Custodians of the Plan and much evilEducation, 121:relegated to the background. This was permitted to continue without arrest for a long period ofExternalisation, 17:to the rules and instructions. He should not be permitted to be afraid or to refuse to subjectExternalisation, 55:doctrines, if such an undesirable word can be permitted. It is with the elaboration of these threeExternalisation, 106:which was set up and the light which was permitted to creep through after the last hierarchicalExternalisation, 108:sufficiently expressing itself; it was, however, permitted because it way realized that it wouldExternalisation, 115:of the old and loved values, and it must not be permitted." That humanity is bringing about thisExternalisation, 187:the need of Germany. The lesser Axis powers are permitted existence only because they benefitExternalisation, 188:inferior. Only a chosen aristocracy should be permitted the privilege of education and of rule. TheExternalisation, 191:individual trends and racial qualities will be permitted full expression. In one particular onlyExternalisation, 191:It will not be optional. No nation will be permitted to produce and organize any equipment forExternalisation, 262:a possibility that it might now be more safely permitted if enough people can stand togetherExternalisation, 334:against, not in the sense that it must not be permitted expression, but in the sense that it mustExternalisation, 349:self, the quaternary. Enough light has been permitted to penetrate by the efforts of the Buddha, toExternalisation, 370:thing to do. Retribution and revenge must not be permitted, and yet at the same time a just paymentExternalisation, 375:what place in the family of nations they will be permitted to hold, and whether the evil plans of
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