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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONAL

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Astrology, 9:upon the specific and particular, upon the personal horoscope and the individual destiny, and hasAstrology, 20:be undertaken, and the shouldering of personal responsibility becomes a recognized fact in aAstrology, 87:founded on a correct understanding of the rays - personal and egoic - of the influence of theAstrology, 87:the future indications discovered. Of this, the personal progressed horoscope is the embryonicAstrology, 93:Capricorn, the man reaches either the height of personal ambition or he becomes the initiate,Astrology, 127:individual experience) in order to transmute his personal consciousness into group awareness.Astrology, 136:but becomes humanity itself, losing his personal identity in the good of the whole yet retainingAstrology, 142:time and service to his own well being and personal interests. But in Aquarius, the polar oppositeAstrology, 143:eye takes the place of the two eyes of the personal self. The attention of the man becomes focusedAstrology, 145:the conditioning environment which appear in the personal horoscope, indicative of planetaryAstrology, 170:Materialism, the fight for the satisfaction of personal ambitions, and the conflict with higherAstrology, 207:must then be done. Eventually, the light of the personal self fades out and wanes in the blaze ofAstrology, 211:the spiritual energy is imposed upon the lower personal forces. Scorpio governs "the initiates,"Astrology, 215:mind and brain; it was then unavoidably given a personal slant and twist and this is responsibleAstrology, 230:is eventually reached between spiritual man and personal man and the stage is laid for the finalAstrology, 244:or equilibrium is attained between material personal desire and intelligent spiritual love, for theAstrology, 285:is that of Hitler. No matter what may be our personal opinion of him, there is no question that heAstrology, 286:Leo person. What [286] part Leo may play in the personal horoscope of Hitler I do not know, for IAstrology, 295:by the principle of self-awareness or of focused personal sensitivity to all subhuman soulAstrology, 303:a phrase). In these atoms the past memory of the personal self is stored; these are in the natureAstrology, 307:sensitive to world conditions and freed from personal desires. Before individual man can achieveAstrology, 310:his appearance. He will be distinguished by his personal freedom from outside control. He knowsAstrology, 325:because of the intense and selfish interest in personal experience and living, evidenced in theAstrology, 425:which is developed to a certain definite and personal point of perception or awareness. This pointAstrology, 427:mind (abstract) 6. Base of spine Initiate Personal Will Solar Plexus Disciple Personal desireAstrology, 427:Initiate Personal Will Solar Plexus Disciple Personal desire Throat center Aspirant PersonalAstrology, 427:Disciple Personal desire Throat center Aspirant Personal creativity Astrology, 450:be largely conditioned by their rays, egoic and personal. First ray disciples will, for instance,Astrology, 496:of tangible happenings, precipitated events, and personal characteristics (which are distinctive ofAstrology, 511:of the soul. The head. Brain - The head center. Personal activity - Soul expression. Mannerisms,Astrology, 518:must be added the effects of his two major rays (personal and egoic). These indicate his type ofAstrology, 582:of planned righteous activity. For His Own personal desire (necessarily of the very highest orderAstrology, 588:is strong enough to safeguard them from personal peril in their work and from being deflected on toAstrology, 677:This is Pollux, while Castor represents the personal, mortal man an animal of not even a superiorAtom, 39:you believe, then, in an intelligent Creator, a personal God?" "Certainly. The existence of such aAtom, 106:intensely active in connection with our own personal problems. Watch the throngs in the streets ofAtom, 113:He will be no longer confined by the wall of his personal life, but will begin to merge that lifeAtom, 123:He is turning his attention from his own personal selfish life, and is seeking his greater center.Atom, 126:and dealt with along the line of their own personal salvation, being in the earlier atomic stage asAtom, 136:we shall govern our entire lives, not from the personal, selfish point of view, but from the pointAutobiography, 3:cannot, claim that my success has been due to my personal efforts alone. I have always been blessedAutobiography, 8:after Him if haply they may find Him." This personal knowledge of God will, however, come by livingAutobiography, 20:I have ever heard. The Bible was the greatest personal loss. It was a unique Bible and had been myAutobiography, 43:of opportunity, a good stage setting and wide personal contacts. I think it was a very real reliefAutobiography, 46:sea no matter how rough. I cannot remember any personal friends except one, and she and I are stillAutobiography, 82:Soldiers Home there and had taken with me my old personal bearer, a native called Bugaloo. I expectAutobiography, 88:I was, therefore, faced not only with my own personal problem, for Walter Evans was not socially ofAutobiography, 88:never understood this relaxing of the rules of personal information - hence the difficulty I amAutobiography, 92:food and everything I could possibly require. My personal durzi or tailor determined to go with me,Autobiography, 101:a single [101] thought. I really had had no personal difficulties to face. But we now come to aAutobiography, 