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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSON

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Psychology2, 498:There are three main ways in which the person who seeks psychological aid can be helped and this isPsychology2, 498:least. This method is (for the average ordinary person who is pure Atlantean in consciousness butPsychology2, 498:can gain the understanding cooperation of the person concerned. The third method, which has thePsychology2, 501:performances, people, etc., etc., just as any person can see them as he walks down a street in anyPsychology2, 502:by. A shocked horror can, for instance, induce a person to relate, quite innocently, a dream whichPsychology2, 502:and related by the subject. As soon as a person has reached A state of real integration of thePsychology2, 508:which are telepathically communicated from one person to another. Some friend or relation undergoesPsychology2, 510:superficial student or the mystically inclined person is apt to feel that all these technicalitiesPsychology2, 513:to be found in the spiritually polarized person and the inexplicable conditions which seem to existPsychology2, 518:dominant with each decade) have upon a person or a nation which is governed by the sign Taurus, forPsychology2, 535:those cases where the man is a highly developed person and of a mental type. In other cases ofPsychology2, 568:follows: A revelation of the "wish life" of the person or the group to whom the medium isPsychology2, 568:unexpressed wish or the mental ability of the person or persons concerned. A recognition by thePsychology2, 568:or thought form to be found in the aura of the person in the audience or circle. These thoughtPsychology2, 569:They are often so real in appearance that the person can recognize them when described by thePsychology2, 569:and statement made at a seance. The average person who frequents a seance is not usually of thePsychology2, 583:In the case of the average unintelligent person, there is usually a shift of the life-emphasis onPsychology2, 599:and terms it) to the land of his dreams, to the person of his idealism or to the spiritual idealPsychology2, 602:in these modern times, the mystically oriented person comes under the care of a wise psychologist,Psychology2, 609:concern and difficulty to the inexperienced person and the intensity of their concern and fearPsychology2, 615:all the consequences of such turning. It is this person, upon whom the group life pivots (if I mayPsychology2, 618:for them to appreciate the dire effects when one person is the target for group criticism and whenPsychology2, 624:to bring them under law. One ambitious, disloyal person, for instance, can wreck a group; onePsychology2, 624:a group; one selfless, non-critical, consecrated person can swing the group into successful work.Psychology2, 664:by every available means, and every available person must be utilized to circulate them. No effortPsychology2, 735:voiced the reply, speaking as if they were one person, such was the unanimity: "Let us touch thePsychology2, 742:instituted. He came to demonstrate in His Own Person the love of God. Prior to His time, there wasRays, 36:initiation by every member in the group? Can one person have so extensive an influence that he canRays, 130:By so doing I can convey to the enlightened person a sense of synthesis, of purposeful planning andRays, 133:must become equally well known to the average person; the objectives of the hierarchical work mustRays, 149:complicate understanding considerably. Yet every person in the world is dealing with theRays, 240:quality of determination, or of what the average person understands by the use of the word "Will,"Rays, 253:also upon their ability to recognize an advanced person, a disciple or an initiate when they meetRays, 259:in terms of the separated self. As long as a person makes a conscious effort to be group-consciousRays, 259:or disciple may be the highest kind of selfless person, but true group living is as yet notRays, 496:way. You are still a constructive and useful person. I am simply here facing you with one of theRays, 545:disciple's vibration or radiance to that of the person or group he contacts. The impression heRays, 545:produces stimulation - a stimulation which the person frequently finds it very difficult to handle,Rays, 728:and of purpose. The future, for the average person and for the average disciple, is containedRays, 751:at this time is the spread of goodwill; each person, community and nation should begin with aReappearance, 36:the nature of that divine Immanence in the Person of the Christ. Today, as an outcome of thisReappearance, 46:Leader of the New Group of World Servers. In His Person, He voices their demand for the recognitionReappearance, 48:Thirdly, we are told that Christ might come in Person and walk among men as He did before. This hasReappearance, 64:us try and realize the ever-present yet divine Person, laying His plans for the future helping ofReappearance, 75:groups in the world today) focused itself in the person of the Christ in a manner hitherto unknown.Reappearance, 116:of world affairs. When Christ was here, in person, before, He emphasized the fact of the soul andReappearance, 120:[120] Beyond this generalization, no intelligent person will attempt to go. 'When Christ reappears,Reappearance, 145:and the divine God-man walked the Earth in the Person of Christ. Today we have a rapidly growingReappearance, 166:Man The average spiritually-minded person, man of goodwill, or disciple is constantly aware of theSoul, 122:force vibrating through them. In the undeveloped person it is simply the life force, prana, whichSoul, 138:hear that which the normal and more intelligent person fails to register. This faculty is, however,Soul, 155:is, he admits, relative and provisional. The person who declines to turn the higher will to accountTelepathypast) which have contributed to make each person what he now is. When, therefore, one dwells on theTelepathy, 4:through the medium of many minds. No one person can claim individual right to the enunciatedTelepathy, 9:bodies. It will be between such a "solar plexus" person, if I may so call him, and a higher typeTelepathy, 9:whose throat center is also alive. This type of person registers in two places - provided that theTelepathy, 9:thought sensed and sent out by the solar plexus person has in it something of mental substance orTelepathy, 10:fruitful of results. For instance, an emotional person, using primarily the solar plexus center,Telepathy, 27:conditioned by the integrated mental person so that he is aware of and inclusive of the mentalTelepathy, 27:mental state and thought processes of another person. 3. The energy of prana, or the etheric forceTelepathy, 40:of the liberty and spiritual franchise of the person concerned. A difficult task, my brothers, butTelepathy, 41:is the esoteric equivalent of what the average person means when he says, "I have an impression."Telepathy, 88:usually beautiful subconscious of the average person upon the Probationary Path. Messages from theTelepathy, 89:due to contact with the Master of his Ashram in person. He, by that time, possesses what has beenTelepathy, 98:which predominantly creates the effects which a person has upon his associates; it is not primarilyTelepathy, 115:body of a disciple or even of an advanced person can be so handled and dealt with that it canTelepathy, 169:and then make the statement that the average person is controlled by the centers below theTelepathy, 174:had poured through one of His centers to a needy person or group of persons. It is the aura, andTelepathy, 175:community and environment. One highly emotional person, working through an over-developed and
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