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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Astrology, 6:human consciousness. As this takes place, the personality which is individual, separative andAstrology, 15:to the planets as they rule and direct his personality affairs from their different "stations" inAstrology, 16:where it is deemed desirable to control the personality reactions. This has to be done by theAstrology, 16:circumstance and the attendant reactions of the personality. The following attitudes and positionsAstrology, 16:the unevolved man, they can and do indicate the personality destiny and fate; they do condition andAstrology, 16:weakens and steadily becomes less and less; his personality chart appears inconclusive and oftenAstrology, 17:and spiritual. It holds the [17] secret of the personality ray and of the man's responsiveness orAstrology, 17:who will be occupied with the horoscope of the personality, and the esoteric astrologers who willAstrology, 17:is temporarily exhausted and the "death of the personality" takes place, the man finds himselfAstrology, 17:it. This particular phrase "death of the personality" has two definite connotations: It may meanAstrology, 18:The subjective and mystical "death of the personality." This is a phrase indicating the transfer ofAstrology, 18:focus for the distribution of energy from the personality (a definite center of force) to the soulAstrology, 18:it sets the pace or the established tempo of his personality life; it is related to quality,Astrology, 19:can produce right relationship between soul and personality in any one incarnation. It thus pointsAstrology, 24:because they affect what might be called the personality of our Earth: The quality of our solarAstrology, 25:This, when accomplished, demonstrates as personality and physical magnetism and influence until theAstrology, 29:interpreted largely in terms of the human [29] personality, the third divine aspect. They thusAstrology, 32:of the planets and thus so dominate his personality life that prediction and certainty, as toAstrology, 35:Solar Angels Agnishvattas Buddhic 4 10 V Human Personality The Crocodiles Makara, the mystery 5.Astrology, 37:the constellation Capricorn and with the human personality which veils and temporarily hides theAstrology, 51:expression of the man; they affect potently the personality aspect; their influence, plus inheritedAstrology, 55:comes a point of crisis wherein the soul and the personality are brought face to face. The Angel ofAstrology, 58:human life. Goal: Identification with the Personality. Produces responsiveness to the planetaryAstrology, 59:Logos of the Earth, for instance, what the personality (or form nature) is to the soul of man. TheAstrology, 59:noted the pattern which emerges when "soul and personality are brought together" and presentAstrology, 59:- one of the soul and the other of the personality. Again the process of superimposition isAstrology, 63:as much a reality to humanity today as are the personality illusions of any individual. TheseAstrology, 70:combinations of forces to those controlling the personality life. The disciple and the initiateAstrology, 71:[71] but at the end the man is released from personality control. At the fourth initiation, MercuryAstrology, 80:Body e. Life Consciousness Form f. Monad Ego Personality g. Three Initiations (Initiates) TwoAstrology, 83:sign being determined by the nature of the personality ray which itself changes, as you know, fromAstrology, 83:lessons, broadens his horizon, integrates his personality, begins to sense the conditioning soul,Astrology, 84:by mounting the three Crosses - the cross of the Personality or the changing form, the Cross of theAstrology, 84:- The Mutable Cross The Mounting of the Wheel - Personality and form life The Cycle of Rebirth inAstrology, 89:present, charts are set up on the basis of the personality condition or of the personality ray, ifAstrology, 89:the basis of the personality condition or of the personality ray, if the astrologer is fortunateAstrology, 91:the first case, he expressed the quality of the personality ray. It is not possible for me to beAstrology, 91:nigh unknown. Most people are governed by their personality ray and as the present first ray typesAstrology, 93:of equilibrium in Libra, in which sign soul and personality achieve a balance of cooperation and,Astrology, 94:Life in the three worlds. The development of personality. II. The Wheel adjusted or reversed. TheAstrology, 94:evolution. The unfoldment of soul through the personality. III. The wheel controlled or dominated.Astrology, 94:of our seven planes. Fusion of spirit, soul and personality. Astrology, 96:which brings about eventually the death of the personality and with which we shall later deal whenAstrology, 99:life in all its forms, the ambition of a personality working out its own ideas and ambitiousAstrology, 100:the mind and mediates between the soul and the personality, being the Messenger of the Gods. ThisAstrology, 103:requiring reasoned answers: Is the subject a personality, progressing around and around the wheel,Astrology, 103:self-consciousness and developing a rounded out personality through experience and the working ofAstrology, 103:and arriving eventually at the height of personality ambition in Capricorn? Or, is this personAstrology, 103:of life. The orthodox horoscope concerns the personality life and the form is bound upon the "wheelAstrology, 105:other lesser luminaries fade out. Just as the personality is lost sight of in the light of