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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMITTED

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Externalisation, 376:by showing us what must not, and shall not, be permitted. The democracies have awakened also toExternalisation, 378:those sad lands where freedom of speech is not permitted. Externalisation, 425:certain spiritual restrictions. Coercion is not permitted; the minds of men must be and are leftExternalisation, 425:free; the stimulation of the souls of men is permitted, because it results in the stimulation ofExternalisation, 426:of a terror campaign. These are not permitted by the rules of the Brothers of Humanity. From aExternalisation, 433:His humblest friends and personal workers, I am permitted to tell you a little of His position asExternalisation, 458:and Their chosen Emissary. He (if one may be permitted to personalize the impersonal) is in truthExternalisation, 470:in glamor and illusion, that His death has been permitted to sidestep understanding; consequently,Externalisation, 473:so pure, so holy and so enlightened that He was permitted to embody for us the great cosmicExternalisation, 632:world have been securely anchored (if I may be permitted to use such a term), and these constituteExternalisation, 637:from the rest of mankind. The evil must not be permitted or allowed to triumph, but the unhappy andExternalisation, 640:refuse to foretell what will happen. It is not permitted. I have felt it necessary to summarize theExternalisation, 653:human methods and techniques must not be permitted at this time. The first lesson, therefore, whichExternalisation, 657:upon this energy much speculation has been permitted and many false thought-forms have been built.Externalisation, 658:life in all beings; it has in the past only been permitted to make contact with "the substance ofExternalisation, 658:the Hierarchy. Lately, direct impact has been permitted experimentally and of this the world warFire, 123:(in a few cases) a quickening of the process is permitted in order to equip workers in the field ofFire, 192:hearing on the physical plane be likewise permitted. Hearing on the mental plane is simply anFire, 366:needs elucidation somewhat, though it may not be permitted to do more than convey a few hints as toFire, 367:Venus scheme. Until more detailed information is permitted publication anent these two greatFire, 388:and each of Them vitalizes one globe. It is not permitted at this stage to state, for exotericFire, 392:time," if such an expression might reverently be permitted. The Lords of the Dark Face, or theFire, 407:and felt. On this I cannot enlarge, being only permitted to make the statement. The consciousnessFire, 417:this time, and much that has hitherto not been permitted publication. It is necessary again toFire, 427:mental plane. The laws of fire will be gradually permitted exoteric publication; there areFire, 469:are, for instance, the only unit in form [469] permitted to pass beyond the plane ring-pass-not.Fire, 473:or on the cosmic etheric levels may contact be permitted; on the planes of the cosmic denseFire, 487:of his threefold personality can he occultly be permitted to be an alchemist of the fourth order,Fire, 559:impression, and individualization will again be permitted. [560] It will be generally recognized atFire, 618:which can be controlled and subdued but which is permitted to govern. The positive can alwaysFire, 699:in the Heavens was formed under law which permitted a flow of force, producing vibration on theFire, 909:and indiscriminate, hasty marriage will not be permitted, nor will juveniles be allowed rashly toFire, 909:and all that those upon the inner side are permitted to do is to give a hint or an indication.Fire, 911:human and deva, might be now tentatively permitted, and, secondly, to reveal some of the methods ofFire, 979:that all neophytes and probationers were not permitted to speak for two years after entering theFire, 1005:the initial purpose of the solar Angel has been permitted to bring in an unworthy vibration. ThisFire, 1120:It will be apparent therefore, why it is not permitted here to make public the names of the sevenFire, 1141:the Gunas; it will be found by disciples (when permitted access to the records) that theyFire, 1243:in mind and no confusion of thought must be permitted that these terms are the generic names givenFire, 1245:Path as some of the others, and only enough are permitted to do so to carry on planetary evolutionFire, 1250:polarized in His cosmic astral body, it is not permitted to hint at the name of the constellation.Fire, 1256:up office as a planetary Logos. More it is not permitted to say and the above is but a symbolic wayFire, 1260:with the planetary antahkarana. It is not permitted, therefore, to state what its specific qualityFire, 1263:the imprisonment of polar magnetism. It is not permitted to say more. The symbol of this path isGlamour, 104:on in these groups has been undertaken and permitted. Glamour, 130:and the Custodians of the Plan are never permitted to become such until they are free from theGlamour, 200:they are temporary and illusory and must not be permitted to hide the Real. That Reality willHealing, 99:it is far too dangerous a procedure to be permitted. Will energy (particularly that of a number ofHealing, 99:in abeyance. Only initiates of high degree are permitted to cure by the power of the will, focusedHealing, 111:desirable (and it often is) that the disease be permitted to do its work