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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Destiny, 80:world Savior, can do much to release the Piscean personality of Germany. Here lies the crux of theDestiny, 80:(which understands both the soul nature and the personality nature), can do much to help. I cannotDestiny, 80:symbol of John Bull, expressive of the British personality. It has been thought by certainDestiny, 81:- viewing the [81] work of the nation from the personality or lower angle - the secret and oftDestiny, 81:assist spiritually the Leo nature of the French personality. It is not, however, the spiritualDestiny, 83:between them and are all equally indicative of personality control. This is, as you know, a thingDestiny, 83:Capital). The soul ray - Love-wisdom - 2nd. The personality ray - Will or Power - 1st. RayDestiny, 84:It links Great Britain also with the third ray personality of France. Ray 1. - Will or Power, viaDestiny, 84:find in this ruler of Great Britain's Taurian personality, a link with the first ray GermanDestiny, 84:personality, a link with the first ray German personality. It accounts also for the forging of theDestiny, 85:which she desires and because of her powerful personality to gain those ends? There is an ironicDestiny, 85:energy of both these countries controls, and personality aims and ambitions are negated. Destiny, 86:flourishing and the Leo control of the Russian personality has been offset. The planets whichDestiny, 86:as well as Italy and Great Britain. The personality of Italy is ruled by Sagittarius, the sign ofDestiny, 87:Capital). Soul ray - Ideals, Devotion - 6th. Personality - Harmony through conflict - 4th. RayDestiny, 87:her world dominion and which swayed the Italian personality towards the thought of anotherDestiny, 88:of its soul ray. This combination of a sixth ray personality, ruled by Gemini, and a second rayDestiny, 89:to any decision made. This its sixth ray personality enforces at times almost to the point of aDestiny, 89:(the Capital). The soul ray - Love-wisdom - 2nd. Personality ray - Idealism, Devotion - 6th. [90]Destiny, 90:via the Moon, links the German soul and personality to the United States. Hence the vast numbers ofDestiny, 90:come to the States in order to escape from the personality activity of Germany as it expressesDestiny, 91:This greatly augments the power of the sixth ray personality of the States, thus presenting veryDestiny, 93:centers, but it must not be forgotten that the personality rays change from period to period inDestiny, 93:just as with individual human beings: City Soul Personality Sign London 5th ray 7th ray Gemini. NewDestiny, 94:plan, and thus be wholly constructive. Where personality force dominates, the effects will beDestiny, 94:or national); it can express soul purpose or personality selfishness, but the innate urge toDestiny, 95:necessary also for man to relate his soul to his personality, viewing both as aspects and integralDestiny, 99:Britain are also related through this first Ray personality of Great Britain and the soul ray ofDestiny, 99:the consciousness of its leaders. Its sixth ray personality is responding to the call of the firstDestiny, 99:ray of both nations and with Italy through the personality rays. Hence, therefore, the Axis. [100]Destiny, 100:as follows: The Occident Soul Ray - Ray II. Personality Ray - Ray IV. The Orient Soul Ray - Ray IV.Destiny, 100:Ray - Ray IV. The Orient Soul Ray - Ray IV. Personality Ray - Ray III. [101] I would remind youDestiny, 101:Occident and the Orient are linked through the personality ray of the Occident and the soul ray ofDestiny, 102:Some predominantly express soul energy and some personality force; some are influenced by ShamballaDestiny, 103:are seeking expression, plus a knowledge of the personality and egoic rays. Out of this will comeDestiny, 103:its group units, large and small. The soul and personality qualities of nations will be studied,Destiny, 103:be made to discover the soul quality and the personality nature (the spiritual and theDestiny, 117:rapid perfecting and integration of the human personality, the higher integration between soul andDestiny, 117:the higher integration between soul and personality is today more possible and more easilyDestiny, 119:higher integration, consummated between soul and personality. We are, therefore, at a mostDestiny, 127:as an individual person can suffer from a "split personality." The lines of demarcation betweenDestiny, 130:learn frequently to work through a seventh ray personality for several lives (either before orDestiny, 138:the atmic. The third periodical vehicle - the personality. The third divine aspect - intelligence.Destiny, 139:to the heart, humanity to the Hierarchy and the personality and the egoic rays to the second, whichDestiny, 140:mind that this is the first initiation in which personality and soul are united and fused so thatDestiny, 141:the soul, after complete identification with the personality within the life and consciousness ofDestiny, 145:to himself and expression of himself as a personality to service of the group and a growingDiscipleship1, XIV:ray of his soul and the ray of his integrated personality are posed against each other. At the sameDiscipleship1, XV:and leading to a complete subordination of the personality and of the unit to group interest andDiscipleship1, 8:I concern not myself with the affairs of the personality and those misguided aspirants who claimDiscipleship1, 10:hurt. I shall not in the future consider your personality feelings and reactions because I