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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSON

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Bethlehem, 107:citizenship of this kingdom was on trial in the Person of Christ, and so He goes down into theBethlehem, 127:done and the words spoken by a highly developed person whose character is outstandingly fine andBethlehem, 142:consciousness. He may regard himself as a person, but he does no clear thinking as to humanBethlehem, 143:a time he perceives and feels, no longer as the person, but as the Oversoul, gaining a profoundBethlehem, 145:for perfect righteousness and Who, in His Own Person, would embody, as He does today, the futureBethlehem, 145:the love-nature in the Father. Through His Person, He revealed the purpose and objective of theBethlehem, 148:of God which the cosmic Christ, the second Person in the Trinity, is engaged in revealing; and thisBethlehem, 149:and convinced of the divine nature of the person concerned. Great indeed was the power and mysteryBethlehem, 151:in Christ shone forth in fullness from His whole Person. Increasingly, I believe, as theBethlehem, 151:marks them off from the ordinarily intelligent person, making their words of moment, and givingBethlehem, 155:I, 12.) They saw the light which shone in the Person of Jesus Christ, and for them He was more thanBethlehem, 155:Jesus Christ, and for them He was more than the Person they had known heretofore. Through thisBethlehem, 158:and there seen and met with God in the glorified Person of Jesus Christ. We have looked on at thisBethlehem, 160:the revelation of the secret of Jesus' person. The first time the revelation was for him alone;Bethlehem, 164:Lord. At the close of the revelation God, in the person of Krishna, says to him, with tendernessBethlehem, 167:to serve. He was met, as well we know, by a person in distress, and He at once responded to theBethlehem, 177:that Christ was unique in His particular Person and mission, and that, from a specific angle, HisBethlehem, 180:of the love of God and the desire of man in the person of a son of God. He says: "If theBethlehem, 182:of the soul, the cross upon which the second Person of the divine Trinity is crucified. ChristBethlehem, 182:and as the cosmic Christ He exemplified in His Person the qualities for which each sign stood. EvenBethlehem, 191:line of manifesting Sons of God, wherein did His Person and His mission differ from that of theBethlehem, 192:or cult of any kind has originated with a person, and from that person the idea has spread out intoBethlehem, 192:kind has originated with a person, and from that person the idea has spread out into the world,Bethlehem, 194:by showing us their true meaning, and in His Person as perfect man He died the death of the CrossBethlehem, 214:an individual application in connection with the person to whom they were supposedly spoken, or asBethlehem, 216:[216] has its uses, as Christ knew. In His Person He was not only the historical Jesus Whom we knowBethlehem, 218:love, the major characteristic of the second Person of the divine Triplicity, the soul, the son ofBethlehem, 218:love. As we have seen, Mary represents the third Person of the Trinity, the material aspect ofBethlehem, 218:the recognition that though God suffers in the Person of His Son, He also suffers with similarBethlehem, 218:He also suffers with similar acute agony in the person of that Son's mother, the material formBethlehem, 219:the Mary aspect, and the personality, in the person of St. John - the symbol of a personalityBethlehem, 237:a demonstration of divinity centered in one person, so that all could see, could know, believe andBethlehem, 240:of the epoch-creating prophet or of the simple person rightly guided on the path of everyday duty.Bethlehem, 244:and risen again, He was essentially the same Person, only with added powers. May it not be the sameBethlehem, 260:revealed to us the world of meaning, and, in the Person of the historical Christ, showed us theDestiny, 22:the potency of their idealism is affecting every person, capable of thought, upon the planet. NotDestiny, 94:one or other of the rays will dominate. If the person or the nation is spiritually oriented, theDestiny, 111:built around an embodied Idea, Who, in His Own Person, expressed the immediate ideal of the timeDestiny, 127:cleavage in as true a sense as an individual person can suffer from a "split personality." TheDestiny, 146:comprehension is not easy to the smaller minded person. But, they all carry the pitcher containingDestiny, 150:be recognized this time by all and in His Own Person will testify [151] to the fact of theDiscipleship1, XII:particular group began twelve years ago. Each person's instructions are given in their orderedDiscipleship1, XII:year by year, so that a real picture of the person concerned, of his problems and his achievementDiscipleship1, XIV:They were strictly individual and suited to the person and his peculiar problems. In one or twoDiscipleship1, 6:which the Masters have to deal and the type of person which has to be developed and led on towardsDiscipleship1, 8:of mastery and not through obedience to any person. You will bear in mind that I, your teacher, amDiscipleship1, 8:to weld and unify the group so that each person in it can work in close mental rapport andDiscipleship1, 11:how [11] apparent the truth or how much the person may protest that he accepts that truth. OnlyDiscipleship1, 23:in the good of the family or in that of another person is often to be found, for the beauty of theDiscipleship1, 27:or woman thus glamored sees only one idea, one person, one authority and one aspect of truth. ItDiscipleship1, 45:the world. You must remember, however, that