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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSON

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Externalisation, 695:and fundamental factor. The ordinary devoted person, who constantly pledges and dedicates himselfExternalisation, 699:from the point of view of the nice well-meaning person, that its value may escape your attention.Fire, 4:of three Persons. ELECTRIC FIRE, or SPIRIT 1st Person - Father, Life, Will, Purpose, PositiveFire, 4:Positive energy. SOLAR FIRE, or SOUL 2nd Person - Son, Consciousness, Love-Wisdom, EquilibrizedFire, 4:energy. FIRE BY FRICTION (Body or Matter) 3rd Person - Holy Spirit, Form, Active Intelligence,Fire, 39:The term is frequently applied to the first Person of the manifested Trinity, to Shiva, theFire, 57:fires, which is complete in a normal and healthy person, should engross the attention of the modernFire, 64:Essence of the cosmic Lord of Love, the second Person in the logoic trinity. Earlier it was not so,Fire, 393:Theosophist, Vol. VII, III, p. 59. "An ordinary person will by Vasana (Aroma or smell) repeat (InFire, 523:all which concern the third aspect of the second Person of the logoic Trinity. For man, theFire, 527:dealing with the feminine aspect of the second Person. The spirillae therefore are but streams ofFire, 637:Him as a self-conscious Identity, the third Person of the logoic Trinity, and therefore Spirit,Fire, 714:The Sacrificer or Yajamana. The yajamana is the person who has sacrificed himself for the good ofFire, 797:the "astral family" and occult heredity of any person, for in the astral is to be found the clue toFire, 870:unselfish love, and of a love for some object, person or ideal which leads to altruistic endeavor,Fire, 978:he is well on the way to achieving his goal. The person [979] who regulates his speech rightly isFire, 979:[979] who regulates his speech rightly is the person who is going to make the most progress. ThisFire, 979:he finishes up by playing the part of the first Person of the Trinity putting his Spirit, vitalityFire, 980:that the Lord Vishnu, Who stands for the second Person of the Trinity, is called "The Voice." He isFire, 1152:Existence Whom we call Brahma or the third Person of the Trinity. The deva Ruler of a plane is aFire, 1195:and these two are the "Son of God," the second Person of the Trinity in His form-building aspect.Glamour, 37:to do. It is always difficult for the third ray person to cultivate the intuition. The apparentlyGlamour, 47:Having relinquished the guidance of another person upon the Path, and having his eyes partiallyGlamour, 72:smothering, vague, and enveloping. In them, a person is immersed as in the ocean or in a "sea ofGlamour, 72:might almost be said that the astral body of a person comes into being as a part of the generalGlamour, 77:to a cause, to a teacher, to a creed, to a person, to a duty, or to a responsibility. Ponder onGlamour, 81:principle in the case of an actively intelligent person. The intuition, however, will [82] make itsGlamour, 96:but the man experiencing it is a very different person to the one who now seeks synthesis in theGlamour, 105:itself. Causes induced by any individual person which are, nevertheless, founded and based in theGlamour, 109:body constituted a unity, and in the healthy person still do so. The sense of duality shifted thenGlamour, 123:personnel changed several times. Each time, the person who left the group had been in it fromGlamour, 129:ideologies, and to these every intelligent person must inevitably react, though they forget thatGlamour, 165:must be assumed individually by every person, and by nations as collective wholes. The first isGlamour, 205:parents. It is difficult for the average person today to realize that there was a time when suchGlamour, 207:light anywhere and acts like a blind, bewildered person. This indicates that he is drawn as by aGlamour, 222:with which they may be dealing. The seventh ray person is faced with the difficulty of being ableGlamour, 223:it brings in a factor which the true fifth ray person is apt to negate and refuse to admit, theGlamour, 224:This they must not do as the sixth ray person loves them, with an isolating devotion, but as theGlamour, 224:an isolating devotion, but as the second ray person loves - with an all round appreciation ofGlamour, 228:family as a whole - particularly to the advanced person - is the Masonic Ritual. The reason forGlamour, 230:I never move." [230] As they say this, each person in the group makes the sign of the Cross byGlamour, 255:important factor - the WILL. Therefore, the only person who can safely [256] and usefully practiceHealing, 18:hereditary weaknesses, which either predispose a person to certain illnesses and consequent death,Healing, 19:the morale, and are dangerous to the will of the person, rendering him futile to fight theseHealing, 52:it will become apparent that for the average person two such tabulations would have to be drawn up.Healing, 52:You will therefore eventually have for each person: [53] A positive analysis of the personalityHealing, 54:error, emanating from the past history of the person involved. Human taints, inherited because oneHealing, 69:and uncertainty are such, that scarcely a person in the world at this time is exempt. Everyone isHealing, 99:healing forces, and can even eventually kill the person concerned by so increasing the disease thatHealing, 101:between a healer or a healing group and the person to