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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Astrology, 152:another circling of the Great Wheel in search of personality satisfaction. The Prodigal SonAstrology, 155:and the defeat of the king of beasts (the personality) leading to the triumph of group and worldAstrology, 163:power of [163] individuality through a developed personality and through the potency of Leo.Astrology, 168:spirit and matter, is symbolized for us in the personality situation of balancing the pairs ofAstrology, 174:soul Individualization Discipleship Initiation Personality Egoic focus Monadic focus The FixedAstrology, 175:are expressions of human goals but one is of the personality and the other of the soul. [176] FromAstrology, 177:time of the Mutable Cross experience wherein the personality is built up, constructed, developedAstrology, 178:to the final crucifixion of the [178] personality upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens, will revealAstrology, 179:Capricorn and Aquarius - come the four stages of personality development, struggle with the pairsAstrology, 179:its consummation as the divine aspiration of the personality ("inspired from on high," as thisAstrology, 180:The emphasis is laid upon the struggle of the personality to release itself from the grip of lowerAstrology, 181:from his white horse (the developed and purified personality) and find where the arrows ofAstrology, 181:messenger of the Gods) and becomes, in his own personality, himself the winged God: Mercury, as youAstrology, 181:established a balanced relationship between the personality and the soul and can function as eitherAstrology, 181:runs straight and level, leaving the depths of personality experience and the heights of soulAstrology, 181:in A Treatise on White Magic. The light of the personality and the light of the soul blend. UponAstrology, 185:and begins its integrating control of the personality. When this process is proceeding, the MutableAstrology, 185:under the influence of the Mutable Cross in his personality life whilst he, as a soul, is upon theAstrology, 185:and exerting that influence which will bring the personality into right relation to the soul, forAstrology, 186:The Orthodox Planets - These condition the personality. In this case we have Mercury and Jupiter.Astrology, 186:the lunar Lords (the elementals of the threefold personality) who have to be brought under theAstrology, 187:- 6th Ray - Devotion. War to the death of the personality or form. An analysis of this will showAstrology, 190:early stages, an effort to identify all soul and personality activity with God's Plan, and this is,Astrology, 190:that desire and, in the later stages of purely personality development, the focus is upon theAstrology, 191:goal or attain some objective. This process of personality satisfaction takes place upon theAstrology, 192:identifying himself with either his own human personality and processes or with the human kingdom,Astrology, 192:This involves a complete withdrawal, in the personality sense, from the form side of life. ThisAstrology, 193:concerned with what one might call the "personality expression" (if such an unsuitable term can beAstrology, 194:what the lower nature (form life or personality in the three worlds of human evolution) is to theAstrology, 203:intimately the readiness of the threefold personality: To reorient itself to the life of the soulAstrology, 204:will test and perfect the three aspects of the personality so that they are true reflections of theAstrology, 205:be done." The tests carry the self-will of the personality up into the region of the divine willAstrology, 206:relations. Cruelty - which is satisfaction with personality methods and which makes the mind theAstrology, 207:This Dweller is the sumtotal of all the personality characteristics which have remained unconqueredAstrology, 207:taken. Each life sees some progress made; some personality defects straightened out and some realAstrology, 207:a life wherein the highly developed and powerful personality becomes, in itself, the Dweller on theAstrology, 207:lesser. This is, however, only possible when the personality eagerly enters into this relation withAstrology, 209:planetary influences in the twelve houses of his personality horoscope than does the more advancedAstrology, 209:Mars is both the orthodox planet controlling the personality in Scorpio and also the esotericAstrology, 210:but the entire form vehicle, which we call the personality in the three worlds. All aspects of theAstrology, 211:and the last stand, so to speak, of the personality against the soul. It is Mars who brings theAstrology, 212:through the battle between the highly developed personality or form nature and the soul which seeksAstrology, 214:is clear. The disciple - after the death of the personality and after the killing out [215] ofAstrology, 215:In Scorpio there is the death of the personality, with its longings, desires, ambitions and pride.Astrology, 215:Christianity exemplifies the death of the personality, with individual and not universalAstrology, 215:humanity - had to pass through the filter of his personality mind and brain; it was thenAstrology, 219:astral and mental natures, thus creating the personality. They form a triangle of immense creativeAstrology, 222:a word. In dealing with the horoscope of the personality and with the average non-aspiring man, theAstrology, 222:the astrologer should endeavor to discover the personality ray from a study of character, of theAstrology, 225:that which is dead. The Moon here stands for the personality