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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Discipleship1, 334:of my aura, producing integration of your entire personality and also facilitating soul alignment;Discipleship1, 335:of an emotional nature and every glamorous, personality reaction and watch the light which willDiscipleship1, 335:of view based on spiritual essentials or on personality non-essentials? Act then on the responseDiscipleship1, 336:right relation of the different aspects of your personality forces and their eventual coordinationDiscipleship1, 336:demanding of love and of appreciation where your personality is concerned. Think this out. It meansDiscipleship1, 336:be that you study whether or not, in moments of personality emergency, you sacrifice your sense ofDiscipleship1, 336:Hence also the interplay between your sixth ray personality and your sixth ray astral body whichDiscipleship1, 337:soul ray - the first Ray of Will or Power. The personality ray - the sixth Ray of Devotion. The rayDiscipleship1, 339:you the working rules which should govern your personality life during the next few months.Discipleship1, 339:of the soul. Confidence is the expression of the personality faith in the fact of the soul and ofDiscipleship1, 339:is an unusual thing to do. The energy of your personality ray is focused in the astral body. YourDiscipleship1, 339:intuition and to feeling. Your task is to gather personality and soul energy into the mind and -Discipleship1, 341:of clear-sighted control over a powerful personality, thus leading you to face yourself as you areDiscipleship1, 341:you are and to make the needed changes. When the personality can be appraised justly and itsDiscipleship1, 342:fail somewhat to recognize the fact that your personality is not yet a pure channel; nor is yourDiscipleship1, 342:drop out. You are not asked to give to me any personality devotion. You will not be asked to doDiscipleship1, 344:are a second ray soul and have a seventh - ray personality. This seventh ray personality enablesDiscipleship1, 344:a seventh - ray personality. This seventh ray personality enables you to work actively in many waysDiscipleship1, 344:ray activity is due to the fact that it was your personality ray in your last life and is, for you,Discipleship1, 345:to clarify and deepen your alignment between the personality and the soul. Discipleship1, 346:by the soul, your true self, gathering you, its personality, into itself - a process ofDiscipleship1, 347:4th month - The "occult abstraction" of the personality in healing. 5th month - The recognition ofDiscipleship1, 348:but nothing can arrest your progress. Your personality dependencies (upon yourself and upon others)Discipleship1, 349:- a love which wavers not and which permits no personality reactions to dim its lustre. I referDiscipleship1, 350:- your second ray soul and your seventh ray personality. In many ways you know more about the soulDiscipleship1, 350:conditions you than you do about your seventh personality ray. Knowledge of this latter ray mustDiscipleship1, 350:of healing, and your soul has rightly led your personality into its right line of activity. YourDiscipleship1, 350:I might call a "left over" from the fifth ray personality in which you functioned in your previousDiscipleship1, 350:This should give you facile expression of your personality purpose upon the physical plane.Discipleship1, 350:egoic ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The personality ray - the seventh Ray of Order or Magic.Discipleship1, 351:to study what rays are not represented in the personality equipment. I commend this to yourDiscipleship1, 351:to the three planes in the three worlds of your personality endeavor. Discipleship1, 351:for you a hard task for you are an analytical personality. You can now receive the teaching with aDiscipleship1, 351:their work together. They serve only to foster personality reactions. How and in what way can theDiscipleship1, 352:should refuse to impair their usefulness by any personality conversation or exchange of views. InDiscipleship1, 352:you, my brother? The seventh ray in your personality and physical body gives you the desire to useDiscipleship1, 355:interest in the reactions upon the planes of personality expression. This diagnosis of mine will, IDiscipleship1, 357:heart by a study of the duality of ray energies (personality and soul rays) which make him what heDiscipleship1, 357:several more months of strenuous work before the personality can measure up to the demands aheadDiscipleship1, 361:drastic nature. Hence your soul's choice of your personality job - one that embodies service, thatDiscipleship1, 364:again but this time with the cooperation of the personality, galvanizing the physical [365] bodyDiscipleship1, 366:and constructive - in those cases where your personality love is not involved. Where it isDiscipleship1, 368:lifts the whole theme out of the realm of the personality life and will fill your thought life withDiscipleship1, 370:builds no barriers between the soul and your personality or between you and your co-disciples.Discipleship1, 370:soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The personality ray - the third Ray of ActiveDiscipleship1, 372:fact that every one of the forces of your personality is on the first great line of power, ofDiscipleship1, 372:must be kept living and vital or else your personality idea, your desire to hold people away fromDiscipleship1, 372:race is the third ray and that also governs your personality far more [373] strongly than youDiscipleship1, 373:will increase your sense of withdrawing from all personality contacts. It will place the glamorDiscipleship1, 373:are near you on the physical plane give you also personality love and devotion. The first youDiscipleship1, 