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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONAL

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Psychology2, 139:is sensitive to the Plan, either through his own personal knowledge through contact with his soul,Psychology2, 144:by an ideal, and will then subordinate their personal lives and wishes to that ideal. With thesePsychology2, 144:for they are too one-pointed and too full of personal desire, and the tide of evolution has beenPsychology2, 146:part of the group, and having no idea of personal ambition or any wish to be a leader. Where thePsychology2, 162:of advantage to write down for himself his own personal understanding of the four words:Psychology2, 174:begins to function and to be registered in the personal consciousness when the aspirant hasPsychology2, 178:of the Great Ones. When this freedom from the personal is found, then the Master can dare to make aPsychology2, 178:world of illusion and dispel the glamors of the personal. When he can do that, then he begins toPsychology2, 181:to subordinate his own personality ideas and his personal growth to the group requirements, for atPsychology2, 181:in the group consciousness, and the desire for personal growth and spiritual satisfaction isPsychology2, 186:work) be based on egoic relations and not on personal attachments and predilections. These helpPsychology2, 187:real difficulty will consist in bringing their personal life and vibration into conformity with thePsychology2, 187:of the world are ready to submerge their personal interests in group good; how sensitive they are,Psychology2, 215:in any manner which could be interpreted as personal interest. Interest in him is evoked just in soPsychology2, 241:about the planet in connection with his tiny personal affairs. It is this universal capacity toPsychology2, 285:as to when man can become aware in his own personal and separated consciousness (as registered inPsychology2, 336:physical appetites, into that of the vital, personal being, responding to the impacts of anPsychology2, 380:is only permissible from the standpoint of the personal self, still limited and imprisoned in thePsychology2, 384:process outlined brings the higher aspect of the personal self, the mind, to the lowest point ofPsychology2, 411:name of the "wish life" with its objective, personal happiness, leading eventually to consummatedPsychology2, 413:which the subjective aspects of man - lower, personal and divine - are to be expressed, will theyPsychology2, 450:mutual understanding, towards right group and personal conditions of living and of thinking, andPsychology2, 467:vocation, his particular calling in life and his personal trend are only part of a greater whole,Psychology2, 497:of racial evil which may have absolutely no personal relation to him at all. This is definitely aPsychology2, 497:him to produce, he will frequently draw upon his personal imagination, upon the collectivePsychology2, 508:is brought through in the morning as a man's own personal experience. Many of the dreams related byPsychology2, 523:at the base of the spine (the organ of the personal will) must be raised and carried up the spinalPsychology2, 523:of the solar plexus (the organ of self-conscious personal desire) must be raised to the heart andPsychology2, 547:karma, but are quite frequently unrelated to his personal karma. Acquired diseases and accidentsPsychology2, 565:one of the Masters as indicative of a direct and personal interview with these advanced leaders.Psychology2, 596:work which must be carried forward under careful personal supervision. For this reason, once thisPsychology2, 610:within himself for selfish purposes, and personal ends. Psychology2, 613:energy are misapplied or turned to selfish and personal ends. This cannot as yet be avoided by anyPsychology2, 617:on the wings of jealousy, ambition, pride in a personal grasp of a supposed situation and a beliefPsychology2, 622:fanatical state of mind, the sacrifice of the personal life to the sensed ideal have all broughtPsychology2, 624:psychological difficulties which are not only personal but are often the result of the fluidity ofPsychology2, 665:of effort and the elimination of unnecessary and personal aspects of the work. Members of the NewPsychology2, 665:They are consecrated and dedicated souls, but personal ambition and national and religiousPsychology2, 666:is no time today for such trifling things as personal prestige, or for the emphasizing of onePsychology2, 666:and bring in the era of unity, peace and plenty. Personal ambitions have to go. Personal desire,Psychology2, 666:peace and plenty. Personal ambitions have to go. Personal desire, self defense, or selfPsychology2, 666:to their message of good will, sacrifice our personal differences, our petty interpretations, andPsychology2, 670:discontent and the extreme satisfaction of personal ambitions; of extreme selfishness and extremePsychology2, 677:at the expense of the helpless, of personal ambition, and of war will no longer be tolerated. ThePsychology2, 679:be carried forward through printed pamphlets, personal contact, and correspondence; throughPsychology2, 697:to be grasped is that in this work, there is no personal ambition implied (even of a spiritualPsychology2, 697:implied (even of a spiritual nature) and no personal union sought. This is not the mystical unionPsychology2, 700:of the full moon period, nor have they any personal knowledge of the situation as outlined. Some doPsychology2, 706:in those of the Plan, and the absorption