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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONAL

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Fire, 787:though the reflex action between the lower personal self and the higher is so close as to be wellFire, 796:equally, considerations other than the purely "personal" will enter into its time periods. TheFire, 802:all but the freeing of the atom from its own personal problem (the problem of response to unitaryFire, 825:energy between the Ego and its reflection, the personal self (the lower threefold man) is such thatFire, 826:primarily effect the development of love in the personal life, the evolution of the astral nature,Fire, 828:epoch; a dual work has been consummated in the personal lower life and in the egoic: The permanentFire, 831:with its sheaths. This is the strictly personal stage. Second. The stage wherein adjustment underFire, 833:by means of soul. The lunar Pitris, who form the personal lower self, being the aggregate of theFire, 863:that very definite results are produced of a personal, and also [864] of an environal, nature. AFire, 868:unless the correspondences agree in an atomic, personal, planetary and cosmic fashion, they are notFire, 870:up in the [870] ego during the activities of the personal life, a form of initiation then takesFire, 870:they involve primarily the display (within the personal life of the man) of an intelligentFire, 870:and with the recognition (by the man in his personal life) of some form of unselfish love, and of aFire, 882:Knowledge is a dangerous weapon: This is due to Personal Selfishness. It is only safe when: OneFire, 953:the fifth, can be studied by the student with a personal application. Facing each earnest aspirantFire, 954:of human thought forms which now are of a personal character, vibrating around each human being asFire, 955:lower self which are of a centralized and purely personal aspect, and the faculty of working inFire, 1047:energy - radiatory impulse - solar fire. Personal - individual energy - rotary impulse - fire byFire, 1109:after being extracted from the quarry of the personal life. Being of mental matter, devachan mightFire, 1111:lotus, the seer can tell the nature of the: Personal self through the condition of the atomicFire, 1116:blending of knowledge forces absorbed from the personal self, of love forces which are the naturalFire, 1128:forms of energy which we call the sheaths of the personal self, and which have also to be activelyFire, 1149:adheres from the instinct of self-protection and personal well-being. In this stage he remains forFire, 1155:when a man is no longer polarized in the lower personal self but views all things from theFire, 1174:enables a man to unite two of his aspects (the personal self and the Higher Self). It is the lawFire, 1266:of work, and who are close to the Logos in a personal and intimate sense pass to this seventh Path.Glamourin the New Age, Volumes I and II, certain personal instructions given by the Tibetan to a group ofGlamour, 12:a richness in this case dependent upon your own personal reading, mental equipment and knowledge.Glamour, 17:come, however, aptitude in dispelling it in the personal life of each one of you. Another groupGlamour, 33:possible when there is in the aspirant no personal glamor, and no deliberately self-inducedGlamour, 34:food for thought - not only as regards your own personal problems (for all of you are subject toGlamour, 36:the world glamor. Wrestle therefore with your personal problems along these lines, my brothers, forGlamour, 37:countries and cities and if successful in their personal activities, could play a most useful part.Glamour, 37:of the group members. Their united personal glamors provide the open door through which groupGlamour, 38:way. Everyone has to deal with glamor in his own personal life, but functions and activitiesGlamour, 61:neophyte is apt to regard his achievement in a personal way [62] and attribute the idea to his ownGlamour, 65:He then finally dissipated the illusion of the personal, objective [66] Deity. At that moment, HeGlamour, 68:and, as individuals, understand and master your personal glamors. Just as soon as you have begun toGlamour, 68:group service and not with a view of your personal release... I ask you to set to work, therefore,Glamour, 84:really warranted. Criticism, where there is no personal responsibility involved. By that I mean,Glamour, 98:of their tendency in that direction in their personal instructions. The other group members areGlamour, 119:from the past, or mental reactions of a purely personal nature. Between any of these groups ofGlamour, 120:I The glamor of physical strength. The glamor of personal magnetism. [121] The glamor ofGlamour, 121:[121] The glamor of self-centeredness and personal potency. The glamor of "the one at the center."Glamour, 121:"the one at the center." The glamor of selfish personal ambition. The glamor of rulership, ofGlamour, 121:loved. The glamor of popularity. The glamor of personal wisdom. The glamor of selfishGlamour, 122:RAY IV The glamor of harmony, aiming at personal comfort and satisfaction. The glamor of war. TheGlamour, 136:medium of the changes and effects wrought in his personal life) to those great Intuitives and worldGlamour, 151:service but also the desired attitude of the personal life of every member of the group. I wouldGlamour, 155:in two directions: one, towards the pursuit of personal ambitions and desires in the