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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Discipleship1, 425:of the Presence. Be not so occupied with the personality self, seek more frequently the company ofDiscipleship1, 427:you that your soul ray is the second and your personality ray is the sixth. Your mental body is onDiscipleship1, 427:soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The personality ray - the sixth Ray of Devotion.Discipleship1, 428:bodies are on the line of 1-3-5-7, yet your personality ray is on the 6th, on the line of 2-4-6.Discipleship1, 428:a reaction in all the three vehicles of the personality, and the sixth subray of each of theDiscipleship1, 428:a dominating factor. Hence you have a sixth ray personality. Discipleship1, 430:its energy through your mental body. Your personality force is focused in your astral body. ThisDiscipleship1, 432:of your soul and to subordinate your personality to these demands. You have made much progressDiscipleship1, 433:peculiar danger inherent in your two first ray personality vehicles. They are a real source ofDiscipleship1, 436:egoic ray - ray 2, the Ray of Love-Wisdom. The personality ray - ray 6, the Ray of Devotion, ofDiscipleship1, 436:of Devotion, of Idealism. In your last life your personality ray was the first, which fact mayDiscipleship1, 437:to do today is to tell you the nature of your personality rays and thereby bring you to a clearerDiscipleship1, 437:ray is the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, and your personality ray is the sixth Ray of Devotion. ThereDiscipleship1, 437:with the astral plane, through your sixth ray personality which functions easily, therefore, on theDiscipleship1, 437:Your astral body is on the sixth ray, as is your personality, and this greatly aids you in yourDiscipleship1, 441:that your soul was imposing upon your personality and applying to your psychic nature. The firstDiscipleship1, 442:wisdom. Your egoic ray being the second and your personality ray, the fifth, you will note howDiscipleship1, 442:indicate to you the rays governing the threefold personality, you will then have before you theDiscipleship1, 443:life. This effort should serve to link your personality and soul and to coordinate your mind andDiscipleship1, 446:like to indicate the conditioning rays of the personality for - if you accept my suggestions andDiscipleship1, 446:arrive at a better understanding of the intended personality task and be free to participate in theDiscipleship1, 447:and the fifth Ray of Concrete Science being your personality ray. I would have you ponder on theDiscipleship1, 447:succeeded in avoiding the usual difficulties of personality development where the sixth ray isDiscipleship1, 448:physical body. You will note, therefore, in your personality equipment two lines of force which areDiscipleship1, 448:which is closely allied to your fifth ray personality. Will you, during the coming months, take theDiscipleship1, 449:loving understanding; it is only your fifth ray personality that stands in the way of a fullDiscipleship1, 449:the task of the fifth ray (when dominating the personality) to dissect, to analyze, and to come toDiscipleship1, 449:through the medium of the synthesizing of personality energy. Ponder on this. [450] Think it out,Discipleship1, 452:is never easy, particularly with a fifth ray personality and a sixth ray astral body. That is whyDiscipleship1, 454:self-conscious (by that I mean conscious of the personality) that your very assets as an aspirantDiscipleship1, 454:Forget not, brother of old, that a consecrated personality must not loom so large that it shutsDiscipleship1, 455:Souls heal and aid each other's personalities. Personality relationships drain and devitalize. IDiscipleship1, 456:must be achievement for the group. Freedom from personality problems does not interest youDiscipleship1, 457:in two things: All the three parts of the personality can react simultaneously in some measure toDiscipleship1, 458:away. This has been succeeded by a period of personality difficulties through which the bulk of theDiscipleship1, 465:the soul withdraws its attention. Thus only the personality remains. To all of you who have passedDiscipleship1, 466:this exception does occur, and the first ray personality of your last incarnation left you theDiscipleship1, 466:soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The personality ray - the sixth Ray of Devotion orDiscipleship1, 467:easily and, shall I say, more frequently. Your personality ray is naturally very dominant andDiscipleship1, 467:seeks expression through your astral body. Your personality ray is focused in your seventh rayDiscipleship1, 467:you will see that the bringing together of the personality ray and the ray governing your physicalDiscipleship1, 468:known forms. It is this [468] focusing of your personality ray which is the psychic cause of theDiscipleship1, 468:have undue interest in form as it affects your personality. You are definitely the observer andDiscipleship1, 468:yourself in the soul and less and less in the personality consciousness. This will produce theDiscipleship1, 468:not of devotion to forms and methods which your personality ray approves. Your service is, as IDiscipleship1, 468:of an awakened ajna center and of an integrated personality. It is a four-pointed star. The star ofDiscipleship1, 469:Remember also that in the setting where your personality stands at this time is the place where youDiscipleship1, 470:release from all selfish intent, from all blind personality decisions, and from all belief thatDiscipleship1, 470:increasing integration between the soul and the personality, in the case of D. H. B. and .I. S. P.Discipleship1, 471:individual, who is on the first ray where his personality is concerned. Will you let me speak