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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERPETUATE

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Bethlehem, 179:manifesting in one body. They may struggle to perpetuate the memory of the dead Christ upon theDestiny, 126:seventh ray cycle he will work equally hard to perpetuate what he has brought about. He wieldsExternalisation, 374:all other states as slave states; they would perpetuate the ancient evil of force and war and wouldFire, 274:- Plane Repetition. The tendency of atoms to perpetuate their activity, and thus produce similarityFire, 876:perform His Father's function, and produce and perpetuate that which is needed for the sustainingFire, 1168:and the romance of the elements. It serves to perpetuate the life of the mineral kingdom and toHealing, 14:itself as the urge to preserve and the urge to perpetuate - both the present form and the species.Healing, 223:the will-to-live, with its adjunct, the will-to-perpetuate and to live in one's children, isMeditation, 182:They called [182] the elemental hosts to perpetuate their vengeance on their enemies; they calledPatanjali, 198:power to create upon the physical plane and to perpetuate the race is the highest physical act ofProblems, 112:- permit this condition to exist and perpetuate in office these men who bring about a constantPsychology2, 674:Such action would continue the old methods and perpetuate the old hatreds. There must be no attackRays, 307:the form and the failure of the basic desire to perpetuate, which is what we imply when we speak ofRays, 636:whether they would endorse partition, and thus perpetuate the spirit of aggression and territorialRays, 636:case, through the endorsement of partition, they perpetuate the ancient technique of taking what isReappearance, 138:(fanatical though sincere) are seeking to perpetuate that which is old and which sufficed in theTelepathy, 184:in every form, and of this the instinct to perpetuate and the instinct to mate are the major
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