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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERMITTED

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Meditation, 137:of the physical body, of clean steady emotion permitted in the emotional body, and of purity ofMeditation, 162:effects. So powerful are they that they are not permitted to be [163] known by the ordinary studentMeditation, 182:of the two evolving groups is to be somewhat permitted, though not as yet with the involving group.Meditation, 183:will certain of the old mantrams [183] be permitted circulation. Their action, interaction andMeditation, 193:the good of all can be found, will this power be permitted to return to the common knowledge ofMeditation, 269:of light from the threefold Spirit. Thus he is permitted to touch that Triad and the group on theMeditation, 281:and approved are the necessary steps for contact permitted. A Master is only interested in a manMeditation, 306:will be again, during the earlier stages, permitted national schools. The exceptions are: GreatMeditation, 309:later dates. This much of the plan has been permitted publication as an incentive to all of you toMeditation, 327:other two periods of meditation, the pupil is permitted to relax, take his meals and recreateMeditation, 331:be expressed in terms of service before he is permitted to pass on into the advanced school. I haveMeditation, 346:tend, as is well known. No excessive emotion is permitted, though strong currents of love for allPatanjali, 69:are thus realized just as pure vision permitted its owner to tap the resources of pure wisdom. WithPatanjali, 91:the solar system, the vastest universe he is permitted to cognize in this greater cycle. His soulPatanjali, 187:in conduct must be observed and no latitude is permitted in these respects no matter what one'sPatanjali, 187:of reward (such as psychic unfoldment) are not permitted by the true guru or teacher until yama orPatanjali, 190:and no [190] time element can hinder, is a man permitted to become the disciple of some Master.Patanjali, 279:this power to read the minds of others is only permitted to the yogi in those cases where it isPatanjali, 279:This power is a dangerous one to use and is only permitted to trained disciples. [280] Patanjali, 291:these forms of one-pointed meditation are only permitted after the eight means of yoga (dealt withProblems, 24:free election, if peoples in disputed areas are permitted by a free plebiscite to decide their ownProblems, 98:to appear in many countries in which no Jew was permitted to reside or to purchase property or toProblems, 169:They have left the power in the wrong hands and permitted the selfish and the undesirable to lead.Psychology1, 367:such a manner that delay may eventuate. They are permitted to have the general outline of theirPsychology1, 388:any race can see the picture as a whole and be permitted to know the part their particular nationPsychology2, 11:the effectiveness of the divine character, when permitted scope and as the product of thePsychology2, 44:forced into a prolonged silence. Speech was not permitted. This was inculcated as a check uponPsychology2, 51:of an individual soul, if such a misnomer may be permitted. These five points of crisis mark thePsychology2, 213:consideration of species and of types may not be permitted; it is futile and a waste of time. WhatPsychology2, 259:White Lodge. The Members of the Lodge are only permitted to work with the emerging qualitativePsychology2, 323:space - no synthesis (esoterically understood) permitted, but simply the isolated appearance of aPsychology2, 395:- all these stand revealed to the man who is permitted, as a soul, to meditate upon such a phrasePsychology2, 468:These states of mind are dangerous, if they are permitted to exist. There are, however, certainPsychology2, 593:soul; so that no obstruction and congestion is permitted and no lack of power - physical, psychic,Psychology2, 680:must be expressed, and no partisanship is permitted. No race or nation must be regarded (either inPsychology2, 682:Such groups now exist. No secrecy must ever be permitted in the work of the New Group of WorldRays, 76:forces. Therefore the Law of destruction was permitted to work through humanity itself, and men areRays, 89:practical synthesis, can the Shamballa energy be permitted complete inflow through the medium ofRays, 215:are held within the Ashram itself and are never permitted to enter the mind of the disciple or theRays, 215:meant by the silence of the initiate. Within the permitted levels of contact, speech is free andRays, 219:of the life at the heart of the jewel is not permitted full sway. It is blocked and intercepted byRays, 246:in his own inner experience, and has permitted those inner realizations to affect his outerRays, 248:the first letter of that "ineffable name" is permitted expression to initiates until the fourthRays, 330:affairs of humanity as far as innate free will permitted. On a higher turn of the spiral, thisRays, 335:force" because the hour of service had arrived, permitted (at the same time) the inflow of anRays, 409:plans, this decision was altered. I was permitted to add to that already given. This was due to twoRays, 544:result of wishful thinking. The disciple is only permitted to have contact with the Master's mindRays, 546:light and is simultaneously a server, he can be permitted to reach the Master with his own reactionRays, 560:Aspect. A study of the charts which I gave and permitted to appear in A Treatise on Cosmic FireRays, 562:outer plane of activity in service. He cannot be permitted to enter the life of the ashram andRays, 624:are basically objective. Their leaders have permitted the ideal of power (which is a greatRays, 626:thinking capacity and her curious innate cruelty permitted the Forces of Evil (temporarily) to workRays, 636:have worked for the Principle of Harmony and permitted time and the non-separativeness of theRays, 646:cry of humanity, energy from Shamballa has been permitted to play upon the "center which is calledRays, 695:renunciations; the reward is that he is then permitted to make a [696] perfectly free choice andRays, 717:process? Only one answer has as yet been permitted to be given. Sanat Kumara has created thisRays, 725:ancient phrases and the oral teaching which is permitted to escape into the minds of men. The pointRays, 725:Fire may bring enlightenment. Fixation is not permitted to the eternal pilgrim upon our littleReappearance, 9:men" of the ages. Others, greater still, are permitted to be the custodians of some divineReappearance, 31:ever known, but one which hitherto had not been permitted to be used except by the most exalted,Reappearance, 121:of humanity, as far as man's innate freedom permitted. Now, in the immediate future and on a higherSoul, 135:a man has achieved purity and poise. He is not permitted knowledge of the laws governing energyTelepathy, 70:Adepts and Initiates of the third degree) are permitted to know the details of the Plan; these areTelepathy, 73:to be evoked, and hence this technique is not permitted to those of lower status. A highlyTelepathy, 73:- in the earliest stages - the disciple is permitted to attract the attention of the Master. ThisTelepathy, 87:to be an impressing agent. The disciple is not permitted to practice the art of impressing until heTelepathy, 103:disciple becomes the accepted disciple and is permitted to participate in ashramic activity, heTelepathy, 182:itself. There is - as far as we have ever been permitted to know - only one Life, expressing itself
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