and, in the final victory in Scorpio,Astrology, 225:and, in the final victory in Scorpio, the personality is entirely vanquished and defeated. DesireAstrology, 225:it is through expressed desire of some kind that personality demonstrates life, quality,Astrology, 225:activity of the soul, whilst attachment to personality desires, likes and dislikes is transmutedAstrology, 227:The following Virgo life will be either one of a personality, materialistic nature, lived under theAstrology, 228:soul life (active through the medium of the personality nature and not simply on its own plane) isAstrology, 228:the tests and trials between the soul and the personality, which latter fights with power andAstrology, 228:of these two where the preponderance of the personality influence is not possible. Libra can alsoAstrology, 228:The stage of the hidden Christ. Intelligent man. Personality, as hiding the Christ life. Libra -Astrology, 228:the soul organizes itself for battle and the personality waits. This is the probationary path.Astrology, 229:- Preparation for initiation. Soul inspires personality life. Soul expresses itself throughAstrology, 229:personality life. Soul expresses itself through personality. The Initiate. I would here remind youAstrology, 229:You have, therefore, the activity wherein the personality grows and develops, and yet at the sameAstrology, 248:the planetary influences which condition his personality and bring him more definitely andAstrology, 250:"falls" in this sign because again neither the personality nor the soul dominates in the man who isAstrology, 250:"tune each other out." Neither the voice of the personality nor of the soul is heard particularlyAstrology, 253:and functioning as a whole person, we call the personality. This personality is (as far as humanityAstrology, 253:as a whole person, we call the personality. This personality is (as far as humanity is concerned)Astrology, 253:the unfoldment of that self-conscious entity and personality which in Virgo becomes the mother ofAstrology, 254:and the function of the three aspects of the personality through which the Christ must findAstrology, 254:the individual, developed self-consciousness and personality unfoldment. Virgo is, therefore, theAstrology, 256:which, in a cosmic sense, concerns the threefold personality of Deity. With this I attempted toAstrology, 259:exists begins to be realized and the desire for personality satisfaction begins to change and theAstrology, 261:are for himself and for his own satisfaction and personality enterprises, and this becomes steadilyAstrology, 261:and changing attitudes of selfless service, a personality dedicated to the service of humanity andAstrology, 262:stands for the womb of time and passes the personality-soul (Leo-Virgo) through the three aboveAstrology, 265:in two stages as: Diffused inchoate power. Personality integration. It signifies the emergence ofAstrology, 265:integration. It signifies the emergence of personality and preparation for the Christ experience.Astrology, 267:that his response apparatus (the threefold personality) is more sensitive than is the case with theAstrology, 274:the experiences of the dark time wherein the personality becomes the Mother in the stage ofAstrology, 278:it [278] is possible for him to rule his personality and to govern it so that eventually it becomesAstrology, 278:soul. It accounts also for the reaction of the personality against this control. It is because ofAstrology, 278:future, and when this is so the control of the personality will be scientifically carried forward;Astrology, 278:and consummate in the rounded out and equipped personality. They are, exoterically, Alpha andAstrology, 279:the man for mounting the Fixed Cross. The personality is prepared to be the mother of the Christ.Astrology, 279:of reception and protection, which is the personality, the form, the self-conscious man. BringingAstrology, 282:manner and not so specifically from the angle of personality horoscopes. When the planets areAstrology, 282:the soul's life will emerge; these condition the personality but not in the same sense as materialAstrology, 282:going. Is he progressing around the wheel as a personality or is he moving forward as a soul? TheAstrology, 289:to achieve self-mastery and the control of the personality (for either a good motive or a selfishAstrology, 289:which leads him finally to the control by the personality, ruled by Leo, of groups and large orAstrology, 290:of consciousness. Leo - The self-conscious man. Personality. Lower unity. Virgo - The latent ChristAstrology, 294:and mental integration and when he has attained personality effectiveness, then he treads it -Astrology, 294:consciousness (exoteric and symbolic of the personality), of soul awareness (esoteric), and ofAstrology, 294:to the will, wishes and desires of the personality, [295] the integrated self-conscious man, theAstrology, 295:sensitivity of the God-Man (the soul and personality fused) to the environment. At this stage ofAstrology, 300:veils Neptune, produces a potent effect upon the personality, symbolized for us here by the astralAstrology, 300:Sun) symbolizes the effect of the soul upon the personality. Hence the activity of the seventh ray,Astrology, 301:underlying idea of: [301] The awakening of the personality to soul control and contact, with a trueAstrology, 318:symbolic [318] history of man's growth and true personality development. It is a picture of the lawAstrology, 319:knit together in one form. Man is a conscious personality, and this is a result of the Cancer
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