137:quarreling all the time. They were both of them personal pupils of H. P. Blavatsky. They hadAutobiography, 138:cottages and talk and listen. Many of H.P.B.'s personal pupils have helped me and have personallyAutobiography, 138:ever had the privilege of being taught by personal pupils of H.P.B. for weeks and months on end,Autobiography, 140:a law of rebirth I found many of my problems, personal and individual, were capable of solution.Autobiography, 148:- my husband and my children - but I have one personal fear to which I never give way but which isAutobiography, 157:and distressing time. Our affection and personal loyalties were with our friends and co-executives,Autobiography, 165:had better do something about it. As he was a personal friend of Lord Reading, once Viceroy ofAutobiography, 166:of His group. He has never interfered with my personal work or training. In the spring of 1920 IAutobiography, 171:coming civilization were all Mr. Leadbeater's personal friends. I knew some of these people -Autobiography, 174:who was bitterly opposed to us and far more personal in his opposition than Mr. Warrington. TheAutobiography, 175:national groups (to which I have affixed no personal signature) you can understand my saying to myAutobiography, 190:the Theosophy that I knew had been taught me by personal friends and pupils of H.P.B. and this Mr.Autobiography, 190:that I have more than a happy feeling that the personal pupils and friends of H.P.BlavatskyAutobiography, 197:or to any human being. No oaths of allegiance or personal pledges to any individual are requestedAutobiography, 208:the dresses of the year before and send them to personal friends who I knew were hard up. I'm noAutobiography, 231:and the stupid. Predictional astrology is, to my personal point of view, both a menace and aAutobiography, 231:the result of this is that they fail to make any personal effort to free themselves from theAutobiography, 240:of a Master is no longer necessary. The old personal development is no longer emphasized. The needAutobiography, 246:in self-development and an intense focusing on personal unfoldment and liberation. The people whoAutobiography, 253:have been few and have been inherent in the personal equipment and attitude of the critical.Autobiography, 253: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Appendix - Personal Training Personal Training ParallelingAutobiography, 253:Alice A. Bailey - Appendix - Personal Training Personal Training Paralleling these majorAutobiography, 254:new discipleship. These people received direct personal instructions from me and certain generalAutobiography, 257:he a Master or a disciple. They care nothing for personal loyalties but are dedicated solely toAutobiography, 259:may be safely imparted which far transcends the personal experience or previous knowledge of theAutobiography, 262:of teaching. The teacher supplies them with his personal interpretation of standard, occultAutobiography, 263:[263] in the teacher of the group, and the personal friends of the teacher are frequently informedAutobiography, 268:by teachers, who lay the emphasis upon the personal attainment of the individual and uponAutobiography, 269:but their further development is regarded as the personal problem of the disciple and not that ofAutobiography, 272:a measure of love for humanity and some personal ambition. Their methods are, in the last analysis,Autobiography, 277:between the highest spiritual aspect and his personal self. This leads in sequential process to theAutobiography, 288:to his daily life will eventually arrive at a personal knowledge of the Hierarchy and the Plan ofAutobiography, 290:to be heard demanding attention to themselves; personal claims delude many people. False MastersAutobiography, 291:are, therefore, free from all desire to make personal claims or to demand personal recognition.Autobiography, 291:all desire to make personal claims or to demand personal recognition. They prefer to work quietly,Autobiography, 298:be interpreted as claim making, as to her own personal spiritual status. This we well know. TheBethlehem, 7:not only this but also a perpetual cosmic and personal process." Scholars spend their lives inBethlehem, 11:us, as individuals, more than an historical and personal interest? Is it not possible that they mayBethlehem, 14:the Savior of the Occident. Whatever may be our personal conclusions as to Their relations to theBethlehem, 51:the same story and make myth a fact in his own personal experience; he must know Christ; he mustBethlehem, 79:individual application? Has this episode any personal significance? What are the requirements andBethlehem, 81:us no rest until we have transmuted it into personal experience, through the experiment ofBethlehem, 114:- greatness of range and organization - augments personal distinction as well as comprehensiveness.Bethlehem, 119:Threshold, which is only another name for the personal lower self, regarding it as a unified whole,Bethlehem, 119:be made bread." Let us use our divine powers for personal physical ends. Let us put the materialBethlehem, 120:for the meeting and satisfaction of purely personal, physical needs can be presented in such aBethlehem, 124:out great spiritual truths. He stands for the personal self beginning to grow conscious of theBethlehem, 127:lay in the region of desire. The call is to personal desirelessness. So with Christ, desire wasBethlehem, 127:the soul, and the instrument of power, the personal lower self, produces what we call aBethlehem, 128:by the illusion of power, if ambition of a personal nature could be developed in His consciousness,
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