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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Astrology, 529:its group units, large and small. The soul and personality qualities of nations will be studied,Astrology, 529:be made to discover the soul quality and the personality nature (the spiritual and theAstrology, 545:achieving dominance - spirit or matter, soul or personality? Such is the nature of these points ofAstrology, 549:is concerned, because it signifies soul and personality, consciousness and form; it is also theAstrology, 553:an aspirant. It is, therefore, the Cross of the personality or of the steadily developing andAstrology, 557:human stages, and the integrating processes of personality development until the man stands forthAstrology, 557:It is concerned with the integration of soul and personality and their complete blending or fusion.Astrology, 557:through the medium of the integrated soul and personality. This is a relatively brief stage.Astrology, 560:him into material activity. This Cross of the personality dedicates the man who is crucifiedAstrology, 563:is fusion and integration. The fusion of the personality into one functioning whole; the fusion ofAstrology, 563:one functioning whole; the fusion of soul and personality consciously; the fusion of the threefoldAstrology, 563:expression of divinity - Monad, ego and personality - so that there is an appearance of the blendedAstrology, 565:the fusion of the twelve energies in one divine Personality (expressing Individuality) on theAstrology, 569:awake and active mentally and as a functioning personality. But he remains unsatisfied and isAstrology, 569:be called love. This is the movement in the personality of that divine emerging aspect. It is thisAstrology, 580:as it dominates the human mind and controls the personality. The secret of the will is also closelyAstrology, 595:these three cosmic planes (embracing the sacred personality of the Logoi, solar and planetary) comeAstrology, 596:solar system, the third, and the fruition of the Personality Manifestation of the Logos. We need,Astrology, 599:of the intuition, transmitted by the soul to the personality and then acted upon in conformity toAstrology, 606:after the third initiation - the point at which personality or form life is transcended and theAstrology, 614:center called Humanity. The mind takes control. Personality functions. Path of Discipleship.Astrology, 615:into the world of souls, as conditioning his personality life and as enforcing and eventuallyAstrology, 619:Logos, Whose Soul ray is the second and the personality ray the third. You can note here,Astrology, 620:first the determination of the little self, the personality, the self-conscious individual. It isAstrology, 620:hidden will: the physical sun, lighting up the personality upon the physical plane and the Heart ofAstrology, 651:being, is the expression of two ray forces - the personality and the egoic. That two rays areAstrology, 660:what the human Ego (or soul) is to the human personality." (C.F. 592) "Three constellations areAstrology, 666:influence of Neptune... When this happens, his personality horoscope will show this influence asAstrology, 677:is concerned with the mortal half of man, the personality, and the immortal part, the ego orAstrology, 677:part, the ego or spiritual individual. The personality has nothing in itself to survive and theAtom, 136:higher self, and not the throwing open of one's personality to any passing entity or spook. ThisAutobiographyconditions with a truly iron will. Her First Ray personality rose to the final effort in responseAutobiography, 12:depths of sorrow, the pull between the soul and personality or between the higher self and theAutobiography, 13:has been the battle between my soul and my personality and that still goes on. As I write this I amAutobiography, 36:contact and they then interpret it in terms of personality success and importance. A reaction ofAutobiography, 91:one hundred years ago any more than my present personality has the faintest recollection orAutobiography, 158:Hierarchy and, above all, one's own soul? No personality has the right to ask spiritual pledgesAutobiography, 170:called "The Theosophist," were preoccupied with personality quarrels. Articles were given up to theAutobiography, 173:brotherhood. The hatred and rancor, the personality animus and the political manipulation was soAutobiography, 176:convinced that the T.S. was run strictly on personality lines, with the emphasis upon personalityAutobiography, 176:on personality lines, with the emphasis upon personality status, upon personality devotions, uponAutobiography, 176:with the emphasis upon personality status, upon personality devotions, upon personality likes andAutobiography, 176:status, upon personality devotions, upon personality likes and dislikes and upon the imposition ofAutobiography, 176:likes and dislikes and upon the imposition of personality decisions upon a mass of personalityAutobiography, 176:of personality decisions upon a mass of personality followers. We simply did not know what to do orAutobiography, 178:and there is no room for muckraking and personality slandering by those who want to make a fewAutobiography, 212:I chose, for I could now be trusted to keep my personality affairs out of His Ashram and I moved onAutobiography, 225:immediately through the power of her spiritual personality, dominating the whole center. She was soAutobiography, 232:can be made between the tendencies of the personality established through many incarnations and theAutobiography, 247:which is founded on the soul and not on the personality. Orthodox astrology sets up a chart