373:behind the screen or the shutter of your personality and become aware of the violence of your trueDiscipleship1, 373:of social standing, of class distinctions and of personality affections. There is in you whatDiscipleship1, 373:type of glamor, and a refusal to register your personality limitations along this line. You, withDiscipleship1, 373:that your astral body is on the first ray. Your personality ray, the third, is focused in yourDiscipleship1, 374:care the differences that would appear in your personality expression if you had a second rayDiscipleship1, 374:and see the love of your soul pouring into your personality, transmuting its force and workingDiscipleship1, 374:to the physical plane. It will express itself as personality love, actuated and directed by soulDiscipleship1, 374:as I see it? Perfect love casteth out fear. Your personality is not on the line of love but ofDiscipleship1, 375:know. You are a second ray soul in a first ray personality sheath or vehicle. Your effort this lifeDiscipleship1, 375:incarnation. Now must come the effort of your personality will towards directed orientation. TheDiscipleship1, 375:directed orientation. The divine aspect of your personality this life and the major integratingDiscipleship1, 375:to recognize it. But the integrating will of the personality, subordinated to the will of the soul,Discipleship1, 376:of the spiritual will (as it is applied to the personality and its problems and as it acts as theDiscipleship1, 377:difficulty is based on the fact that your personality ray is, as you know, that of the first Ray ofDiscipleship1, 378:you to a careful supervision of your first ray personality and to a greater demonstration of yourDiscipleship1, 378:you if I also indicate to you the rays of your personality vehicles; then you will have a completeDiscipleship1, 378:at times) this is offset by your first ray personality which nips your second ray mental reactionsDiscipleship1, 379:[379] grasp the implications of this first ray personality and the difficulties engendered therebyDiscipleship1, 379:a powerful astral body on the same ray as the personality. Being where you are, however, upon theDiscipleship1, 379:to be the one alone as your first ray powerful personality (focused naturally in your first rayDiscipleship1, 379:soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The personality ray - the first Ray of Will or Power. TheDiscipleship1, 380:a previous life, you worked through a fourth ray personality. Harmony through Conflict is, withDiscipleship1, 380:You will still be the one, for you are still a personality, but you can learn to work silently andDiscipleship1, 382:in the work to be done but are not interested in personality modes of reaction. A loving radiationDiscipleship1, 383:if you work through the medium of your fifth ray personality force. Ponder on this. As an exerciseDiscipleship1, 384:loving detachment and joy. What happens to the personality is, in the last analysis, of smallDiscipleship1, 386:morning, center your consciousness outside your personality life. The effect upon your daily lifeDiscipleship1, 388:power of your first ray soul can galvanize the personality into continued action and aspiration,Discipleship1, 388:the dual attention of your soul and your personality, and the final detachment takes place. But toDiscipleship1, 398:quality of joy which is the characteristic of a personality which is consciously anchored in theDiscipleship1, 401:incarnation. As you know, your rays - soul and personality - are the first and fifth; this inDiscipleship1, 402:has been the most powerful influence in your personality equipment; it has been the balancingDiscipleship1, 402:line energy, expressed by your soul and personality rays. It has linked you powerfully (and thisDiscipleship1, 402:soul ray - the first Ray of Will or Power. The personality ray - the fifth Ray of Concrete Science.Discipleship1, 403:duality of the Spiritual Triad and the threefold personality meet, blend and resolve into a unity.Discipleship1, 404:energy is, for you, focused in the astral body. Personality force is focused in the mental body. WeDiscipleship1, 404:AND FELLOW WORKER: I am not analyzing your personality forces, particularly your astral force as IDiscipleship1, 405:soul has its major point of contact with your personality, via your astral body. This is for you aDiscipleship1, 405:participating in the group meditation. Let the personality identify itself with the soul, detachingDiscipleship1, 405:O.M. three times as it "takes possession" of the personality for service. You think with clarity,Discipleship1, 407:each of you so that you serve the group without personality hindrances and separateness... The workDiscipleship1, 410:therefore, the force of a rapidly integrating personality, but this force, as you do not yet live aDiscipleship1, 412:I cannot begin to use the group until certain personality adjustments have been made. Make rapidDiscipleship1, 412:and a part of his life. Dedicate yourself, as a personality, to the service of your fellow men,Discipleship1, 413:ray - the seventh Ray of Order or Magic. The personality ray - the sixth Ray of Devotion. The rayDiscipleship1, 422:had a battle with your entire lower integrated personality. The Path of Purification, like a silverDiscipleship1, 422:path of Discipleship. The cleansing of the personality and the attaining of more light upon one'sDiscipleship1, 423:nature (whose major attribute is love) and the personality life, aspiration and nature (whose majorDiscipleship1, 423:fight which you have waged over glamor and your personality, must cease for a while, so as to giveDiscipleship1, 425:your mind in the involutionary reactions of the personality vehicles. Yet, you are, as you well
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