and death open the door toHealing, 150:and the thoughts of the student must not be permitted to rove too far afield but must beHealing, 206:knowledge has tapped and brought in is not permitted (during the healing process) to stimulate orHealing, 287:is not sent to the center and there permitted to accumulate. It is passed through the center, firstHealing, 293:me to elucidate this theme. All I can do or am permitted to do is to give you seven stanzas fromHealing, 350:in old age and in infancy - that could be well permitted liberation. They serve no useful purposeHealing, 432:work out unarrested. The explosion is therefore permitted; nevertheless, all the time a controllingHealing, 440:and weakness has supervened, the dying person be permitted to prepare himself, even if apparentlyHealing, 457:anent color is known, only orange lights will be permitted in the sick room of a dying person, andHealing, 459:in the room, and no incense of any other kind permitted, for sandalwood is the incense of the FirstHealing, 485:for delay exists, cremation can be rightly permitted in twelve hours. It is wise, however, to waitHealing, 576:only the first initiation were given them and permitted to use them. It is their AtlanteanHealing, 578:emphasized. This achieved, so-called purity permitted the free flow of the pranic currents from theHealing, 595:The true science of the centers will only be permitted free circulation when - and only when - menHealing, 647:a healing deva to collaborate; they are only permitted to approach where healing is indicated. Healing, 649:or aspect of the healer's body or bodies is ever permitted to be negative, and the fiction that theHealing, 654:the relationship steady; no interference must be permitted in the work being done by the patient'sInitiation, 85:further expansion of the channel can be safely permitted. Many of us are working on all the threeInitiation, 91:expressing energy dies out entirely. He then is permitted, by gradually expanding realizations, toInitiation, 122:council chambers of his own Hierarchy, but is permitted entrance also when agents from otherInitiation, 186:Path as some of the others, and only enough are permitted to do so to carry on planetary evolutionInitiation, 199:superiors will a wise latitude in speech be permitted. There is a time to speak. That time comesIntellect, 141:apparatus has also been stilled and is no longer permitted to register information from its usualIntellect, 222:of the East, the control of the breath was only permitted after the first three "means to union,"Intellect, 226:we could shine and lord it over others. We were permitted to pasture up in the boggy meadows ofIntellect, 226:them the bright fields of spirit; we were permitted to think we think... until in the pinch ofIntellect, 228:the words: "Thou God seest me." The mind is not permitted to falter in its concentration on theirMagic, 82:laws, if such a paradoxical statement may be permitted. In the attempt to find out those laws, inMagic, 136:demonstrate its realities. Compromise has been permitted and in the occult world compromise isMagic, 137:Realization that, in the occult work, it is not permitted to interfere with personal karma any moreMagic, 137:with personal karma any more than it is permitted to shield from the consequences of action. ThisMagic, 173:Thread, or Sutratma." The stage wherein he is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up aMagic, 173:to an interview with the Master. This is only permitted to those trusted chelas who can be dependedMagic, 187:for a man to wait a little while before being permitted to step off the physical path until a lifeMagic, 213:This H.P.B. knew, but the apparent confusion was permitted until more of the etheric nature ofMagic, 435:or that which "holds back" and which - if permitted to influence unduly - will produce inertia. InMagic, 490:life. Certain lines of thought will not be permitted; certain old thought habits will be offset byMagic, 499:and weakness has supervened, the dying person be permitted to prepare himself, even if apparentlyMagic, 505:anent color is known, only orange lights will be permitted in the sick room of a dying person, andMagic, 507:in the room and no incense of any other kind permitted, for sandalwood is the incense of the firstMagic, 551:which he must possess before he is permitted to carry forward the magical work, leads to theMagic, 581:is told. But more I dare not give and it is not permitted to me to speak more clearly. Few are yetMagic, 587:thought - in connection with the centers - permitted to the aspirant. By that I mean he is notMagic, 612:is almost incapable of explanation and it is not permitted to me to give to you the words thatMeditation, 48:prior to taking Initiation will the pupil be permitted to retire for periods of any length. It isMeditation, 68:attainment and those nearing Initiation will be permitted to take part. Forget not that theseMeditation, 90:value of a personality. This can only be permitted when the student can be silent, selfless andMeditation, 103:of his higher centers. This fire should only be permitted to circulate under the direct instructionMeditation, 116:has to serve in a threefold manner before he is permitted to change his line of action and pass onMeditation, 130:faculty before psychic faculty can be safely permitted; they demand service to the race every dayMeditation, 130:throughout the scope of life before a man may be permitted to manipulate the forces of nature, to
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