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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Bethlehem, 138:is split on the rock of duality. Either the personality is dual and therefore [139] unmanageable,Bethlehem, 140:He synthesized in Himself, in one transcendent Personality, all that had been achieved and all thatBethlehem, 140:that was immediate in human experience. He was a Personality, as well as a divine Individuality.Bethlehem, 140:the inspiration of the present. This consummated Personality, synthesizing in Itself all thatBethlehem, 140:be, is God's great gift to man. Christ, as the Personality that healed the division in humanBethlehem, 141:a point of possible synthesis. He then becomes a personality. He thinks. He decides. He determines.Bethlehem, 141:of mind and not of emotion, which distinguish a "personality" from the rank and file of humanBethlehem, 141:thought-realities becomes, in time, a "personality," and begins to sway other minds. He exercises aBethlehem, 141:influence upon other people. Yet overseeing the personality is the inner spiritual man, which weBethlehem, 141:through the medium of a purified and developed personality, He manifested the nature and theBethlehem, 141:functioned as an individual and not as a human personality. He was governed by the [142] rulesBethlehem, 142:unified in Himself God and Man, His developed Personality blending with His Individuality. He stoodBethlehem, 142:From this stage we pass to that of the emerging personality who does his own thinking, makes hisBethlehem, 155:upon this integrated, focused and consecrated personality that the transfiguration made its impactBethlehem, 155:is revealed through Christ, and His threefold personality and His essential divinity are portrayedBethlehem, 206:transcended the ephemeral lower self. His personality was subordinated to His divinity. The laws ofBethlehem, 208:and we have forgotten it and have preached the Personality of Jesus Christ - one theme which HeBethlehem, 217:Baptism released from the thralldom of the personality life. But the Baptism to which Christ wasBethlehem, 218:may make the meaning clear. John typifies the personality which is reaching perfection and whoseBethlehem, 218:mother, He says: Recognize that in the developed personality there is latent the Christ child.Bethlehem, 219:consequent suffering. At the end, this triple personality gave vent to the cry, "My God, my God,Bethlehem, 219:of the body nature, the Mary aspect, and the personality, in the person of St. John - the symbol ofBethlehem, 219:in the person of St. John - the symbol of a personality carried to a very high state of perfectionBethlehem, 235:blood of Jesus, in an endeavor to glorify the personality of Jesus and safeguard ChristianBethlehem, 244:wonder of Christ's Resurrection, as far as His Personality was concerned, consisted in the factBethlehem, 259:The race had become intelligent, and the personality of man - physical, emotional and mental - hadBethlehem, 259:So high is the general level of integrated personality life that we are apt to feel we have reachedBethlehem, 265:error has been a failure to make those personality adjustments and sacrifices which would renderBethlehem, 268:struggles to control and work through the outer personality. It is that soul or self which opens toBethlehem, 283:dreamed, the perfection of my own character and personality is but imperfection while one otherBethlehem, 284:to inner character, its aspiration to outer personality, perpetually transmuting this self intoDestiny, 14:will energy of Deity. According to their type of personality and their point in evolution will beDestiny, 15:Influence of the Rays Today The true first ray personality who works in response to this ShamballaDestiny, 15:lead at times to ruthlessness and cruelty if the personality of the individual is not yetDestiny, 16:Ataturk, the Turkish dictator, within certain personality limitations of relatively negligibleDestiny, 17:back in fear and likes it not. When full of personality hate and self-will, human beings seek oftenDestiny, 27:the future. Character indications and small personality happenings can frequently and correctly beDestiny, 30:either of the above influences through egoic or personality relation, into a state of bewilderment.Destiny, 31:The nature and the quality of the predominating personality rays of the majority. At this timeDestiny, 31:are a vast number of souls in incarnation whose personality rays are either the sixth or the third.Destiny, 38:the Sun-God, had a first ray soul, a second ray personality and a sixth ray astral body. TheseDestiny, 38:The Buddha had a second ray soul, a first ray personality and a sixth ray mind - a very rareDestiny, 38:The Christ had a second ray soul, a sixth ray personality (which accounted for His closeDestiny, 42:and matter. Life and form. The ego and the personality. The soul and its outer expression. TheDestiny, 46:is a correspondence in this connection to the personality, and the egoic expression of every humanDestiny, 49:ourselves. All the nations are controlled by a personality ray, which is the dominant potent andDestiny, 49:nations, are not at this time active. Nation Personality Ray Soul Ray National Motto India 4th RayDestiny, 49:a natural rapport indicated between the present personality rays of Germany and Great Britain, yetDestiny, 53:will emerge into renewed activity for her personality ray and India's soul ray are the same. ManyDestiny, 53:This static quality is due to her