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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSON

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Invocation:Invocation or Prayer does not belong to any person or group but to all humanity. The beauty and theAstrology, 65:aware might be a very low one for another person. The constellations and the planets which governAstrology, 70:that of the undeveloped man or the self-centered person. This will have to be recognized. Those whoAstrology, 89:if, however, the subject is an advanced person, then the chart will be frequently wrong as theAstrology, 103:personality ambition in Capricorn? Or, is this person beginning to manifest as a soul, pouringAstrology, 133:manner for the ordinary average or undeveloped person, the Word is "And the Word said, Go forthAstrology, 167:when love and mind and will meet in the person of the Christ, and "He was transfigured" before allAstrology, 200:the previous solar system wherein the Third Person of the Trinity was peculiarly omnipotent andAstrology, 200:just as today the cosmic Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity, is peculiarly active in thisAstrology, 245:and the three divine aspects of the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, the Creator -Astrology, 249:will into physical expression. An instance of a person, equipped to do this, can be seen in H. P.Astrology, 253:when integrated and functioning as a whole person, we call the personality. This personality is (asAstrology, 267:more sensitive than is the case with the average person, and can respond to a higher range ofAstrology, 285:This is the major characteristic of the Leo person. What [286] part Leo may play in the personalAstrology, 286:of initiation which make the self-conscious person the group conscious individual. I am choosingAstrology, 288:universe. Yet the only truly self-conscious person is the man who is aware of purpose, of aAstrology, 289:two subsidiary yet potent keynotes of the Leo person upon which I should touch at this point if theAstrology, 289:Leo type. It is this will-to-rule which leads a person born in this sign eventually to achieveAstrology, 295:of Leo upon human beings and especially upon the person born in this sign or who has this signAstrology, 307:control; yet, at the same time, the advanced Leo person can function as the "inspired spiritualAstrology, 309:on this summation. When Uranus controls, the Leo person is significantly the true observer,Astrology, 309:Discipline imposed by people upon the Leo person leads invariably to revolt and rebellion and theAstrology, 310:the prayer or voiced aspiration of the true Leo person can be expressed in the words of Christ, soAstrology, 352:are the two allied brothers. In the average person, the etheric vehicle is the transmitter ofAstrology, 364:for the frequent failure of the Gemini person to express the beauty, ideals, etc., which are sensedAstrology, 364:in its interpretive aspect because the Gemini person can always find points of contact with peopleAstrology, 367:gland which is inactive at present in the adult person, owing to the fact that the heart center isAstrology, 367:in the earlier stages and with the undeveloped person to a fluid versatility; in the later and moreAstrology, 372:the wrongly oriented and the selfishly polarized person. This stimulates the will-to-power in theAstrology, 394:and wisdom are often noticeably lacking in the person born in this sign. Such a man will have muchAstrology, 395:Therefore, in this important sign, the Taurian person is under the influence - directly orAstrology, 395:can determine the relative age of the person or of the group whose destiny is to be determined andAstrology, 447:expression, the one-pointed attitude of the Leo person (or shall I call it [448] theAstrology, 458:of the rays will dominate and control. If the person or nation [459] is spiritually oriented, theAstrology, 557:until the man stands forth as an aligned person, slowly reorienting himself to a higher vision, aAstrology, 558:is the Cross of the Holy Spirit, of the third Person of the Christian Trinity, as it organizesAstrology, 558:is the Cross of the Son of God, of the second Person of the Trinity, driven through love toAstrology, 572:violently sometimes) by the emotional type of person who could see no further than the beauty ofAstrology, 585:upon the unprepared, materialistically minded person might and would prove a disaster. It wouldAstrology, 585:force, directed to selfish ends, that the person might become a monster of wickedness. In theAtom, 81:of the central divine life you have the third person of the Logoic Trinity cooperating with theAtom, 87:therefore he is made in the image of the third Person of the Trinity; he is love, and through himAtom, 110:meditation which has been truly described by a person not so long ago, as "I shut my eyes, and openAtom, 112:he has covered the hardest part of the road. The person who is reading a difficult book, and readsAtom, 128:now, but it is very rare indeed to meet a person whose whole life is animated by a central purpose,Autobiography, 6:the story of my life encourages another ordinary person to push forward, this book will be worthAutobiography, 6:this book will be worth while; if it leads some person with aspiration [7] to launch out inAutobiography, 7:religious effusion. I am a flippant and humorous person and almost painfully ready to see the funnyAutobiography, 9:say that childhood is the happiest time of a person's life. I do not for one minute believe it.Autobiography, 13:ranged all the way from the very lowest type of person on through all classes to include suchAutobiography, 13:any length of time