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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITIES

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Discipleship2, 248:sumtotal of the petty moods and feelings of the personalities of the group members. Its second useDiscipleship2, 285:These formulas have naught to do with personalities or with souls in deep incarnation, identifiedDiscipleship2, 333:of people who are still so polarized in their personalities that it is the personality aspect ofDiscipleship2, 386:that redemption through their own transfigured personalities - their reward should be theirDiscipleship2, 391:and that the field of his activities is with personalities, whereas the Masters and the seniorDiscipleship2, 391:are the Custodians of the Plan. Soul-infused personalities; these are the disciples and theDiscipleship2, 392:aspirants who are not yet soul-infused personalities but who recognize the necessity of the PlanDiscipleship2, 406:as the number and expressions of soul-infused personalities grow and initiates of the third degreeDiscipleship2, 408:is now being built by all soul-infused personalities (or constructed unconsciously by allDiscipleship2, 408:ignorance, they oft-times do. All soul-infused personalities are creating the human antahkaranaDiscipleship2, 451:in incarnation need constantly to spur their personalities on to action; they require to urge themDiscipleship2, 479:activity of their soul in connection with their personalities. An act of service, wherein you floodDiscipleship2, 479:An act of service, wherein you flood the personalities of those you are seeking to help, with theDiscipleship2, 512:you seek to help - inevitably aids suffering personalities. I think you realize the significance ofDiscipleship2, 607:to use as it seeks to help and train other personalities to become soul conscious. If you were toDiscipleship2, 611:yourself as the struggling aspiring personality. Personalities enter not into Ashrams - only souls.Discipleship2, 615:upon the relations on the physical plane of personalities; however, this attitude of yours hasDiscipleship2, 685:guard against its stimulating [685] unduly their personalities, and thus tend to the evocation ofDiscipleship2, 727:There has always been a glamorous response to personalities who have misled and glamored you in theDiscipleship2, 727:you had thought. What is this but the glamor of personalities? Until you have learnt to see peopleDiscipleship2, 760:power which is characteristic of all those whose personalities are on the ray which is yours. TheDiscipleship2, 761:to which I refer is Triadal. The Masters have no personalities as you understand personality. TheirEducation, 95:of all classes and nations will be integrated personalities. When this is the case, the science ofEducation, 108:and omitting any study of detail or of specific personalities, except by way of illustration. In myEducation, 112:interpretation and focused in partisanship and personalities, and thus develops into a glamor andExternalisation, 19:more than They are looking for devotion to Their Personalities, and a student who is walkingExternalisation, 64:and with a conscious decentralization of their personalities. There are, my brothers, weaknesses toExternalisation, 98:and in those who are in any sense of the word personalities. The method employed was the gift ofExternalisation, 108:experiment as it necessarily stimulated the personalities of men, particularly those whoseExternalisation, 108:personalities of men, particularly those whose personalities were along the line of will or powerExternalisation, 108:the Shamballa force upon ambitious and powerful personalities in all countries and all schools ofExternalisation, 109:the coming into incarnation of certain potent personalities whose dharma or destiny it is to bringExternalisation, 125:mind and - as the race has progressed and the personalities of human beings have reached a highExternalisation, 127:been to stimulate a certain group of outstanding personalities in many lands so that they haveExternalisation, 127:times. Suffice it to say that many of the same personalities (on a higher turn of the spiral) areExternalisation, 131:ideology. The control of powerful and dangerous personalities, and the use of the methods of forceExternalisation, Esoter:the medium of certain great and outstanding personalities who were peculiarly sensitive to theExternalisation, 135:be - but, in the last analysis, highly developed personalities. They are being used to engineerExternalisation, 135:II - The General World Picture Blame not the personalities involved or the men who produce theseExternalisation, 155:scale (for nations as well as individuals have personalities). Ponder on this and seekExternalisation, 265:also. Only those, therefore, who are integrated personalities can work in this manner, and hereinExternalisation, 344:it is kindness to the form side of life, to the personalities of those around us, and fulfilsExternalisation, 346:In the history of the race, one or two advanced personalities have done this with dire results,Externalisation, 388:to endeavor to blend the cold light of your personalities with the clear light of your soul, so asExternalisation, 391:mention only a few of the myriad activities. The personalities of men everywhere are engaged andExternalisation, 432:with the immediate suffering and pain of the personalities involved. Is this a hard saying? A tinyExternalisation, 585:are pronounced ray types and are integrated personalities in the highest sense of the word. TheyExternalisation, 585:the word. They will work on earth as high grade personalities, under the impact of strong motivesExternalisation, 668:constitutes