three worlds;Glamour, 173:seeks to impress it on the highest aspect of the personal lower self. Illusion is, therefore, theGlamour, 176:whom, after due growth and response of the personal lower self, will come the revelation of theGlamour, 178:tension brought about by complete control of the personal self so that it is "fitted for contactGlamour, 179:The soul undertakes this holding when the personal self has done its utmost to achieve the desiredGlamour, 180:in revealing. The flickering soul light in the personal self has enabled the disciple to see theGlamour, 181:is formed by the blending of the light of the personal self, focused in the mind, the light of theGlamour, 185:The cause of all human suffering is desire and personal selfishness. Give up desire and you will beGlamour, 200:which lead the man along towards high personal achievement in the first instance and spiritualGlamour, 203:thus exteriorizing himself and supplementing his personal dramas, desires, and objectives withGlamour, 206:before the eyes of humanity. The light of the personal lower self reveals to man the world of form,Glamour, 206:this light the disciple learns to dissipate his personal and private glamors. I mention thisGlamour, 207:futile or lead eventually to suicide. Their own personal glamors tie them in to national orGlamour, 227:work done by the individual in dealing with his personal problems of glamor will greatly facilitateGlamour, 229:the [229] consciousness from all world and personal affairs and center it upon the work to be done.Glamour, 268:achieve is strong enough for him to submit his personal lower self to the fires of the finalGlamour, 268:self to the fires of the final purification. The personal self is now very highly developed; it isGlamour, 271:Complete obliteration of [271] the personal self in three successive stages is the immediate andHealing, 18:as follows: Accidents, which may be due to personal negligence, group happenings, the carelessnessHealing, 25:might be stated as a basic generalization that personal physical trouble has its seat at present inHealing, 25:individual via his etheric body, but are not so personal in their implications. Upon this I willHealing, 26:between the diseases which are due to inner personal conditions, or to inherited tendencies, or toHealing, 40:and sad and the demand for the satisfaction of personal needs and desires. It can be seen,Healing, 117:when this condition is present, the personal lower self expresses itself through a basic conditionHealing, 129:by either the personality, some aspect of the personal lower self, or by the soul, via the brain,Healing, 156:under soul control, and the desire of the personal lower self has been transmuted into love. It isHealing, 157:of correct feeling is then substituted for personal sensitivity. It gives us the first faintHealing, 172:because he is ambitious, selfish because his personal desires are of importance, and fluidicHealing, 191:of the moon and at the behest of the lower personal self, then you have disease, ill health andHealing, 192:soul of the individual controls and the lower personal self becomes as much an automaton of theHealing, 193:As humanity develops, diseases become more personal (if I might express it in this manner) and areHealing, 231:and general. The seeds of aggression and of personal acquisitiveness began to show themselves,Healing, 259:out of the realm of the purely selfish and of personal liberation into something much wider andHealing, 260:was presented with the emphasis upon the personal liberty and rights of the individual. The growthHealing, 260:The signing of the Magna Charta, emphasizing personal liberty [261] The founding of the FrenchHealing, 262:and Effect by a recognition of the causes in the personal, national and international worlds whichHealing, 290:in temperament, karma became also more personal and definite, and the man in a position to make orHealing, 300:use of this third ray energy for selfish and personal ends and manifests primarily upon the sixthHealing, 344:brief statement. I am doing what I can in my personal instructions (Discipleship in the New Age,Healing, 357:and as a group they are predominantly personal in their individual and inter-group relations. ThisHealing, 357:other, or of oneself; in a vivid sureness of personal rectitude and sound judgment which does notHealing, 357:it may show itself in a deep satisfaction over personal subjective contacts. Any or all the aboveHealing, 364:be deeper and stronger than that. It must be a personal contact upon all planes. Where there isHealing, 391:some might surmise. I touched upon character and personal qualities in my opening remarks in thisHealing, 396:reads in his aura - his recollection of the personal appearance, significant remembrances stored inHealing, 401:pronouncements, can receive the gift of personal immortality. The highly intellectual also argue atHealing, 446:it and to re-enter. In a few cases, great personal love for those left behind, or theHealing, 506:or of the qualities which characterize the personal self. They speak of "killing out" this or thatHealing, 506:final dispersal of that beloved and well-known personal self. It must be borne in mind that theHealing, 513:as you understand it, takes place when your personal, self-will, self-esteem, ideas and plans areHealing, 515:for the average reader. From the angle of the personal self, regarding itself as the Dweller on the
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