theAstrology, 106:of the soul around the great wheel, both as a personality and as a disciple, headed towards theAstrology, 107:comes into outer manifested expression and the personality recedes into the background. Finally,Astrology, 107:the zodiac, whilst the man is functioning as a personality. It is these four words and theirAstrology, 109:found in the orthodox planetary ruler where the personality ray is concerned and the esotericAstrology, 111:and our inner spiritual soul awareness. The personality will still respond to influences coming toAstrology, 111:idea somewhat clearer: Physical Sun - Form - Personality - Influencing Mutable Cross. Heart of theAstrology, 112:by the esoteric planets eventually, and the personality, influenced by the orthodox planets. TheAstrology, 112:is symbolic of the soul and the lesser of the personality. In the personality cycle, the lesserAstrology, 112:soul and the lesser of the personality. In the personality cycle, the lesser zodiac conditions theAstrology, 112:cycle, the lesser zodiac conditions the personality career and the twelve planetary houses are ofAstrology, 112:arc proceeds this way and not as the personality proceeds. The anima mundi passes to Pisces at theAstrology, 113:of the world soul, which expresses itself as a personality (a correspondence to the spirit of theAstrology, 114:affect the soul life far more than they do the personality life, they remained undiscovered exceptAstrology, 115:idealism (two of the three aspects of the personality nature), and the attempt to interpret HisAstrology, 116:fish stands for the soul and the other for the personality or form nature, and between them is toAstrology, 116:life. Later on, upon the reversed wheel, the personality is brought into captivity by the soul, butAstrology, 116:is reversed and the soul is the prisoner of the personality. This dual bondage is brought to an endAstrology, 116:itself, the soul renounces the life of form, the personality center. The soul detaches itself (inAstrology, 116:the wheel, it proceeds to detach itself from the personality and reattach itself in consciousnessAstrology, 120:the Twins are sometimes called. The light of the personality dims and the light of the soul waxes.Astrology, 120:Gemini gives place to the responsiveness of the personality to soul impression and consequentAstrology, 121:final stage, Pisces stands for the death of the personality and the release of the soul fromAstrology, 123:and hindrances) and the natural animal and personality powers - particularly the emotional - areAstrology, 123:with the latent Christ and the outer expressive personality can be seen if a study is made of theAstrology, 123:for the bondage of incarnation and for the personality. It is in this dual sign that the imprisonedAstrology, 123:this dual sign that the imprisoned soul and the personality enter upon that process which willAstrology, 124:of humanity. Attachment to environment and to personality conditions (identification with form)Astrology, 127:power of death - death of desire, death of the personality and of all which holds him between theAstrology, 132:is illumined and relation is established between personality and the soul. As Mercury, the Sun -Astrology, 132:steadily superseded all lunar control, for the personality or form side of life is lost to sight inAstrology, 133:a [133] vision of the Sun, the experience of the personality and effort, which is the mode ofAstrology, 133:are obvious in their implications. Where the personality is concerned and the wheel rotates in theAstrology, 135:to demonstrate. They are: The service of the personality, the lower self, which eventuallyAstrology, 136:"rolls onward into illusion," the wheel of the personality, the superficiality and the airy natureAstrology, 140:the physical, astral and mental planes) you have personality demonstration. When they areAstrology, 140:of the emanating center, the soul, then the personality forces become subject to the diffusion ofAstrology, 140:to the diffusion of the soul energies and the personality or form nature becomes magnetic in aAstrology, 140:the soul energies intensify certain of the personality forces and the effect of the exotericAstrology, 143:"the Lion who seeks his prey," that is the personality who becomes the captive of the soul. InAstrology, 143:that from the earthy foundations of Scorpio the personality can be so tested that it shows fitnessAstrology, 144:takes the third initiation and becomes free from personality control, taking the next twoAstrology, 144:The Cardinal Cross - The Cross of Transcendence. Personality life and form life and planetary lifeAstrology, 145:In the polar opposite of Taurus, Scorpio, the personality is humbled and brought to grips with theAstrology, 145:brought to grips with the soul; in that sign the personality is "occultly killed and thenAstrology, 145:with the characteristics and qualities of the personality and of the form aspects, and also withAstrology, 147:esoteric and hierarchical. It rules the personality, the soul and the fourth Creative Hierarchy.Astrology, 147:has been undergone and the light of the personality has been "put out" or dimmed by the light ofAstrology, 148:which has at last succeeded in dominating the personality and in manifesting its true nature andAstrology, 148:its true nature and character, in spite of the personality and the antagonism of the human beingAstrology, 151:of the Whole. The death or negation of all personality selfishness. Culmination of experience upon
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