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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSISTED

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Bethlehem, 126:of past experience. If the sense of God has persisted in the world for untold ages, and if theBethlehem, 263:stage, even though it may well be that it has persisted too long. It is time for us to end theDiscipleship1, 153:terms: Decisive action, carried forward and persisted in for the needed period of time is, for youDiscipleship1, 171:have outlined, draws forth my approval and - if persisted in - should prove of prolonged service toDiscipleship1, 360:with yourself and a sense of failure which - if persisted in - may damage the beautiful thing youDiscipleship1, 507:and, therefore, soul contact is your solution, persisted in steadily throughout each day. MeditateDiscipleship1, 513:blight so many lives. These three things, if persisted in and practiced, will do more to releaseDiscipleship2, 22:your utmost capacity and staying power but, if persisted in, it will hasten your development; thisDiscipleship2, 160:voiced, though the instinctual appeal still persisted. It was not intelligence, however, as weDiscipleship2, 316:and a cycle of "blank abstraction," which persisted in its crudest form until 1425 A.D., and sinceDiscipleship2, 510:which you have begun. NOTE: This disciple has persisted faithfully to serve as a steady center ofEducation, 108:fact that there is a hidden control which has persisted down the ages and which can be deduced fromExternalisation, 90:the prison bars grew firm as steel...But time persisted and the seven - each on his own lot - beganExternalisation, 183:and religious forms have played their part, have persisted or disappeared. The sorry history ofExternalisation, 685:to bring to an end the long silence which has persisted since Atlantean days; the Masters can nowFire, 716:in the animal kingdom - a stimulation which has persisted, and which has led to the phenomenon ofFire, 1113:The greater gulf was bridged. The lesser gulf persisted, and must be bridged by the living Sons ofGlamour, 62:suffering from illusion and as long as this is persisted in, the general illusion is strengthened.Healing, 40:which are the most prevalent. When they are persisted in over a long period of time, and areInitiation, 135:great activity, and also of strife. This strife, persisted in to the point of victory, will resultMagic, 329:and teaching has been set upon the race and has persisted for many centuries. What will be theMagic, 401:of concrete orthodoxy and political differences persisted for many generations and are stillMeditation, 96:of after a period [96] of meditation. If persisted in, it may lead to disaster. All beginners do itMeditation, 161:may be prone to some emotional storm. This - if persisted in - may set up an analogous vibration inProblems, 88:and which will bring humanity down in ruins if persisted in. There is, needless to say, an idealPsychology2, 461:- in the early stages - it is curable. If it is persisted in, however, it makes the man eventuallyPsychology2, 474:and which are of such potency that they have persisted in the desire life of many; the symbolicPsychology2, 586:and of mental development which would, if persisted in for a sufficient length of time,Psychology2, 724:crisis. The fanning of the hot embers (if persisted in long enough) must eventually bring about aReappearance, 182:and teaching has been set upon the race and has persisted for many centuries. What will be the
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