countDiscipleship1, 11:clear light of the soul pours in, it reveals the personality for what it is. If true dispassion isDiscipleship1, 11:lack of dispassion and proves attachment to the personality and to the opinions of others.Discipleship1, 12:helping should not and must not come through personality effort or contact, or through the statingDiscipleship1, 12:each other, avoiding always any intrusion of the personality. You can each learn to transmit yourDiscipleship1, 12:love, yet avoiding the vitalization of his personality characteristics. You should learn always toDiscipleship1, 14:relation to the happenings which may concern the personality. Note this. In this diary you shouldDiscipleship1, 19:the nature of the soul, through the integrated personality. The nature of the soul is love and theDiscipleship1, 20:being struggles through in some one life to personality achievement so it is among the nations. YetDiscipleship1, 20:well. Tendencies towards materialism and towards personality achievement must, under the largerDiscipleship1, 22:flexibility must not be set in motion by any personality inertia or mental questioning. A change inDiscipleship1, 22:mind and of the memory and classed as entirely personality limitations and unworthy of hinderingDiscipleship1, 27:or mental questioning which is incident to personality rebellion and limitation; they mustDiscipleship1, 28:soul and the reflective alignment of soul and personality which will determine the success of thisDiscipleship1, 32:the new psychology and with the control of the personality and with the Mysteries of the Kingdom ofDiscipleship1, 33:They have equally demanded reticence about their personality lives, about their mistakes andDiscipleship1, 34:and of illusion. The desire for reticence in the personality life is based usually on pride, on aDiscipleship1, 36:This involves the complete integration of the personality or lower self, so that mind and brain areDiscipleship1, 39:through approved techniques, the soul and the personality, leading to the revelation of divinityDiscipleship1, 47:personal relations where they concern your wrong personality sensitivity to depression, toDiscipleship1, 55:of hierarchical workers - with supposedly no personality inclinations, objectives, or wishes. ThereDiscipleship1, 56:of his life, to preserve the synthesis of the personality and the integration of all parts of hisDiscipleship1, 57:establish and preserve the needed synthesis and personality-soul integration. When will disciplesDiscipleship1, 57:quickest ways by which to release the Self from personality claims? This is not the "don't care"Discipleship1, 57:It is the attitude of the integrated thinking personality of the disciple towards the astral orDiscipleship1, 57:the immortal Being within the forms of soul and personality. This inner realization grows with theDiscipleship1, 57:- again whether as a soul in relation to the personality or a group of disciples in relation toDiscipleship1, 59:what can be learnt but is not held back by personality reactions. It is the normal attitude of theDiscipleship1, 59:of all narrow preconceived ideas, of all personality tradition, influence or background. It is theDiscipleship1, 59:the group rhythm and permits no secondary personality happenings or attitudes to mar the groupDiscipleship1, 60:to mind theirs; it will come if you keep your personality affairs, your private concerns andDiscipleship1, 60:clear of all lesser things which concern the personality life. This means that your minds will beDiscipleship1, 61:contact. Then, the conscious relinquishing of personality reactions. Next, the recognition of theDiscipleship1, 61:contact - expressed through the medium of the personality. Finally, the imaginative fusion of theDiscipleship1, 61:Finally, the imaginative fusion of the egoic and personality rays. This constitutes the verticalDiscipleship1, 62:O.M. three times. Close with the prayer of the personality to the soul: "May the words of my mouthDiscipleship1, 63:or - if there is a purpose - it is usually a personality purpose. It is through telepathy thatDiscipleship1, 64:questions in your mind? Is it not distrust of personality intention or point of view and aDiscipleship1, 65:on the part of the two lower aspects of the personality - the astral body and the brain as well asDiscipleship1, 70:the bridging work carried forward between the personality and the Monad (the triple lower man andDiscipleship1, 71:disciples - a great pathway of light between the personality and the Spiritual TriadDiscipleship1, 75:or recedes into, the glamorous of the personality. This you have seen happen. As individuals I seekDiscipleship1, 75:egoically linked but that there is also a strong personality tie (with all the weaknesses whichDiscipleship1, 75:close in the work and also in past personality relations and family ties. The weaknessDiscipleship1, 77:others and it produces that over-emphasis of the personality and that constant thought about theDiscipleship1, 77:personality and that constant thought about the personality which is so detrimental to realDiscipleship1, 79:different. Any reaction upon your part will be a personality reaction and, therefore, to beDiscipleship1, 81:the individual: right integration on the three personality levels and also on soul levels, plusDiscipleship1, 82:of the focus of consciousness from the personality (where it is usually centered) into the living,Discipleship1, 83:all his activities and subordinates his personality to the need of the time. Note that phrase.
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