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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERPETUATION

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Astrology, 427:to the physical body and its expression of life perpetuation. That is the sacral center. Just asAtom, 25:is a most necessary stage in the development and perpetuation of the race. Out of this selfishAutobiography, 4:I can imagine nothing more appalling than the perpetuation of the Victorian era, for instance, withBethlehem, 247:has in it surely nothing to warrant its endless perpetuation. In short, a continuance of theBethlehem, 276:self-preservation and the creative urge to self-perpetuation. Perhaps these two are simply carriedDestiny, 11:and culture - one of which would be the perpetuation and crystallization of that which now existsDiscipleship2, 314:of the human mechanism which guarantees the perpetuation and the rapid unfoldment of the next stageEducation, 12:welfare by some aspect of active work and by the perpetuation of the species. Response to pureEducation, 139:in relation to racial generation and the perpetuation of the species, and with the science of lightExternalisation, 213:into the better way of life or permit the perpetuation of the old ways and the domination ofExternalisation, 313:on the path of discipleship) take refuge in the perpetuation of the activities with which they wereExternalisation, 699:demonstrate the principle which underlies the perpetuation of the race of men; They will also showFire, 647:of its seven stages. Continuity of existence. Perpetuation of species or reproduction on some orFire, 1068:of life; it might more truthfully be called the perpetuation of the form. Medical science todayFire, 1156:direction of egoic energy. They relate to the perpetuation of the physical form and have a closeFire, 1168:of the form in this particular cycle and its perpetuation. It is only powerful during the period ofGlamour, 107:of birth and death, of self-protection and perpetuation. There is little true glamor in theirHealing, 14:principle in matter, and the tendency to self-perpetuation of the life within the form is one ofHealing, 58:its use and control, and also upon its perpetuation or reproduction. It was in Lemurian times thatHealing, 484:in the West, have been responsible for the perpetuation of the etheric body, sometimes forMagic, 284:Lower brain Throat center Thyroid. 7. Self-perpetuation Sex organs Sacral center ReproductiveMagic, 285:Upper brain Head center Pineal gland. 4. Self-perpetuation Sex organs Sacral center Sex glands. 5.Magic, 285:lowest aspect of the vital life of God is the perpetuation of the species, and this is the resultMagic, 626:instinctual reaction of the human unit to self-perpetuation. The instinct of sex has its main rootProblems, 95:as among those among whom they live, but for the perpetuation of the separation the Jews arePsychology2, 19:or of that living principle which produces self-perpetuation, reproduction, motion, growth, andPsychology2, 25:his urge to self-preservation; then to self-perpetuation through the urge to reproduce; and next,Psychology2, 664:those who read these pages - a belief in the perpetuation of the conscious soul in some dimension.
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