first ray personality; her fourth ray energy was responsible forDestiny, 55:in evolution, the measure of control of the personality ray, the emerging control of the soul ray,Destiny, 56:are all on the form side and emerge out of the personality rays or energy of the nations concerned.Destiny, 57:are the negative and positive aspects of the personality of a man, a nation or a race. The soulDestiny, 58:succeeds eventually in imposing upon the [58] personality of a man, a nation or a race. This soulDestiny, 58:is not at present expressing itself; a rampant personality has expressed the greatest evil, but asDestiny, 58:ideal of justice (which is the pattern of its personality ray) can be transformed by her soul rayDestiny, 58:can be illumined by the law of love and not by personality self-expression, then the pattern whichDestiny, 58:separate national lines. At present it is the personality ray of the United States which controls.Destiny, 59:and their pattern will emerge - a pattern of personality selfishness or a pattern of soul goals.Destiny, 59:The United States of America has for its personality ray the sixth ray and hence much of itsDestiny, 59:ray the sixth ray and hence much of its personality difficulties. Hence also its strong desireDestiny, 60:both rays. Her egoic ray is the seventh and her personality ray is the sixth. Hence the tremendousDestiny, 61:Rays Spain has a sixth ray ego and a seventh ray personality - thus reversing the forces which areDestiny, 62:also as a definite part of their seventh ray personality equipment. Their spiritual motto: "IDestiny, 64:an aspect of materialism, and is related to the personality of humanity and not to the soul aspect;Destiny, 66:human beings under the influence of their rays - personality and soul rays - and this is a fact ofDestiny, 66:of Light. I will give you here the present personality influences of the nations, indicated byDestiny, 66:significant and dramatic enough. Therefore, the personality ray and the governing influences changeDestiny, 66:that which governs at the present moment the personality ray of the individual country, and soDestiny, 68:say), whilst the masses are conditioned by the personality ray and therefore by the sun sign of theDestiny, 68:Country Ruling Sign Egoic Ray Ruling Sign Personality Ray Argentina Cancer 4th - Libra 7th -Destiny, 69:potencies active: [69] Country Egoic Ruler Personality Ruler Australia Virgo 6th Capricorn 10thDestiny, 69:the more important: Country Capital Soul Ruler Personality Ruler Belgium Brussels Gemini 3rdDestiny, 69:of any nation but quite often as governing the personality manifestation, or the exoteric country.Destiny, 69:India, Japan and Spain have Capricorn as their personality rulers, indicating age, crystallizationDestiny, 70:energy of the rays which govern the soul or the personality of the nation or country underDestiny, 71:either that of the soul of the nation or of the personality of the nation, based on the formDestiny, 72:Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science and the personality Ray of Active Intelligence. The soul ofDestiny, 72:out; she colored and dominated, by her Leo personality, a large part of the happenings in EuropeDestiny, 72:of the then known world and her definitely Leo personality - self-conscious, self-centered,Destiny, 72:individual - conditioned Europe. It is this Leo personality which is responsible for the intenselyDestiny, 72:through Paris which is ruled by Capricorn in its personality and yet the soul of the French nationDestiny, 73:aspects, but this can only happen when the personality ray is subordinated to the soul ray and LeoDestiny, 73:irradiating Europe for centuries; but it was the personality and not the spiritual aspect, and herDestiny, 73:Pisces, must work, bringing in the death of the personality influence, fostered by Leo; this can beDestiny, 74:via Saturn. This cooperates with the third ray personality of France, and at this time SaturnDestiny, 75:Leo and from the control of her self-centered personality. I would here call your attention to theDestiny, 76:but France is as yet predominantly governed by personality and by the selfish aspects of the LeoDestiny, 76:cooperating with the influences of its first ray personality, which is the Ray of Power and the RayDestiny, 77:the Piscean soul of [77] France and the Piscean personality of Germany must eventually come toDestiny, 77:has come to a focus. France has an integrated personality whilst Germany has not; France is mentalDestiny, 77:therefore, essentially more potent, and its Leo personality can control with force to the detrimentDestiny, 77:you know, Berlin is controlled by Leo from the personality angle, and there again comes out theDestiny, 78:The soul ray - Harmony through Conflict - 4th. Personality ray - Will or Power - 1st. RayDestiny, 78:and the Sun as the ruler of Leo. Thus the personality ray of [79] the nation and the personalityDestiny, 79:the personality ray of [79] the nation and the personality ray of Berlin tend at this stage toDestiny, 79:via Pluto as the ruler of Pisces, governing the personality of the nation in cooperation with theDestiny, 79:which produced the dictator. The Piscean personality of Germany (which is the sign governingDestiny, 79:love as it is diverted into sentimental personality devotions, account temporarily for the massDestiny, 79:by many in Germany but the negative Piscean personality attitude provides a great obstacle and
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