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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Astrology, 322:not react to ordinary feeling, sentiment or to personality relations as they express themselves inAstrology, 324:terms of the three worlds of human evolution, of personality intent, and of time-space concepts.Astrology, 326:forgetting, as this is done, the glamor of the personality [327] impress. The sweep of knownAstrology, 333:Capricorn Blind, undirected experience Directed Personality effort Recognition and work with theAstrology, 334:interpretation from the standpoint of both the personality and the soul, character indications, asAstrology, 338:Fluid interplay and instability leads to personality focus and determination. The man isAstrology, 338:The man is one-pointedly devoted to personality achievement. The threefold lower nature,Astrology, 338:ends. He dominates his fellowmen for entirely personality objectives. The isolated individualAstrology, 339:method of expression for service. Aquarius-Leo Personality interests as an expression of theAstrology, 339:opposite signs leads to some aspect of definite personality manifestation, this being largelyAstrology, 339:this being largely determined by the ray of the personality. When the life tendency is beingAstrology, 340:sign tends to make the mind the servant of the personality and this is aided by the forces of theAstrology, 341:of the soul and the glorification of the personality demonstrated, ending with death in Scorpio; inAstrology, 343:and therein dwell." The temporary method of the personality is also clearly given when we are toldAstrology, 350:Masonry is the distorted reflection, just as the personality is a distorted reflection of the soul.Astrology, 352:therefore, astral and mental control of the personality. When the man is upon the Path ofAstrology, 352:the transmitter of soul energy and not of personality force; the powerful effect of the second RayAstrology, 353:centers above the diaphragm. The power of the personality lessens and wanes whilst that of the soulAstrology, 353:of the concrete mind as the mediator within the personality, conditioning the personality life,Astrology, 353:within the personality, conditioning the personality life, analyzing and distinguishing between theAstrology, 353:and thou" consciousness as well as that of the personality and its environment. Secondly, itAstrology, 353:therefore, the illumined mind, relating soul and personality. This process of the higherAstrology, 360:consciously realized as being between soul and personality. This leads to a final stage inAstrology, 362:From certain angles, these are related to the Personality of our planetary Logos: The Earth -Astrology, 363:dual energies of soul and the subjective psychic personality. Ponder on this. It is the energies ofAstrology, 363:are expressive of soul and spirit, with the personality ray of the great informing Life, theAstrology, 363:as the Earth, is still subject to the ray of the personality of the informing Life, and theAstrology, 365:the soul. There is also the harmonizing of the personality and the achieving of personalityAstrology, 365:of the personality and the achieving of personality integration; this is a consequence or goal ofAstrology, 366:within or identified with some aspect of the personality, and, in a later stage, with theAstrology, 366:the personality, and, in a later stage, with the personality itself. In this analysis of theAstrology, 367:- soul and form - and between the mortal self or personality and the immortal self or soul.Astrology, 371:to describe the progress and bias of man the personality, man the soul, and man the channel forAstrology, 372:the will-to-power in the individual and fosters personality integration [373] of the wrong kind andAstrology, 375:man (and this is literally wilful adherence to personality aims) or as intelligently expressed willAstrology, 375:attitude, my work or intention actuated by personality desire or am I working and planning directlyAstrology, 377:of the developed lower nature, the personality aspect of integrated selfhood. It produces - thoughAstrology, 379:gather gold shall rule the lower half (i.e., the personality aspect of men and of nations -Astrology, 383:the planet Earth what the higher Self is to the Personality. Remember that the planet Venus is oneAstrology, 388:express themselves through the medium of the personality or form aspect. When, therefore, I speakAstrology, 394:and a good deal of selfish centralization or personality focus. He will be intelligent but notAstrology, 394:clear seeing, pure joyful will and the death of personality desire. Such is the goal of the TaurianAstrology, 395:one or other of his vehicles. In the integrated personality, prior to the Path experience. InAstrology, 397:is but energy run wild in the interests of the personality; blindness (for the Bull is blind forAstrology, 397:on the frustration of desire in the personality life, must be succeeded by compassion for allAstrology, 398:himself from one who goes wilfuly on his personality way into a wise cooperator with the Plan. ByAstrology, 399:form of great potency in which self interest and personality aims and desires are the motivesAstrology, 401:picture of man's history during the stage of personality development and power. The task of Uranus,Astrology, 410:of one year, corresponds to the life of the personality. In considering these points it shouldAstrology, 411:third Ray of Active Intelligence and affect the personality. To this I earlier referred, but