of personal desire in the aspects of the soul. A period ofPsychology2, 712:truth, which you may have understood, to your personal life at any cost; by your sacrifice and yourPsychology2, 713:he has at least overcome the worst aspects of personal ambition. This freedom from ambition isPsychology2, 713:freedom from ambition is proved or expressed by personal reticence and by freedom from thePsychology2, 724:might constantly become more effective, and the personal lives of the group members becomePsychology2, 727:of contact and the temporary relinquishing of personal ambitions and methods in order to meet thePsychology2, 736:love and give." Let us in full surrender of our personal desires and wishes join in the common taskPsychology2, 736:two questions in the light of your soul and your personal earnestness will greatly clarify yourPsychology2, 746:possible agency - the press, correspondence, personal contacts and above all the radio - thePsychology2, 747:needed example by submerging our own ideas and personal desires in the good of the whole. TherePsychology2, 747:clearly the issues involved in any situation (personal, national or international) and then enablePsychology2, 748:activity, beginning with your own lives and your personal expression in the world. As regards thePsychology2, 749:be a period of intensive effort, preceded by personal preparation and purification and lay theRays, 5:energy of love. This involves the sublimation of personal feeling into group realization orRays, 9:by the term the 'lower personality'; he (if the personal pronoun can be used) is the sumtotal ofRays, 28:for disciples to bring into the picture personal sensitivities and thought, and this only becauseRays, 30:streams from the Monad and focuses through the personal will (as the mind can grasp and realize it)Rays, 33:of the lower or concrete mind, of the lower personal self, and the subordination of the knowledgeRays, 36:what is happening in their environment or their personal life. You need to reflect on this if youRays, 45:by the limitations, still existent, of the personal lower self. Into the cold. This means that theRays, 53:of the World are hearing the OM and in their personal lives the AUM and the OM are in conflict.Rays, 66:In this way the Master wastes no time on soul or personal plans. He has the habit - based on divineRays, 111:and group interest supersede that intense personal and interior relationship and interest whichRays, 122:is firmly established. Physical coordination, personal integrity (which involves primarily theRays, 212:all other recognitions, particularly those of a personal nature. We come back, therefore (as isRays, 252:has eliminated the attention paid hitherto to personal problems and the intense earlier focus onRays, 252:and not this powerful emphasis upon the personal relation of the disciple to the Master and theRays, 256:here referred to has nothing to do with personal preparedness or with the group unity which I haveRays, 286:in mind that the world of symbols is that of the personal life, of the phenomenal world as thatRays, 295:not consequently concern the development and personal progress of the initiate. He has been takenRays, 311:it will have no relation to the individual and personal problems of the man himself. If theRays, 341:erroneously termed). If initiation were a purely personal achievement, it would throw the man backRays, 342:student to appropriate initiation and to make it personal and individual. Yet one of the primeRays, 389:spiritual undertakings which lie outside my own personal realization. But in spite of this truth,Rays, 421:Sanat Kumara might be regarded as a personal disciple of the Solar Logos, with all that thatRays, 431:plane and from the mind. Through its medium the personal lower self becomes aware of itsRays, 455:of relationship between the monad and the lower personal self. The fourth initiation marks theRays, 468:of the group well-being, and not in terms of the personal self, of desire or even of aspiration.Rays, 491:or the withdrawal from form life, both personal and egoic. After this initiation neither of theseRays, 680:the true communistic platform, but is based on personal ambitions, love of power and onRays, 680:of the writings of Lenin and Marx which are also personal and run counter to the meaning of theseRays, 686:all self-interest, and the renouncing of the personal life in the interest of a larger whole. EvenRays, 691:the third initiation - is to produce a greater personal integration so that he becomes increasinglyRays, 695:takes his stand. He desires nothing of a personal nature; he is liberated from the three worlds.Rays, 759:the Hierarchy, is a world prayer; it has no personal appeal or temporal invocative urge; itReappearance, 33:distinguished by his lack of interest in his own personal development, by his ability to see GodReappearance, 70:not my will but Thine be done"; He has today no personal will but only the will of His FatherReappearance, 131:the self-centered forces and the energies of personal desire and of emotional love will beReappearance, 157:presentation out of the individual and the personal, into that of the universal divine Purpose; theReappearance, 171:But today the motive shifts from the concept of personal salvation (which is assumed or taken forSoul, 104:than the atman. All energy in the universe is personal, i.e., bound up with consciousness. ThisSoul, 123:life through the solar plexus. Thus the personal man is mobilized and becomes a conscious sentient
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