withDiscipleship1, 472:in service. Do not reflect on the needs of the personality or on its lacks and defects. You needDiscipleship1, 476:activity of your soul through the medium of your personality? Are you satisfied with the way youDiscipleship1, 476:but it must be the love of the soul, and not personality love, which must be demonstrated. WhenDiscipleship1, 476:love, which must be demonstrated. When your personality is flooded with love, you will learn thisDiscipleship1, 481:- that pent up forces are gathered into the personality which must have release. How shall thisDiscipleship1, 481:your outer expression and thus break the personality tension? I have pondered upon this on yourDiscipleship1, 482:within you. This is in reality a form of static personality glamor. The personal crisis andDiscipleship1, 483:at a truer estimate of yourself and your personality shell is fast crumbling. Is that not true? TheDiscipleship1, 483:outer activities and so-called readjustments or personality resumption of various earlierDiscipleship1, 485:of motive and with an effort to eliminate all personality reactions, for it is upon the rock of theDiscipleship1, 485:reactions, for it is upon the rock of the personality that many well intentioned servers wreckDiscipleship1, 485:and to me be entirely divorced from your personality life, permitting no rapport. . . You areDiscipleship1, 485:Let us now consider the rays of your threefold personality. In their right understanding will comeDiscipleship1, 485:you know, the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and your personality ray is that of Will or Power. But yourDiscipleship1, 486:body is upon the third ray but so strong is your personality ray, the first (for you are anDiscipleship1, 486:ray, the first (for you are an integrated personality), that it colors the nature, type and qualityDiscipleship1, 486:ray - second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The ray of the personality - first Ray of Will or Power. The rayDiscipleship1, 486:effort, leading to success which leaves the personality in a state of complete exhaustion, must inDiscipleship1, 488:the astral body. You have been, and are Arjuna. Personality force has been turned to and worksDiscipleship1, 490:else to call it. The disciple with a first ray personality is apt to be unduly one-pointed in hisDiscipleship1, 490:disciple is never an easy one to the man whose personality is basically upon the line of directedDiscipleship1, 491:which we call in their aggregated effect the personality. You are conscious of your lower self, ofDiscipleship1, 493:unto the triumphant end. Your isolated first ray personality at its relatively high point ofDiscipleship1, 494:[494] deep love which can pour through the personality, releasing it from limited expression and atDiscipleship1, 495:of the O. M. is directed upward from you, the personality, to the over-shadowing, waiting soul. ItDiscipleship1, 495:waiting soul. It is the threefold call of your personality vehicles. Accept the contact and theDiscipleship1, 495:consciousness in the ajna center - the center of personality force and integration. Then sound theDiscipleship1, 495:The right use of these two aspects of your personality, within the radius of soul light, will bringDiscipleship1, 496:inertia and a refusal to make sacrifices on personality levels for the work." This, my brother, isDiscipleship1, 496:ill health which is non-existent. The first ray personality can always be swept into dynamicDiscipleship1, 497:whilst you function through a first ray personality. You have, however, a strong seventh rayDiscipleship1, 497:because that was the ray upon which your personality was found in your last incarnation. Hence yourDiscipleship1, 498:ray characteristic). But it is the first ray personality, with its quick response to criticism andDiscipleship1, 499:time intensely preoccupied with the life of the personality, and that personality, at the [500]Discipleship1, 499:with the life of the personality, and that personality, at the [500] same time happens to be on theDiscipleship1, 500:instincts and attitudes of the first ray personality are thereby encouraged and fostered by theDiscipleship1, 500:When you do at times cast your eye over your personality equipment, noting its usefulness to theDiscipleship1, 500:the basic principles which your first ray personality can so easily recognize. Work with order,Discipleship1, 501:you. The two major rays (of your ego and your personality) are repeated in the two rays of yourDiscipleship1, 501:are repeated in the two rays of your personality equipment and you have, therefore, a repetition ofDiscipleship1, 501:but that is due to the development of a powerful personality and to the preponderance of the energyDiscipleship1, 503:Your desired focus is not within the personality; the mainspring which can and will animate yourDiscipleship1, 504:and reactions; note also how your first ray personality and your first ray astral vehicle tend toDiscipleship1, 505:but service. Take your mind away from all your personality problems and the problems of those withDiscipleship1, 509:will realize that the things which affect the personality and which come from the point ofDiscipleship1, 514:(which may focus itself in some aspect of your personality) must be regarded by you as anDiscipleship1, 514:would then produce a harmless handling of the personality. The elimination of criticism will renderDiscipleship1, 517:but I ask you to love as a soul and less as a personality. As you read this, your inner truthfulDiscipleship1, 517:way, if you, as a soul, can take hold of your personality in a new and vital manner. I can but giveDiscipleship1, 519:the other responsibilities - being those of personality relationships - always carry with them
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