any person who takes the position that the work to beDiscipleship1, 48:(which is so [48] dominant in the average person) , turning it into heart activity and the serviceDiscipleship1, 51:somebody disagrees with you or you do not like a person's attitude, ideas or proposals, what is theDiscipleship1, 55:other people. He may be a naturally isolated person, with a deep craving for solitude but thatDiscipleship1, 63:to work telepathically upon the mind of any person? The answer is that you are doing it all theDiscipleship1, 64:the mind of some [64] disciple or sensitive person. It is then their task to find and direct theDiscipleship1, 67:stage of direction. Having carefully in mind the person to be impressed and the fact of your groupDiscipleship1, 69:is a force. It is this realization which makes a person seek out another person with wisdom when heDiscipleship1, 69:which makes a person seek out another person with wisdom when he is in trouble and difficulty andDiscipleship1, 118:the Path for the first time. With this type of person you have much to do. Is their effect upon youDiscipleship1, 128:you are yourself conscious. It is not easy for a person of your type to enter upon a course ofDiscipleship1, 145:the weak, well-meaning, gently ineffectual person. Look for the strong souls through whom you mustDiscipleship1, 149:existence. Hence, therefore, the ability of the person upon this ray to "agonize towards the goal,Discipleship1, 153:could do yourself which would attract the right person and establish a fruitful and enduringDiscipleship1, 177:and the group interrelation. Only the balanced person can truly meet the need of those entrusted toDiscipleship1, 187:individual. They do not work with the type of person whom you can reach. I mention this because IDiscipleship1, 192:as a sentient, emotionally vital and active person, with the mental nature remaining outside theDiscipleship1, 206:for the future. What the future can hold for any person, it is not possible these days to foretell,Discipleship1, 243:fanatical devotion to this, that or the other person or ideal must give place to the gentleDiscipleship1, 253:free, my brother, and hold to nobody and hold no person to you in the bonds of attachment. Can youDiscipleship1, 255:you down to earth, a thing that a sixth ray person predominantly needs, particularly when highlyDiscipleship1, 298:of my purpose. It is so difficult for a person who has [299] sixth ray qualities predominantlyDiscipleship1, 312:soul. Likewise, over-estimation of another person can act as a real hindrance. The chains mustDiscipleship1, 325:outer expression of the soul and for a first ray person they are ever difficult; their need is oftDiscipleship1, 325:nor are they deemed necessary. The first ray person frequently does not know he lacks them. TheDiscipleship1, 325:of speech and attitude. So sure is a first ray person of his essential kindness and love (and he isDiscipleship1, 336:matters not at all in the case of the average person for in due time and inevitably a proper senseDiscipleship1, 345:and need not engage the attention of any other person. It is an entirely futile speculation on theDiscipleship1, 352:could meet together (as many as possibly can) in person for the work of healing but should refuseDiscipleship1, 353:perceptive of the needs and the condition of the person to be healed, that his reactions to theDiscipleship1, 369:self-pity or wrong speech exist, for one person could block the outflow of the group thought.Discipleship1, 380:It holds no scope for service for any isolated person. Together must the work be done. [381] Discipleship1, 386:the clinging chains of attachment to place or person, your intuitive perception will thereby beDiscipleship1, 427:in you quicker reactions than in the average person. Recognize these evoked reactions and then passDiscipleship1, 451:are the factors of momentous import. Though no person or group of persons or nation at this timeDiscipleship1, 477:and is not concerned with what you, as a person, may mean to them. Reflect on these words for theyDiscipleship1, 483:Seek for drama under the dull exterior of a person, in the world of daily happenings as you see itDiscipleship1, 484:help and then the power to work with the person and give him right help in the right way. This, inDiscipleship1, 509:not concerned with the activity of this or that person. It is not tied up with your family life,Discipleship1, 509:is far more potent than that of the average person. Your mind, as a result of the glamor, may beDiscipleship1, 511:it exaggerates every condition and isolates a person in the center of his own life and the dramaticDiscipleship1, 512:attached to its invoking agent and then the person is never seen except through the veil of thisDiscipleship1, 534:that which the world sees and also the subtler person. There has been for many years an exteriorDiscipleship1, 534:hardness, but the time is near when the subtler person (known and recognized by one or two) willDiscipleship1, 539:way. You are still a constructive and useful person. I am simply here facing you with one of theDiscipleship1, 569:of those connected with you, or with any person, can emphasize unwittingly your selfishness andDiscipleship1, 583:a line of thought, [583] to an idea, a group, a person or an attitude or to a preconceived notion.Discipleship1, 587:serves to place you "in the seat of the superior person," as the Chinese call it. You will usuallyDiscipleship1, 592:fact, thus not infringing the free will of the person - that the action taken is in line with soulDiscipleship1, 594:work which we desire and not the domination of a person in a group or the control of two or three
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