haveAstrology, 412:is evoked from the monad, the ego or the personality, whether they impinge upon the massAstrology, 414:aware of: The threefold energy which is the personality, and of which the vital body is theAstrology, 414:the result of their successful activity. In the personality, it is the physical body. In the soul,Astrology, 415:correspondences to the monad, the soul and the personality in man; we shall find one line of theAstrology, 415:fire. Fire by Friction - activity - personality - Purificatory fire. Intellectual. I point out thisAstrology, 419:of stars constitute the manifested aspect or personality of a great and unknown Life. I seek inAstrology, 420:producing tangibility. This corresponds to the Personality aspect. These three energies will beAstrology, 422:but these no disciple can as yet grasp; personality has to be transcended before even the earlierAstrology, 449:of Harmony through Conflict and her first ray personality, on the Ray of Power and the DestroyerAstrology, 451:of a disciple on Rays will be of a personality nature. It is the stimulation of the heartAstrology, 451:a close and careful scrutiny and control of the personality life. The awakening of the ajna centerAstrology, 455:centers rapidly awakening. The focal point of personality. The human kingdom, the fourth kingdom inAstrology, 458:during this present cycle. Forget not that the personality rays change from period to period inAstrology, 458:just as they do with individuals: Rays City Soul Personality Sign 1. London 5th 7th Gemini 2. NewAstrology, 459:plan and thus be wholly constructive. Where personality force dominates, the effects will beAstrology, 459:or national); it can express soul purpose or personality selfishness, but the urge towardsAstrology, 461:interplay of his monadic life, soul energy and personality force, as these three focus on theAstrology, 464:the three Crosses. The twelve houses concern the personality. The four arms of the three CrossesAstrology, 465:upon the Great Wheel. I deal not here with the personality influences, inclinations andAstrology, 466:the Christ-child, hidden within the form of the personality, is realized and the inner, spiritualAstrology, 469:[469] so be of aid to the intelligent, dedicated personality. Ponder on this. Astrology, 482:brings about the fusion or integration of the personality, the at-one-ment of personality and soul,Astrology, 482:of the personality, the at-one-ment of personality and soul, the unification of humanity or theAstrology, 484:aspect of the human being, and condition the personality life. This is the point which must beAstrology, 486:people who are achieving the integration of the personality and becoming self-conscious, as well asAstrology, 497:soul possibility and direction, versus the personality opportunity, offered by the nature of theAstrology, 497:deal with soul unfoldment and not with the personality horoscope as hitherto. At this point, IAstrology, 497:nothing I have said negates the charting of the personality horoscope as at present done in theAstrology, 498:the average man is in question, focused in his personality life and oriented towards the materialAstrology, 498:destiny, through the medium of a controlled personality and, at the same time, to participate fullyAstrology, 499:to form, of spirit to body, of the soul to the personality will demonstrate in the realm ofAstrology, 507:body, plus a fusion with the fifth body, the personality. The task of our planetary Logos and ofAstrology, 508:soul acts towards a rapidly integrating personality. This triangle should not be forgotten whenAstrology, 508:(not counting the Sun) are "houses of the personality, mundanely oriented" and the reason is notAstrology, 508:the home is the fourth or lowest aspect of the personality or the fourth kingdom in nature, but allAstrology, 510:find the sacred planets endeavor to fuse the personality and make it the instrument of the soul andAstrology, 512:from the lower to the higher. The rays of the personality and the soul. The condition of theAstrology, 512:determined by the rays of the soul and of the personality. As the ray type does not emerge untilAstrology, 513:- with the exoteric planetary rulers - rules the personality, indicates inheritance and equipmentAstrology, 515:bodies) and then in another. Each changing personality sees a different ray force enter and eachAstrology, 516:between the Spiritual Triad and the threefold personality) is being definitely constructed, theseAstrology, 518:Sun sign to his rising sign and his soul to his personality, viewing both as aspects and integralAstrology, 524:Great Britain are related through the first ray personality of Great Britain and the egoic ray ofAstrology, 525:the consciousness of its leaders. Its sixth ray personality is responding to the call of the firstAstrology, 525:ray of both nations and with Italy through the personality rays. Hence, therefore, the Axis. IAstrology, 526:as follows: The Occident: Soul Ray - Ray II Personality Ray - Ray IV The Orient: Soul Ray - Ray IVAstrology, 526:Ray - Ray IV The Orient: Soul Ray - Ray IV Personality Ray - Ray III I would remind you that we areAstrology, 526:Occident and the Orient are linked through the personality ray of the Occident and the egoic ray ofAstrology, 528:Some predominantly express soul energy and some personality force; some are influenced by ShamballaAstrology, 528:are seeking expression, plus a knowledge of the personality and egoic rays. Out of this will come
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