a slow and arduous task; the evil personalities which, in every country, areExternalisation, 673:in so far as they may affect adversely our personalities. They connote simply a way of life in anyFire, 392:owing to their egoic polarization) and many personalities, who are swept into the vortex throughFire, 483:- II, 469. We must lose sight entirely of: Personalities. Dogmatic beliefs. Special religions. - S.Fire, 535:and studied. We have considered these various personalities (and the word 'personality' is chosenFire, 535:is chosen deliberately, for what are They but personalities, or Beings, in physical incarnation?)Glamour, 48:There is freedom from the control of personalities. But there is never any freedom from the Law ofGlamour, 221:sixth ray aspirants - those who have sixth ray personalities or whose soul ray is the sixth, plusGlamour, 225:they must be relatively unknown to each other as personalities but are drawn to each other asHealing, 103:and through the physical interplay between personalities. It would be inevitable that there wouldHealing, 354:and function as one complete unit - several personalities and one soul - it will then be relativelyHealing, 357:and would greatly (and adversely) affect the personalities of those they might seek to help. How,Healing, 365:life of the senses. The three groups are: Those personalities, integrated and intelligent, who areHealing, 367:truths, and that we are also in touch with the personalities of those who are the dispensers of theHealing, 370:energy, but many who could work as integrated personalities if they so desired. And when a man hasHealing, 400:a personality in contradistinction to all other personalities, vanishes with the disappearance ofHealing, 445:unaware of the activities and reactions of their personalities, because certain aspects of theHealing, 487:by those balanced people who are integrated personalities and who are called [488] "kama-manasic"Healing, 508:point out that the majority of people are not personalities, no matter how glibly they may talkHealing, 508:no matter how glibly they may talk about their personalities. For example, the initial objectiveHealing, 508:man, so that they may become functioning personalities, prior to becoming functioning souls; theHealing, 509:are in the world today many truly integrated personalities. These, because soul and personality areHealing, 509:themselves. Many are apt to regard themselves as personalities because of their natural self-will,Healing, 509:name of personality. Some of them cannot become personalities during this life, but they canHealing, 539:integrated that they can function as whole personalities, in [540] response to soul stimulation.Healing, 710:developed on the physical plane, through the personalities of men and women of insight and geniusHercules, 8:rapidity with which souls are controlling their personalities. The casting of the horoscope of theHercules, 109:are now very individual, the world is full of personalities, and the time has come when the lion ofInitiation, 1:to be appended. In spiritual issues, names, personalities, and the voice of [2] external authority,Initiation, 20:in our planetary scheme through those great Personalities who compose the Hierarchy, link it andInitiation, 24:that individuals tread today. These spiritual personalities, these adepts and Masters, haveInitiation, 26:his curiosity is aroused by reference to these Personalities, but men are not yet ready for moreInitiation, 37:been, nor to consider in detail who the active personalities have been during the past millennia ofInitiation, 38:Cooperating with him as his advisers are three Personalities [39] called the Pratyeka Buddhas, orInitiation, 40:incarnation. Besides these main presiding Personalities in the Council Chamber at Shamballa, thereInitiation, 46:cooperation and unity exists between these three Personalities, and every move and plan and eventInitiation, 68:As Egos, according to the egoic ray. As personalities, according to the subray which is governingInitiation, 104:Planetary Existences In considering now the personalities taking part in the initiation ceremonies,Initiation, 120:associated; he realizes who they are in their personalities, if in incarnation, and he seesInitiation, 163:which surmounts the Rod, and when these five personalities are thus linked by the circulatingInitiation, 166:by the strongly applied will of the other four Personalities who are holding the Rod at the sameInitiation, 202:and relationship may exist, yet the outer personalities may not harmonize. It is the work, then, ofIntellect, 59:purely mental types and all truly coordinated personalities are mystics at heart, and have passedIntellect, 231:a matter of understanding what we are made of as personalities; of sensing the Key to a new potencyIntellect, 252:from illusion, and from the intrusion of personalities, and will have a working knowledge of theIntellect, 253:of men, and not waste their time in tearing down personalities, and dealing with effects and withIntellect, 254:[254] in its recollection. We must also avoid personalities and pride, for they have no place inMagic, 4:as to the exact details of unimportant personalities, and environing conditions. Magic, 109:on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities Principles and Personalities There is,Magic, 109:- Principles and Personalities Principles and Personalities There is, however, a point which meritsMagic, 112:on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities With average advanced men, who areMagic, 113:on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities As regards the action of those whose
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