in one place, for the Gemini person is always on the move. My small grandsonAutobiography, 22:of the animal, the child and of the undeveloped person always precede intellectual perception.Autobiography, 26:if you do so and so; that is not the sort of person you [27] can know; do not talk to that man orAutobiography, 27:room for jellies and soup for some sick person on the property, for baby clothes for the new babyAutobiography, 29:London at the age of eighteen. She was the one person to whom I felt "anchored." She gave me aAutobiography, 29:for twenty years prior to her death. The other person who always gave me understanding was SirAutobiography, 29:way. It will be all right with you." The third person was this governess of whom I have told you. IAutobiography, 33:for me to dance with a man or sit next a person at dinner without ascertaining whether they wereAutobiography, 42:down. Theologically, however, there was no such person. There was only a God to be appeased; WhoAutobiography, 44:cannot specify the name or place. I was the only person in that very large house party without aAutobiography, 50:for nothing. Sometimes I [50] could help if the person was open minded and willing to listen butAutobiography, 68:so young and inexperienced; I knew not a single person in the whole continent of Asia; I neededAutobiography, 112:"What would Jesus have me do?" I was not a cross person or quick on the trigger but I expect myAutobiography, 125:only to discover that I was a perfectly useless person. I could make beautiful lace, but nobodyAutobiography, 133:frequently a turning point in many lives. If a person is ever to find their life work, if they areAutobiography, 147:under your chin. I do not think I am a selfish person and I'm not greatly given to thinking of myAutobiography, 154:the more critical and superior the person appeared to be. There were vegetarians at Krotona whoAutobiography, 155:and been under His guidance ever since." This person looked at me and said, with rather a witheringAutobiography, 158:should spiritual teaching be withheld until a person had demonstrated for two years their loyaltyAutobiography, 163:any work of a psychic nature at all. The unseen person who was speaking so clearly and directly toAutobiography, 180:loved by me and the children. She was a unique person, rippling with wit and mentality. She neverAutobiography, 182:Personally I have no appreciation at all of the person who furthers a spiritual realization at theAutobiography, 183:go to Heaven it is just too bad. If there is one person in the world who makes me weary, tired andAutobiography, 196:emotional, strong feeling, sentient, perceptive person is less important than the mental type isAutobiography, 199:that this was because I was such a wonderful person. It was largely because I made no charge. TheseAutobiography, 199:hatred that is not warranted or merited by the person in whom they have confided. I've never beenAutobiography, 202:said to me once, "Don't ever tell me that a person is divorced because what I do not know hurtsAutobiography, 206:and trust them and an audience is simply a nice person. I suppose lecturing is the thing I enjoyAutobiography, 219:they have a wider point of view than the average person they meet and this they owe to the way theyAutobiography, 231:of view, both a menace and a handicap. If a person is highly developed they will begin to ruleAutobiography, 231:inaccurate and have no meaning at all. If a person is undeveloped then the probability is thatAutobiography, 231:the predictional angle. When this is so and the person accepts the dictum of their horoscope theirAutobiography, 232:saying amounts to - I am an entirely mediocre person; I have no free will of my own; I am entirelyAutobiography, 246:Masters but on a recognition of the soul in each person. This was succeeded by A Treatise on CosmicAutobiography, 260:such logical precision, that any intelligent person will find even a first reading an inspiringAutobiography, 267:group, and this before he was even a coordinated person, when he hardly merited the wordAutobiography, 268:not based on the claims of some usually mediocre person to be an initiate and, because of hisAutobiography, 271:The world is full of organizations with some person at the head whose motives are usually sound butAutobiography, 284:Arcane School. [284] What actually is an adult person? He is - from our point of view - a man orAutobiography, 284:has, in fact, nothing to do with the age of the person. We hold (as does modern psychology) that aAutobiography, 284:the emotional nature and the vital, physical person constitute one functioning unity, then the manAutobiography, 295:demonstration of the divine livingness in each person which is our goal, and discipleship is a stepBethlehem, ix:He expects the return of love. Man is the other person of the Divine mystery. God needs man. It isBethlehem, 9:teaches us the revelation of divinity in the Person of Jesus Christ, and which remains eternallyBethlehem, 18:carnal man and spiritual man, united in one person, and to emphasize the necessity for that lowerBethlehem, 30:wisdom shone forth before the world through the Person of Christ, and Whose voice was heard at eachBethlehem, 67:over-shadowed by the Holy Ghost, the third Person of the Trinity, brings to the birth the secondBethlehem, 67:birth the second Aspect of the Trinity, in the Person of Christ - cosmic, mythical and individual.Bethlehem, 73:told by the esotericists that man is a threefold person in his human nature, and this truth isBethlehem, 89:more vital two, for they cannot be acquired if a person has reached adult life without them." -
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