be healed can produce the cure of disease,Healing, 123:and often persist for many lives, until the person thus influenced becomes what is called "occultlyHealing, 123:wild devotion and utmost hate on the part of the person affected by the disciple's energy. ThisHealing, 124:point which both parties - the disciple and the person reacting to his influence - need toHealing, 125:do about it but wait for time to lead the other person forward into clear understanding of theHealing, 145:sufficiently established so that the incarnating person is firmly anchored in physical incarnation.Healing, 159:will produce the irresponsible and amoral person. As the race of men learns the nature ofHealing, 180:of the centers of the ordinary or undeveloped person. It is impossible for such diagrams to do moreHealing, 192:process and also the point of development of the person concerned; their position is based onHealing, 213:as it affects the psychological response of the person is not adequately grasped. Nothing is known,Healing, 233:they saw a particularly predatory and rapacious person begin to suffer from a dire disease whichHealing, 244:increasingly conscious on the part of the dying person), are taken over by this death-bestowingHealing, 257:In cases of serious accident, where the injured person will bleed, the cultist (no matter what hisHealing, 257:rather than stand by and see the injured person die because these methods are not used. When he isHealing, 278:of the present day approach is how to cure a person here and now; this is a natural reaction, andHealing, 308:which is a soul faculty and infallible, once a person has been rightly trained in its use. It is aHealing, 312:all three. You will find it difficult to find a person or a patient "changing his focus ofHealing, 315:who is an integrated and actively functioning person is ever as prone to such a disease as Cancer,Healing, 316:yet they are not truly so. If the afflicted person can be put again "in possession of himself" byHealing, 320:and fiery and hot devotion to an idea or a person, or they may work out as an equally fierce andHealing, 326:strong healthy vital body? Is it possible for a person with a rather weak vital body to strengthenHealing, 329:this synthesis brings about the healing of the person through the production of definiteHealing, 334:substances can enable them best to serve. Each person must find this out for himself. There is noHealing, 338:to figure importantly on the little stage of a person's life. This can often be quite unrealizedHealing, 339:which does constitute an idée fixe, so that the person is the victim of a well developedHealing, 339:"an earth bound entity or a living vampire-like person." A very few such cases have been known, butHealing, 339:too rare to be considered a factor. Sometimes a person tunes in on a state of massed melancholia,Healing, 339:when the disease is under proper treatment. A person may be suffering from a combination of suchHealing, 351:- frequently an unconscious invalid, an old person whose response apparatus of contact and responseHealing, 352:the postponement of the plan of the soul for the person. Success might mean the correction of wrongHealing, 352:might consist in the proper preparation of the person for the tremendous purpose which we callHealing, 355:by the soul of the group, and not by one person in the group, as is apt to be the case. They haveHealing, 364:the amount of close contact between the dying person and the one who watches, and the level uponHealing, 364:an act of pure unselfish will, with the dying person. None of this is really possible when the bondHealing, 364:possible at present is simply to carry the dying person forward on an ever-deepening stream ofHealing, 364:fear, or by a strong desire to hold the beloved person back, or are sidetracked in their aim by theHealing, 378:be susceptible of photographing. The grosser the person in the body, desire and appetite, the moreHealing, 378:to photograph him!), and the more advanced the person, the more difficult it will be to get aHealing, 388:tempered by the physical condition of the sick person. You will find, as you work along theseHealing, 396:it is because the enquirer and the dead person are mental types, and there is therefore a trueHealing, 398:definitely acceptable appearance of a discarnate person there are thousands of cases which can beHealing, 398:telepathic rapport (with the bereaved person, but not with anyone who has passed over), the seeingHealing, 400:any conscious, functioning, self-identified person. The sense of the "I," the awareness of aHealing, 408:of experience (in which is death, as the average person knows it) is the three worlds of humanHealing, 430:beings and with the average emotional type of person, the following triplicity must be noted: TheHealing, 440:out and weakness has supervened, the dying person be permitted to prepare himself, even ifHealing, 441:refusal to recognize the inevitable, the dying person and his friends would mutually agree on theHealing, 457:the case. It must be remembered that the dying person may usually be unconscious. ThisHealing, 457:will be permitted in the sick room of a dying person, and these will only be installed with dueHealing, 458:effective. At the exact moment of death, if a person's own note is sounded, it will coordinate theHealing, 458:built into the consciousness of the dying person by those around him, or employed deliberately and
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