whichAutobiography, 247:a chart which gives the fate and destiny of the personality [248] and when that personality isAutobiography, 248:destiny of the personality [248] and when that personality is little evolved or is only of anAutobiography, 248:it is conditioned by the soul ray and not by the personality ray. Enough has been given by me toAutobiography, 248:the gap which exists between the Monad and the personality. It also gives the Fourteen Rules whichAutobiography, 256:who, even if they have transcended the usual personality problems and experience in the threeAutobiography, 263:founded them; they are, therefore, tainted by personality emphasis, demanded loyalties andAutobiography, 265:old schools brought about the integration of the personality and made the essential dualism of theAutobiography, 265:at a higher fusion - that between the integrated personality and the soul. They reveal that behindAutobiography, 265:through the medium of a highly intelligent personality. Disciples will be prepared for initiation,Autobiography, 266:of daily living into the subtler worlds of his personality forces. He becomes aware of the energiesAutobiography, 267:the old order, have ignored the stage of [267] personality integration and of trained knowledge ofAutobiography, 267:relation of the soul, the spiritual man, to the personality is taught. It is the major line ofAutobiography, 267:as a conscious soul and not just as an active personality. He learns to control and direct hisAutobiography, 268:disciple in group work. He learns to relinquish personality plans in the interest of group purposeAutobiography, 269:They are simply his field of service, and his personality becomes that through which his soulAutobiography, 277:contact and fusion between soul and personality and, later, direct relation between the highestAutobiography, 284:man is an adult being. He warrants the name of "personality" and has brought about within himselfAutobiography, 284:the Arcane School are working at the problem of personality integration or at the task ofAutobiography, 284:Others have attained a fair measure of this personality integration and are now working at a stillAutobiography, 284:synthesis, i.e., that of the soul with the personality or of the higher Self with the lower self.Autobiography, 284:then the man can be regarded as a "soul-infused personality." At this point, or when it is inAutobiography, 284:to is the obedience rendered by man, the personality, to his own soul. It does not refer toAutobiography, 285:to work in the light of soul guidance. [285] The personality becomes increasingly sensitive to soulAutobiography, 285:imposes its own disciplines upon its agent, the personality. It is our task to train him to knowAutobiography, 291:have achieved liberation from the control of the personality or lower self; they are, therefore,Bethlehem, 11:at all apart from the coming of Christ and His Personality; is it not precisely in this particularBethlehem, 17:Christ will flower forth in the human kingdom. Personality then fades out, dimmed by the glory ofBethlehem, 23:with a complete transmutation of the integrated personality, lies ahead of them. There is muchBethlehem, 26:the Most High." They have laid the emphasis upon personality devotion to the Masters of the Wisdom,Bethlehem, 42:third initiation, the Transfiguration, when the personality has been subordinated to the soul, orBethlehem, 44:he has coordinated his lower nature, the personality, so that it is a "vessel meet for the master'sBethlehem, 83:hidden in the womb of the form. In due time, the personality - physical, emotional and mental - isBethlehem, 88:the perfecting of the three aspects of the personality - the physical body, the emotional nature,Bethlehem, 88:unit for the use of the inner man, an integrated personality, or an efficient lower self, is theBethlehem, 91:of the future. Some individual of outstanding personality steps out from the rank and file of theBethlehem, 101:town, and the son [101] of His parents. He was a personality doing much good in a small sphere. ButBethlehem, 113:pain, the urge and the drag, the soul and the personality, Christ and the devil. In these last twoBethlehem, 114:one with that of finite beings in a single personality." (The Value and Destiny of the Individual,Bethlehem, 114:the Individual, by B. Bosanquet, p. 245.) Such a Personality was Christ. Good is the contradictionBethlehem, 114:Dr. Bosanquet deals with this question of personality as follows: "What I am urging is rather thatBethlehem, 114:"What I am urging is rather that our true personality lies in our concrete best, and that inBethlehem, 120:desired financial prosperity, popularity for our personality, for which we crave, and thoseBethlehem, 127:the personal lower self, produces what we call a personality. That personality can be a definiteBethlehem, 127:self, produces what we call a personality. That personality can be a definite source of danger toBethlehem, 127:whose character is outstandingly fine and whose personality is well rounded out can do much harm -Bethlehem, 128:temptation was an attack at the very root of the personality. The mind, the integrating factor,Bethlehem, 130:In Him there is no remnant even of a separated personality, battling for its own existence orBethlehem, 130:the center of separate life which we call our personality; if we would follow Christ, we have toBethlehem, 137:of God through the medium of a transfigured personality, and finally the goal - life eternal andBethlehem, 138:man; the higher and the lower self; the personality and the individuality; the soul and the body -
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